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Will try again in this topic

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Saltire Wed 03-Jun-09 15:14:41

For a while now (in fact I can pinpoint exactly when it started) when my washing machine drains there is the most awful smell comes out the kitchen plughole. Its the same when it is spinning.
I have occasinally noticed a bad smell from the machine if its left unused for 2 or 3 days.
I put a wash in using the timer to come on at 6am, when I took the washing out there was a really stale smell,a dn some of the wahsing had grey sticky bits all over it. I put some soda crystals, old dusters and some detergent ina nd put it on a cycle when I went to work. Have come home to find the same thing has ahppened to teh dusters.
Now a while ago, my neighbour 2 doors up had to get the dynorod man out and he was in my garden sticking poles down the drains. He siad it was a blockage of colgged up washing powder. Since then my drain has had the smell.
Also, when I had problems with my old machine last year, the engineer commented on the fact that the drian hose from the washing machine doesn't go into a standpipe, it goes into an outlet just above the u-bend on teh drain which comes from the kitchen plughole.
Do I need an engineer or a drain person?

CatIsSleepy Wed 03-Jun-09 15:26:21

we had this problem
you've probably got waste water from your sink getting back into your machine
you need to raise the drain hose up-we fixed a hook to the cupboard under the sink and hooked the pipe over it
does that make sense?

Saltire Wed 03-Jun-09 15:28:33

It is hooked onto the wall to make it a bit higher, but it's still happening. The smell is really bad - makes me feel sick. Also bubbles come up the sink plughole when the machine is washing

CatIsSleepy Wed 03-Jun-09 15:31:34

ours was pretty stinky too-this seemed to solve it right away
pipe is raised up a good 6 inches above the outlet-how high is yours?

CatIsSleepy Wed 03-Jun-09 15:32:22

we had the bubble thing too...there'd be a big gurgling noise then a foul smell like the machine had just farted...

Saltire Wed 03-Jun-09 15:34:11

Its maybe about 3 but there is no room for it - it's hard to describe. There is a cupboard under the sink with a hole cut in it for the hose to go through. On the outside of the cupboard is where the pipe is hooked - right at the top, so it's at the height of an average cupboard, and the hole for the drainpipe is half way down. it a married quarter, you have no idea the hassle we had getting them to cut a hole in the first place

CatIsSleepy Wed 03-Jun-09 15:38:41

might not be high enough then but sounds tricky!
think you probably need to get a plumber in...

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