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Housework vent - aaaaaaaaargh!

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VelvetCushions Wed 03-Jun-09 14:49:16

My house is on the market and I'm finding it really difficult and stressful keeping it clean and tidy for viewers. I work part time and have 2 under 4.
The constant cleaning is driving me mad and my kids are neglected.
Just want to have a good old moan about.

welcum2mynightmare Wed 03-Jun-09 15:21:15

Oh dear, you poor thing i dont envy you. Youll get through it. Us mothers always do wink, in the meantime just remember you are doing the best you can do with where you are at now, and dont underestimate the impact a big hug and kiss in the morning, friendly smiles and that 5 minutes of quality time b4 bed has, and how far it goes. Remember youre the best mother for your children because your you, and as long as you believe that they will believe that. Cheers

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