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Monday Fly - Back to school for us fly girls as well

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TheMadHouse Mon 01-Jun-09 04:05:12

Morning all - yes the insomnia is back, but DS2 has itchy rash all over his back, so I have just given him some priton and some Urax cream and packed him back off to bed.



As the children are back at school today, I thought that it was a good adea that we refresh some of the babysteps that keeping us going and why we like to Fly

TheMadHouse Mon 01-Jun-09 04:10:00

Flying is now part of my life. I came to fly during my last depressive epidose, I found that the state of my house and the state of my home bore a direct correlation grin

Now it comes naturally for both me and the rest of my family. It has seem me through major surgery, with a home that was easier for my family and friends to upkeep. It means that DH automically does his own routine on a daily basis and also does the morning routine on the days he gets up with the children (sat).

It means that bills dont go unpaid, that library books are returned on time and thay I use my calender and dont miss appointments.

It also means that my house is less cluttered and therefore my mind is less cluttered grin

So that is why fly works for me. Its about keeping on top of things, not letting them mount up and then feel insumountable. It gives me free time to enjoy the children, to not feel guilty that any part of my life as a SAHM is slipping or taking over.

Anyway enough evangelising from me grin I am going to try and get somemore sleep. Later

littleboyblue Mon 01-Jun-09 07:14:23

Mad Good to hear this works so well for you.
The reasons I decided to join are pretty similar. I am a bit of a control freak and since the arrival of ds2 I really feel like I've lost it and am losing myself a bit and am nothing but ds's mum. My PND got quite bad and I found myself distancing from RL and I just didn't have the energy to do anything. I was using playing with the boys as an excuse not to do the housework, but also using the housework as an excuse not to play with my children sad
Although it's not even been 2 weeks yet, I am feeling like I am getting back on top, I am in control of the flat again, and am finding it's helping me prioritise and manage my time a bit better. Now I feel I have enough time for the boys without letting the flat completely slip.

Today I have to pick one of Kelly's missions and do that.
I also have to go and pay the council tax (boo-hiss) and I want to buy ds2 some more summer clothes.

littleboyblue Mon 01-Jun-09 07:24:50

Ok. I can wipe my front door down and do a bit in my entrance hall.
I have been meaning to de-clutter the coat cupboard and my wardrobe for ages, but not sure I can bring myself to incase there are any 8 leged monsters in there! I saw a huge one in the closet yesterday, had to scream for dp.

ShannaraTiger Mon 01-Jun-09 07:40:11

Morning all

TMH thanks for the thread. Hope you managed to get some more sleep and that DS2's rash clears up soon.
littleboyblue glad fly is helping you feel more in control.


Get up done
Make bed done
Get dressed to shoes done
W/M on done
Breakfast done me and Dd
Wash up to shine sink.
T/D on / hang out clothes
Kids teeth,
dressed & hair
Medication mine done

To do:
Hoover = de sand the flat!
Waiting for inspiration for what to do with Dd and Ds, staff training day so no school until tomorrow.
Stick to Slimming World diet that I started on Thursday.
Thigh trainer, I'm doing the race for life on Sunday and I've done no training so am very unfit and will probably collapse in a hot sweaty heap at the end. grin

I'm off to go and do something
Have a good day everyone

scattyspice Mon 01-Jun-09 08:05:47

Morning smile

Mad - you said it all really smile

LBB - Tis very hard to get the balance right, and just when you think you've got it your dc enter a new phase and it changes again!

Shanna - good luck with the RFL training, don't overdo it in this heat (am so impressed by all the runners here atm).

Both dc slept well (thanks to Calpol).
DS has woken looking much better. Will stay off school - see how he goes.
DD can go to nursery.

To do:
dress dc
phone work and school
take dd to nursery

bbl when we've done that.

TheMadHouse Mon 01-Jun-09 08:14:41

Argggggggggggggggg I have been trying to get through to the GP for the last 10 mins, engaged - why dont they have more lines and receptionists at the busy times.

DS2's rash is really bad and he is very sore and itchy - he couldnt get back off to sleep and is tired, ratty and sore sad

Suncream applied
We are all dressed
Sun hat located for DS1 to take to preschool
Washing hung out
breakfast cooling
Beds made

Just got through to the GP, appointment made for 9.55 smile

To Do
DS1 to Preschool
DS2 to GP
Home bleuring
Start Zone clean (will post weeks list)
Put ironing away
DS1 from preschool
Whats for Lunch
Whats for dinner
Fill up paddling pool

LoveBeingAMummy Mon 01-Jun-09 08:17:45

Morning All

I am offically joining in now, rather than occasionally reading !

Today's misson - we are in the process of building a porch so not much to clean out but will;

* Clean front door - very bad due to the buiding work at weekend!
* Sort out coat rack - ready for moving inot porch and get rid of any now not needed

Also will be doing;

Hanging out washing
Getting washing - do NOT leave out overnight!
Organise bills and dates of payment
Build budget
Get DD up and dressed
DD breakfast
Me heathly breakfast
DD lunch
Me heathly lunch
Wait in for delivery
Try to get to shops before 12pm so can be home for delivery
Plan tea
Quick tidy round living room, kitchen, bathroom, DDs room
Wash out bath
Sort out our bedroom
Hoover upstairs
Sort out stuff stuck to fridge
Clean blinds
Clean windows
Oh and clean sink ;-)

OK this has turned into a week long list but hey let's see what I can do!!!!

LoveBeingAMummy Mon 01-Jun-09 08:18:22

Oh and going to get dressed now!

wendyredkitchenredspots Mon 01-Jun-09 08:41:23

Morning all*
sorry about rash, hope doctor is helpful. Btw, our two children sound very similar! My DS is very numerate too and loves jigsaws (but then my DH has a Phd in maths!!) and my DD's vocab is fab (yesterday she came out with the statement is viscous! She is 2.5) - but then my degree was English!! Guess it's the genes eh.
LoveBeingAMummy welcome and don't do too much, just stick to babysteps!
lbb hi and enjoy the mission!
Shannara hiya nice to see you are you just doing Slimming World yourself? I keep starting it but not lasting long lol
scatty glad dc are better!

We have another week off nursery in this neck of the woods and dh has two days hols, but I have woken up with a stomach ache again, so not sure what we're doing. Plus none of us like the heat much, so ...


LoveBeingAMummy Mon 01-Jun-09 08:47:26

Have managed to get dressed (in my camo shorts, am ready for action!), opened curtains & blinds, made bed, made tea and gone on facebook opps certaqinly not on lists.

So will now drink tea have breakfast and hopefully by then dd will be up!

littleboyblue Mon 01-Jun-09 08:48:41

scatty Tell me about it! I have been reading my inspirational page in my journal this morning, and one point I wrote was that I have 2 small children and nothing has to be perfect. Also this is a guide, a new way of life, not strict instruction iyswim, although I am comitted to it now, I will also have a day off every now and then and cut myself some slack. It's really more about attitude for me and time management.
I used to issue myself with 1 hour a day housework (not including morning stuff like kitchen and bathroom), but I'd try to do it all in one block which would stress us all out, now if I just say 2 mins/5.15, it's all a lot easier, at the moment grin
Mad Goodluck at gp. Hope they can do something for your ds, sounds awful. I'd keep him undressed while indoors, try to limit friction on his back from clothes.

Washed and dressed ds2
Fed all
Folded dry washing
Put load in machine
Hung wet washing
Checked E-mails
Cleaned bathroom
Sterilised bottles
Washed up

*TO DO* Sweep and mop bathroom and hallway
Wipe down ds2's mattress and re-dress as he came through nappy this morning
Dress self
Wash and dress ds1
Get to tescos
Pay council tax
Peel potatoes ready for dinner
Print off some recipes from MN and file away
Todays mission
15 min de-clutter
5 min rr prob my room today
set date with dp for car boot so can focus on getting all this crap out of my flat!

TheProfiteroleThief Mon 01-Jun-09 08:50:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

littleboyblue Mon 01-Jun-09 08:52:30

TPT Hope dd is ok.

TheMadHouse Mon 01-Jun-09 09:16:16

Prof DS1 had slapped cheek last year, he was fine. Hope the girls are OK

Wendy Pants about your tummy ache again. Our children do seem alike - DH is an accountant, so likes his numbers!!!! Oh and I am a gobby so and so grin

LBB It is about not being perfect, just good enough - it is not a perfect world and I like to think I am preparing my children for that grin

DS1 at preschool
Me and DS2 are dancing to eels

wendyredkitchenredspots Mon 01-Jun-09 09:16:51

Prof hope all ok and you get stuff done - slapped cheek not so good! keep away from pregnant ladies!

llb you are doing really well! I've been flying since last October with this lot and I still fall off the wagon all the time!

scatty you are right about the new phases, this potty training is such hard work and I'm scared to leave the house! It's amazing how you forget what it's like lol

My DC very tired after a late night. DD slept in a bed last night as we took the sides off her cot bed. She was so excited, bless her. Anyway she didn't get out of bed once she'd been put in it, so we are very pleased! But they were up early trashing the house, two of them at it now!

Starbear Mon 01-Jun-09 09:23:05

Mad, You can't believe how bad I can get. Many years ago when I was single and no prospects of having a kid I was a little down. One day my sister pop around to discover that I was still in my dirty dressing gown. Cut along story short the house was the pits and all my plates cups etc. on the counter top unwashed. She rolled her sleeves up to wash up and picked up a cup with dry but, still sticky snot on the side. I had sneezed a few days before toward the unwashed mess and left it. She was horrified. So it can get bad for anybody at anytime. Then something comes along and helps us get out of it. My sister is a star. grin

LoveBeingAMummy Mon 01-Jun-09 09:28:59

* Clean front door - very bad due to the buiding work at weekend!
* Sort out coat rack - ready for moving inot porch and get rid of any now not needed

Also will be doing;

Washing - *second load on*
Hanging out washing - done
Getting washing in - do NOT leave out overnight!
Organise bills and dates of payment
Build budget
Get DD up and dressed
DD breakfast
Me heathly breakfast done
DD lunch
Me heathly lunch
Wait in for delivery
Try to get to shops before 12pm so can be home for delivery - *decided not to go today*
Plan tea
Quick tidy round living room, kitchen, bathroom, DDs room
Wash out bath
Sort out our bedroom
Hoover upstairs
Sort out stuff stuck to fridge
Clean blinds
Clean windows *living room done*
Oh and clean sink ;-) done

LoveBeingAMummy Mon 01-Jun-09 09:31:32

Plus filled dshwasher AND turned it on!

Starbear Mon 01-Jun-09 09:39:06

Right, now for the list to keep me on track.
Put washing machine on, Ds wet the bed sadTypical when I've just changed his bed yesturday!
Make beds
Empty Dishwasher & put in breakfast things
Buy Ds new sandals and shoes.
Buy marbles to cure my flat feet and water pistols
To gymnastic by bus (No MOT no tax disc!) Does anybody know where I can get a year ahead calendar or diary? blush
Put clothes away
Clean one cupboard out
Look for large flask & glass roof sail
After Ds in bed need to do some studying for a works course.
P>S Mad My son has problems with heat rash & suntan lotions come back with the results from the GP. if it's the same problem I'll get you a link to a very good thread.

swanriver Mon 01-Jun-09 09:41:01

Hello, early and energetic flyprincesses!
Sounds like prickly heat TMH
Welcome LoveBeingAMummy that's an excellent list!
TPT, extension sounds good, hope they are not too fractious. Welldone for early morning [phonecall?]efficiency, v difficult with background noise.

I am not at all organised and never have been. It was/is the source of much heartache. I am terrible at computers and all technical matters. I also find entertaining quite stressful. Although for some reason I do a lot of it angry.

However, the car runs, there is food in cupboard/fridge, the kitchen is clean, the sheets are changed and the children have friends over who enjoy playing here, and clean uniform so I must be doing something right, sometimes...

Today's list is
Dcs to school, Laundry and Breakfast clearing DONE
Make beds
Take pictures to framers.
Get petrol
Get violin tuned
What's for dinner (party leftovers)
Work in school this pm
Take kids for swim and swim myself 18 lengths after school
Cubs at 6.30 ds1 picked up by friend
Pickup at 8.00 and dropoff other child.

swanriver Mon 01-Jun-09 09:42:45

STARBEAR MY NEW TAX DISC IS IN THE CAR and I haven't attached it UURGH. It ran out yesterday. thankyou thankyou for reminder

swanriver Mon 01-Jun-09 09:51:54

Phew, our road has lots of policemen walking up and down it, but think I've escaped notice. New disc on.
Now is there something else I have forgotten?
oh yes ring friend
thank you notes
rubbish in shed to dump
arrange absence for dd for Tues and Wed in advance (hosp study and dentist) and show verification to school who are being tiresome about all absences.

BB evening

scattyspice Mon 01-Jun-09 10:06:29

Phew busy thread today.

Hi to Loving smile.

Mad - poor ds, does he have any other symptoms? I agree, could be heat rash.

Starbear - You've come along way smile. Dh and I almost prided ourselves on our messy flat before kids. We spent every weekend camping (walking and climbing) and most evenings doing sport or in the pub with our climbing friends. It was great at the time but it all had to stop when ds was born (and I had to learn how to keep house lol).

Wendy - I found I had to take more stuff when we went out when potty training than when they were babies! Top tip - Take nappy bags just in case he accidently has a poo while out (you can do what dog owners doo).

To do
mission (easy as dh put new lino in porch so pretty clean already).
mending and sewing


To do:

Tortoise Mon 01-Jun-09 10:28:08

Morning all.
Not read thread so far so hope all OK.

I need to crack on and get back to some normality! Lots of toys to put back in bedrooms!
Beds to strip and wash.
Winter coats to wash and put in loft.
Washing to hang out.
Unload and re load DW
Move trampoline down the garden to free up the level patch to put pool up!
Fill pool.
Put sofa covers back on sofa. Washed them yest!

And masses of other jobs which need doing!!

BBL. smile

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