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Tuesday fly- back to normality!

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dylsmum1998 Tue 02-Jun-09 07:42:21

morning all



dylsmum1998 Tue 02-Jun-09 07:48:25

we had a teacher training day yesterday, so went up to the natural history museum in london. we had a lovely day.
today its back to school and i need to get back on top with the housework.

to do

ds lunch done
dress all
ds school
dd nursery
s&s bathroom
clean bathroom toys
wash up
wash kitchen floor
yesterday mission
today mission
zone clean
shop for tiny pink clothes, friend had her baby
visit new baby this afternoon
collect dc from school

ds is riding his bike into school today, a new inititive his school are doing to get children more active. i'm pleased but nervous of letting him. have told him to ride on the pavements as some of the roads are bad enough to get along in a car in the mornings. am planning to walk along behind him and make sure he is ok. have told him not to wait for me i just want to see him get across the worst roads and they are all the ones closer to home so i should just about manage that

epimum Tue 02-Jun-09 08:05:55

good morning ladies, sorry i haven't been been on for a few days i've had problems with my broadband,
dylsmum goodluck with your ds riding to sch i would be nervous to!

to do:
get up/get dc's up done*

get dresseddone
teeth, hair,shoes on
do school run
peg washing out
put next load in washing machine
cup of tea
change beds
polish bedrooms
vaccum bedrooms
clean bathroom
do mission
polish frontroom
vaccum downstairs
wash kitchen floor
catch up on my ironing

dc's back to school/nursary today yippee, got a busy day catching up with housework, always the same after half term!!!!
enjoy your day mnetters,

TheMadHouse Tue 02-Jun-09 08:28:02

Morning all

Rough night with the littleman and his spots - sore, itchy and tired

Anyway today is another day

Washing hung out
Washer on
Boys an d me up, sun protected and dressed
breakfast easten
Beds made
bathrooms S&S

To do

preschool drop off
Off for swimsuit fitting and more bras
Preschool collection
Pack picnic
Off to local green and beck for picnic, football and duck feeding
Whats for dinner
put ironing away
zone clean

I may not be back till later on

swanriver Tue 02-Jun-09 09:14:11

Good luck with swimsuit TMH, and the becklife.

Complete muddle here. As a result of dh insisting I go to bed at 10.00.

Dtws going for a scientific study at hospital this morning.

So far
more homework completed
painting of birthday card (dd)
violin practise
mud bricks with compost [arrgh)
top trumps scattered round garden

Beautiful day, cats jumping around charmingly in garden, dcs fighting over party bag sweeties less charming.

Anyway off to hospital (nothing wrong with anyone) in a moment.

LoveBeingAMummy Tue 02-Jun-09 09:26:51

MOrning everyone

I am feeling a bit werid today, I had 12 hours sleep so am finding i a bit hard to get cracking obviously not used to so much sleep!

Anyway today I am;

Visting friend and playing in the pool
Shopping for a few bits
Decide whats for tea done
Get DD up and dressed done
Breakfast for me and dd
me dressed
Hanging out washing
DD lunch
Me heathly lunch
Quick tidy kitchen table
Clean windows bedroom windows
Load dishwasher, swtich on done
Unload dishwasher
Washing - first load on
get dressed
breaksfast me and dd
Clean patio doors outside
Sort out coat rack - ready for moving into porch and get rid of any now not needed
Getting washing in - do NOT leave out overnight!
Organise bills and dates of payment
Build budget
Wash out bath
Sort out our bedroom
Sort out stuff stuck to fridge
Clean blinds
Put washing away

With all the washing and cleaning windows yesterday I got strap marks from my vest top!!! So added to the list for today is NOT GET BURNT!

EHM Tue 02-Jun-09 09:52:20

Morning ALL*

thanks for link & thread.I am sure ds will be fine on his bike. I would feel same. yesterday sounds fun.
hi epimum*
hope you find right swim wear. What does GP next think it is?
swan hope all ok-hospital?
lovebeingamummy wow 12 hours.

right back from preschool drop off. going to sort garden. I'll be back.

scattyspice Tue 02-Jun-09 10:07:17

Morning girls smile.

dyl Good for you for letting him ride his bike to school. Its terrifying thoughisn't it? I was a nrvous wreck letting Ds wander round the campsite on his own last weekend lol.

ds much better. starting to eat again smile
read book


galen Tue 02-Jun-09 10:19:31

morning all

dyls hope bike ride went ok

epimum good luck with catch up...still working on that here lol!

mad goo dluck with swimming costume and bras. Can you share some thoughts on costco BTW Is it good? Worth joining? thinking it would begood for us cause we always but in bulk anyway LOL and apparently teachers can join....need to ring up to confim that though...

loveBM 12 hours sleep ...fab! bet you'll feel better for it later!

EHM enjoy gardening!

sctty glad DS is on the mend

everyone-else Hi!

well I have load sto do...but clearly wont fit in all I need goingf to prioritise and NOT STRESS over what I cant fit in...

Loft for more shorts for DS2
Then bedroom tidy and begin sort out for operation musical bedrooms!
Playing barbies with DD4
Lunch, DD4 nursery drop off

this afternoon:
Lots of fun playing in garden with DS2 (just too sunny not to get into garden!
Shool pick up
Dinner: grilled fish with new potatoes and salad (including homegrown lettuce!!!)

This evening
Dust all through

added in between several loads of laundry and LOTS of washing to put away....

Right BBL ladies grin

TheProfiteroleThief Tue 02-Jun-09 11:00:00

Hi all
better day today - dds at school and we have water!

Been out to buy some beads to make thank you gifts. I recently had a significnat birthday (ahem) and so many people went to so much trouble, I want to say thank you properly.

Otherwise amd planning an after school picnic at local park (ie putting dinner in a picnic bag grin)

Hope ds on mend Mad

littleboyblue Tue 02-Jun-09 11:41:41

Mad Hope ds is ok. Must be horrid, especially in this weather sad

Hello everyone else grin

I have decided to skip a few of the babysteps, 1) because I do things like make the bed the minute I get up anyway 2)I can't delete e-mails or read essays as I don't officially belong to the site so don't get e-mails, so have skipped right up to building the control journal.
I already have sheets with morning and evening routines, FLYlady's 11 comandments and my 'insiration' page, but later, will get back on and read how to make it properly.

The hard thing for me with routines, is having dc's soooo young, makes it quite impossible, so I am going to have to work by the 'rules' that this is what I want to get done today just at some point before I go to bed, iyswim, but should still work ok.

Today is bedchange day and full flat hoover day. I hate changing beds, but putting our duvet away now, so should be easier next week! grin
Going to my exercise class in about an hour too, so bbl, but no doubt you'll smell me first! hahaha

swanriver Tue 02-Jun-09 13:00:45

Back from taking dtwins to hospital cardiology study (they were the "normal" controlled part of study). They were sweet, I felt proud of them, so chatty and lively and yet well-behaved. But now feeling a bit knackered by bus journeys and general fielding - sending them back to school in a moment - always takes ten times as long at this stage of day.

This week seems like an uphill struggle, too much going on, just piddley things really but it all mounts up.

Need to do now
Send them back to school (they are watching 10 mins tv) get uniforms on
Unpack veg box
Do washing up from last night blush
Unload dw
sort out hall and PE bags (still not done)

think that's enough or I'll lose my way

Hello everyone.
You sound very advanced LBB in your routines and control diary - so much more with it than I ever was when mine were littlies or now for that matter.

galen Tue 02-Jun-09 13:27:29

really dont know what happened this morning hmm

Did get LOADS of clothes out of loft for DS2...loads of people with slightly older boys gave us stuff for DS when he was born and it all seems to be 12-18 or 18-24 months and all seems to fit him now....found about 20 pairs of horts shock may actually have to ebay some...Unfortunately it is all now in a HUGE pile on DD3's bed....need to find somewhere for it all to go...really need to overhaul all Dc wardrobes...

Anyway as if that wasnt enough chaos for one day I went in garage and pulled out loads of stuff to ebay and put it all in lounge to take pics...only put half away so far so still a mess in there....

Not to mention I need to reboot laundry and put out MAJOR hotspot brewing on the bottom of the stairs and now spilling in to the hall

Still I have dusted downstairs...and played lots with DD4 - now at nursery

Now sitting in the garden and Ds2 pottering happily around LOL

like the idea of an afterschool picnic...may have to adapt dinner plan to suit hmm

right off to do something useful...or not as the case may be!grin

swanriver Tue 02-Jun-09 13:42:05

sounds like me - the multitudinous shorts I mean...

dcs back to school conversing learnedly on cardiology to all and sundry and waving printouts grin DONE
washing upstairs and put away DONE

grouchyoscar Tue 02-Jun-09 14:23:19


Well, I have been FLYing but barely treading water really hmm Seems there is a task force of me looking after this hovel. Plus I'm doing the odd hour or so at work

Got to collect DS in 15 mins So I thought I'd pop by and wish you all happy sunny days

littleboyblue Tue 02-Jun-09 14:42:10

swan I do only have a 2 bed flat, so bit different than if I had a 2 storey house to clean.

Have done morning routine, been to exercise class, ds1 is in bed, I'm now feeding ds2, and have to quickly change my bed and hoover and then get dinner started. Trying my hand at home cooked lasagne tonight.

LoveBeingAMummy Tue 02-Jun-09 15:25:00

OK so not a lot done but have visited my friend and been to the shops, will crack on with stuff now.

littleboyblue Tue 02-Jun-09 15:38:50

ve a rough draft of my control journal. Going to leave a few bits out though.

EHM Tue 02-Jun-09 16:00:17

scatty good to read ds on mendsmile
galen20 pairs of shorts wow!
littleboyblueyou sound like you are getting really organised.
profenjoy tea in parksmile
swan all ok & just study visit to hospital.
grouchy hope you are enjoying the sunshine.

I've done the back garden & enjoyed doing this in the sunshinesmile
all washing/dried/ironed & put away.
snuggled with ellie & read stories as she was too hot & tired
now off to buy sandals with elliesmile

BBQ tonight so won't start until dh comes home.

Would still like to tidy front postage size garden &clean windows inside/out. Maybe once Ellie is in bed tonight.

epimum Tue 02-Jun-09 17:16:42

hi everyone,
all jobs nearly done now just sat for tea, dc's have been in paddling pool since they got home think i mite join them im so hot! at least my house is almost tidy so i got rest of week to myself self!!!!

still to do:
vacuum downstairs
wash up
get washing in
start ironing (might do that when eastenders is on!)
get dc's showered
read them a story and of to bed

have a nice evening everyone,

grouchyoscar Tue 02-Jun-09 17:41:46

Hello again

Waves to EHM how very are you?

Wanna see my list? Here we go

Up and make bed
Wash and meds
Wash ds
S&S bathroom
S&S loo
Take pots downstairs
Make breakfast
Tidy away
Empty WM and sort for drying
Peg out washing
Water the plants
Help DS dress
Empty DW
Put away
Get bag of junk modelling stuff together
School trudge
Morning in the nursery
Dinner lady stint
Sort out diary
Make phonecalls
Find DS's book bag
Re-make DS's bed
Collect DS
Bring in washing
Make DS's tea
Make sarnies for tomorrow
uniform ready
Load WM
S&S worktops
Bag ready for morning

I've had 3 nights with Madame Insomnia so I'm rather pooped now

So how are you all? How are you new ladies finding this FLYing thing? Do the babysteps help? and waves to Wolf Wendy Mad Greyskull Bianca EV Simply Luda Jas Dyls scatty and all the others I haven't mentioned

dylsmum1998 Tue 02-Jun-09 18:21:25

afternoon all not much done at all here

ds lunch done
breakfast done
dress all done
ds school done
dd nursery done
s&s bathroom
clean bathroom toys
wash up
tidy done
hoover done
wash kitchen floor
yesterday mission
today mission
zone clean
shop for tiny pink clothes, friend had her baby done
visit new baby this afternoon done
collect dc from school done

my friends baby was very cute, so easy to forget how tiny they are. had lots of lovely cuddles with her

ds didnt ride his bike to school in the end, he found the way we usually ride far to busy and it stressed him out, so we bought the bike home again. glad i followed him now. we are going to try again in the morning and take a different, hopefully less busy route

scatty its hard when they wander off on the campsites, but ds loves it when we go camping and he disappears with the other children. i have got used to it now. did have to ask him to tell me where he is off to last time though as he had been gone for ages and i wanted to go to the beach but couldnt find him hmm

TMH what spots does ds have (sorry if i have missed this, am trying to catch up on past weeks happenings!) hope he gets over them quickly

waves to everyone else must get on and finish my list!

galen Tue 02-Jun-09 19:15:34

evening all

lbb sounds like youre getting on great!

epimum hope you enjoyed the paddling pool

ehm enjoy the bbq

grouchy impressive lsit as always!

swan cardiologoy study sound like a good experience for DT's and well done them for being so good!

prof hope you enjoyed picnic!

*everyone else* Hi

well had nice evening....on the whole

packed up dinner inpicnic bag - inspired by prof and ate after playground at park near school. Was lovely. Fish and potatoes all wrapped in foil, with lovely salad and grapes and strawberies!
DC loved it, and had great fun just running round, playing footbal etc....
stayed till around 5, when the not so nice local teenagers started to come out of the woodwork,decided it was home time when a group of them lit a fir at the other end of the playground..hmm....

DD 3 in a bit of a chalenging mood, had several total meltdons over who knows what...
Then Dh came home in decidedly grumpy mood, not helped by the fact we werent long in and house not qute totally ship shape LOL

still not bad on the whole....

really need tackle the upstairs tomorrow...
not doing much else tonight though...

right see you all tomorrow ladies grin

TheProfiteroleThief Tue 02-Jun-09 19:16:48

picnic v nice, but dd kicked me in face when putting on her seatbelt as she did not want to leave.

Anyone want a 3yo?

TheMadHouse Tue 02-Jun-09 19:28:51

Evening all

I have had a really nice day with the boys, not done any Flying, but I am making the most of the weather.

I got a swimsuit and 1 bra, 2 more bras on order. Thick end of £200 urggggggggg, but I have been offered a couple of hours of werk a week, which is great

Then came home and packed picnic
Collected DS1 from Preschool
When to meet friend at local green and beck
boys had a good old paddle, caught a small fish and were generally very boyish
called for an ice cream
drove to MIL
Dropped off a very sleepy DS2 - he was asleep on the sofa when we left
DS1 to swimming lesson
Collect DS2 - still asleep where I left him
Play on the scooters
Fish adn chips for dinner
Boys bathed
DS2 creamed
DS2 is in bed
DS1 having daddy time


DS2's rash is no better, infact he has scratched it so much on his back it is scabbing. GP neighbour thinks it could be viral or heat driven. He said he can see how our GP thought it might be exhmma as it was co-elessing (sp - joining up!!!)

Right on to COSTO for galen

When we lived down south it was our nearest store, so we would just pop in for things, now it is a journey, so we stock up.

It is great, much cheaper on some things - washing powder, dishwasher tablets, rice, bin bags, birkenstocks blush, nappies, battries, maple syrup. I love it loads.

We tend to get things and store in the guargae and also share with mum - loo roll, tissues, kitchen roll.

We also got a lot of the childrens toys there, shampoo, conditioner.

It would pay you to write a list of what things cost per 100g and take that with you and then work out what is cheaper.

Also the cafe, although basic is really inexpensive and a real treat for our two. Hot dogs, pizza etc. Infact you can get a massive pizza cooked for you.

Any other Q's ask away

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