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Wednesday FLY - Lets get that fridge cleared and cleaned

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littleboyblue Wed 03-Jun-09 07:33:58

Morning ladies. Hope you don't mind the newbie starting. I am very excited to have now completed the babysteps! I may now start working on the missions.
I have a bit of work to do in my journal, but it will change regularly due to the childrens ages and developing needs, so not set in stone.
Hope you all have a good day.
Off now to finish my morning routine and write a to do list.

littleboyblue Wed 03-Jun-09 07:37:26


littleboyblue Wed 03-Jun-09 07:38:06

Hmmm. Did mean to have those on seperate lines. Oh well! grin

LoveBeingAMummy Wed 03-Jun-09 07:40:54

Morning all

So today is a tough one my parent have decided to take me and DD out for the day not sure where or for how long but hey lets get a list going in the mentime.

DD up and dressed
DD fed
Me dressed
Me breakfast
Empty dishwasher done
Load dishwasher done
Washing secondloadon
Hang out washing
Collect yesterday washing off the line
Put away DD's snacks etc given back by mum done
Pay gas & elec done
Pay garden bin - grrr wensite not working will ahve to phone
PLan tea done
Hoover upstairs and donstairs
Tidy kitchen table

That'll keep me going for now!

Have a good day everyone x

EHM Wed 03-Jun-09 07:41:59

MOrning ALL*

thanks for thread & links. You go girl.well done you!!!

Off to model village with Ellie & her Preschool today. so must crack on.

Have a great day ladies.

TMH how about this Boots Calamine & Glycerin Cream - 35g to stop itching
wolf poor ds.well don on poo on potty though.hope you feel ok.

Congrats to any other little one's who are toilet/potty training. Cuddles for any poorly ones.
everybody else enjoy the sunshine.

EHM Wed 03-Jun-09 07:42:30

x post Lovebeingamummy

scattyspice Wed 03-Jun-09 07:57:41

Morning all.
Thanks for the thread LBB.
Have a good day ay the village EHM
Have a good 'mystery day out' Lovebeing.

DS was not well again last night sad. He is improving, but is still very lethargic and not really eating. He looks so thin (he was pretty thin before though) and has now developed a dry cough. I am starting to get quite worried so have decided to keep him home for the rest of the week (work will just have to manage without me) and go to GP today.


epimum Wed 03-Jun-09 08:06:30

good morning everyone,
im shattered today from yesturdays catch up clean and i still didn't get everything donesadso here's my list for today

dc's breskfast done
everyone dress,hair done teeth & face clean done
washing out on line done
next load in washing wachine
do school run
wash up
vaccum up
pick dd up from nursary
round friends for dinner
pick ds up
go to library to take books back
whats for tea?

have a great day its another scorcher here today! better make the most of it apparently its all change tomorrow,
will check in later bye smile

TheMadHouse Wed 03-Jun-09 09:12:39

Morning all, although it feels like afternoon to me, as the dreaded insomnia had me up from 2am to 5am!!!


Scatty Sounds terrible, make sure the GP takes a good luck

EHM Have been using that cream, plus other things we had left from chickenpox sad If he is no better tomorrow I will ring the GP again. Enjoy model village

Epimum make full use of the weather - it is overcast and a lot cooler here

LBB Congratulations on finnishing the babysteps and no one here cares who starts the thread grin

*Love being a mummy* Enjoy your day out

Well DS2 is still scratchy and rashes, but has asked if we can still go to swimming - so that is the morning plan


DS1 to Preschool
Beds made
My bed in the washer
1 load of washing hung out and dry

To do (lots as I have been taking advantage of the great weather to play outside with the boys)

Ironing - a must
Put ironing away
Home blessing
Whats for lunch and dinner
DS2 to the opticians for eye test - dreaded drops are needed sad
Fridge clean
room rescues in all bedrooms

I am now going to have 5 mins, a cuppa nad MN and then crack on with getting the swimming things together

littleboyblue Wed 03-Jun-09 09:27:33

LBAM Have a lovely day out.
scatty Your poor ds. Hope doctors goes ok and they can help.
Mad Enjoy swimming. Hope ds is coping, but sounds like it.

So, here's my to do list
Morning routine done
Put ironing away that I did last night
Go shopping
Check food in fridge and pantry and wipe done (fridge, not food)
Empty nappy wrapper
Go to park
Go to playgroup
Cook dinner
Dinner routine
Bedtime routine

I have moved days around a bit. My errand day will be monday as it's the only day I don't have anything planned every week.
I do food shop every day.
No for the hour home blessing, I sweep and mop all floors everyday anyway and already have a pattern for bedchanging, but maybe need to set some time aside for polishing and windows, that's what I always forget!

I start a stop smoking group tomorrow. Although, this past 2 weeks, I haven't really had time to smoke much, I only had 4 yesterday!

TheProfiteroleThief Wed 03-Jun-09 09:33:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

galen Wed 03-Jun-09 09:49:17

morning all
lbb thanks for thread You are doing so well...very inspirational!
epimum remember little doesnt have to be perfect all the time!Good luck with your list
ehm enjoy nursery trip
scatty poo ds. Make sure Gp does a good check on him
prof good luck with builders!
mad enjoy swimming. Hope DS rash improves soon
lbam enjoy your day whatever it brings!

So not really with it yet this morning. Had to take hayfever tablet yesterdy which seems to have wiped me out...or maybe just general exhaustion...also now seem to have a stinking cold...
Not doing too well on FLYing either this week.....dont even know what zone we're meant to be in (answers on a postcard!)
But have had lots of fun with Dc and really enjoyed the sun while it lasted ( now cold and cloudy here again ...sigh..)

Must try and catch up today though!
So a list I think...

This morning:
washing update
Clean kitchen a bit
10 mins lounge rescue
ring costco ( how long will this be on my list LOL
Mop floors
sort more stuff for ebay

This afternoon
mop floors
upstairs sort and tidy
hoover and dust upstairs
lots of washing away
sort dinner (roast gammon...)

right best crack on , dd4 being a pest....
BBL grin

wendyredkitchenredspots Wed 03-Jun-09 10:05:47

Morning all
Just flying in - did read yesterday's thread but had a busy non computer day so didn't manage to say hi at all.
mad hope rash is ok and swimming ok
llb keep it up girl! i've been flying with this lot since october and haven't got a control journal yet blush
Prof builders... what you having done?
EHM model village sounds good
galen as mad says costco is great. My dad is a member so takes me sometimes. Will be great for you to stock up and it's good for toys and xmas time. Dad says the meat is very good and he is an ex butcher! My old school in Durham used to pay for our cards - think they had a deal with Costco or something but don't know if that was just that particular LEA?
everyone hi

Eventful day yesterday. My oven door exploded - good job both dc in the living room! Glass everywhere as you'd expect. So not sure whether to claim on insurance or replace glass or replace oven - need to investigate cost of replacing door compared to excess on insurance/prospect of premium going up etc
DD potty training going ok - only one poo accident yesterday (in the middle of oven door explosion, of course) and we have managed two trips out as well. Monday DH had the day off hols and we went to the beach for the day - great.
Overcast here today

wendyredkitchenredspots Wed 03-Jun-09 10:14:21

galen It's front porch and dining room this week! I just did Monday's mission this morning which was to clean the floor in the porch - didn't wipe the door down though lol

scattyspice Wed 03-Jun-09 10:15:31

Hi again.

wendy shock at your oven door explosion! What caused that (should we be checking something). Glad you are all ok.

Now back from taking dd to nursery (its an hour round trip, so bit of a PITA but she wants to go). GP appt for 4.20.

To do:
wash up
reboot laundry
buy nappies etc

LBB good luck with stopping smoking (good for you).

TheProfiteroleThief Wed 03-Jun-09 10:15:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

grouchyoscar Wed 03-Jun-09 11:34:29

Prof - Buggeration! Hope it all gets sorted out for you.

Just passing by as I'm off to work then reading friends. Did the morning routines around DH who was reading the paper and hope he realises what gets done in this house hmm

Ordered DH's B'day pressy this morning so...Job done

See you all tomorrow x

LoveBeingAMummy Wed 03-Jun-09 11:45:31

So heading out with my parents in an hour or so, going for lunch first and then for a little trip out somewhere nice

DD up and dressed don
DD fed done
Me dressed done
Me breakfast done
Empty dishwasher done
Load dishwasher done
Washing secondloadon
Hang out washing done
Collect yesterday washing off the line done
Put away DD's snacks etc given back by mum done
Pay gas & elec *done
Pay garden bin - grrr wensite not working will ahve to phone
PLan tea done
Hoover upstairs and donstairs done
Tidy kitchen table
Put washing away

littleboyblue Wed 03-Jun-09 12:06:18

wendy OMG! I always have ds2 in kitchen with me because he screams whenever I leave the room (yes, I love this stage!), might need to re-think that! Are you ok?
Prof Sorry about your bathroom, glad you caught it before the ceiling came down though!

Morning routine done
Put ironing away that I did last night done
Go shoppingdone
Check food in fridge and pantry and wipe done (fridge, not food)
Empty nappy wrapper done
Go to park
Go to playgroup
Cook dinner
Dinner routine
Bedtime routine

Ds2 is asleep and ds1 is watching cbeebies, but might get him now to help me wipe down the walls in the hallway (don't have a porch or dining room, but hallway is first thing you walk into, so is my entrace iyswim)

swanriver Wed 03-Jun-09 12:07:40

So far,

slept rather badly (tis too sunny up in loft despite blackout blinds0
dcs up bright and early at 7.00 and in an excellent mood - well a few arguments
ds1 violin self initiated
dts did a puzzle
hung out washing
two to school with PE kit, Kick Rounders Money and waterbottles, sunhats
dd to dentist (she was charming) she seems to love it there hmm despite injections and fillings - any little outing with mum will do...
whilst numbness wore off she ironed her PE kit with me grin which she seemed to find extraordinarily thrilling

Since then
been wandering round house dealing with mess and various hotspots
more limescaling of loo and general scrubbing
did my control diary last night and filled two pages of things to do today, no wonder felt apprehensive yesterday
But it IS less frightening on paper

Good luck with builder, TPT and paradise towels
Railway children and waterbabies enjoy yourself today
LBB it is difficult to find right days for things isn't it?
Scatty, that's lovely she likes nursery so much, and hope Ds can get lots of rest this week.
Galen, I find antihistamines make me feel completely and utterly drunk. I think the more I stay outside with dcs the better for everyone's sanity, so don't worry about house till it starts pouring.

Work this afternoon (sigh)feel a bit defeated really
and then help at Beavers with all three dcs as dh out late..more sighing
cancelled various lifts though instead of feeling guilty GOOD.

littleboyblue Wed 03-Jun-09 12:10:10

Better have some lunch myself first......

scattyspice Wed 03-Jun-09 12:17:05

Prof - that sounds like a nightmare!
(Although hmm, like the idea of new bathroom...)

Swan - You are a star for helping at Beavers so much. I have DS on the list to join, hopefully i can get dh to do the helping hmm.

Grouchy - what did you get dh?

Galen - antihistamines knock me out too, dh takes them everyday!

dcs bedroom quick tidy up

Ds seems a bit better, but still reluctant to eat. Need to think of something tempting for lunch.

To do:
return lib books and shops
collect dd


swanriver Wed 03-Jun-09 12:18:03

hi to poor Wendy (oh dear another thing for me to worry about)
and hello to Grouchy Epimum and LovingBeing, all very focused

Looked at my control diary and done everything extra in fact except
Return Library Book, new watch battery
Reply to party invite
Get ds to write thankyous
make ratatouille
reinsure car
boiler and cooker service book
and plant petunias

so that's not TOO bad, just a few things grin

swanriver Wed 03-Jun-09 12:29:59

Scatty, I am the ONLY parent who helps out of 20 kids. I find it frustrating because I am so unsporty [sob]. There are three other helpers, but they are not parents. (So it isn't nec for joining) Although lots of Cub parents help - I think they just moved up the Scout ladder.
MEN are what they really want..

TheMadHouse Wed 03-Jun-09 12:52:58

Afternoon all

Wendy That is shocking shock I am glad that wveryone is OK adn also that the4 potty training is going well.

Swan Quite a list, well done on getting so much done

Prof shock at the water in the walls and envy at a new bathroom. Swimming cossie cost an arm and leg, but is nice, not for wearing everyweek, but will be nice for holidays, plain brown (bronzy) with broze and gold pipping

So far done

Collect DS2 from Preschool
Swimming stuff washed and hung on line
Lunch - Jackets, cheese and beans and straws and icecream

Now I am having a cuppa before cracking on with the ironing

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