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Teach me how to iron

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fruitstick Sat 30-May-09 19:32:18

I currently get someone to do it but thinking I should keep the 60 quid a month/

No matter how hard I try I can never get the creases out!

ThePhantomPlopper Sat 30-May-09 19:33:21

You need a better iron if you can't get creases out.

cookielove Sat 30-May-09 19:34:25

you can get tumble dryer balls that help get hte crease out, however i don't have a tumble dryer, and put everthing over the radiators, then just fold it up and put it away, i don't own an iron or an ironing board, much to my mothers horror. SO just do what i do and don't bother

fruitstick Sat 30-May-09 19:37:37

DH needs shirts for work and `DS stuff looks terrible when it's not ironed. Mine I can live with.

cookielove Sat 30-May-09 19:42:21

my sister also doesn't iron! (yes my poor poor mother) when she buys her husband shirts in the shop she gives the shirt a good squeeze, if it crinkles, she doesn't buy it.

i think thephantomplopper is right you prob need to get a better iron

deste Sat 30-May-09 19:43:14

I agree with the poster above. You need to buy a really good steam iron and the creases just glide out.

nickschick Sat 30-May-09 19:57:14

You do know you have to plug the iron in.........dont you grinwink

blithedance Sat 30-May-09 20:03:20

Decent ironing board too.

I think it must be technique, on occasions MIL has done my ironing and everything looks shop-perfect, not just vaguely levelled as when I've done it. She doesn't rush.

fruitstick Sat 30-May-09 22:00:18

nickschick I'mn sure that would contravene health and safety.

I have been told that my ironing is too dry and creased to start with. How damp, pray tell, does it have to be before it is classed as still wet.

nickschick Sun 31-May-09 00:16:44

Fruitstick you are becoming too technical now ........

Tortington Sun 31-May-09 00:18:45

sounds to me like you are over drying it in the tumble dryer and probaby stuffing too many things in there.

need to spend some good money on a good iron.

tell dh to iron his own fucking shirts

you iron yours and your kids stuff

job done

is he disabled?

moondog Sun 31-May-09 00:20:51

That's a bit off Custy!
Maybe he does stuff for her?

I like to iron my dh's stuff and show him I love him.

Best thing is a squeezy bottle full of water.Spray dry clothes thern iron.
£60 a month on ironing?!


PerfectPrefect Sun 31-May-09 00:22:44

I used to work for an ironing company

Don't iron what you don't need to (so I only iron shirts, trousers skirts)

Tumble dry what you can and fold/hang what you can straight away. Even if you don't want tower straight away creases will drop by the time you wear it.

Good quality iron with lots of steam and a teflon of similar easy glide sole plate

In terms of technique. Start at the buttons/button holes - with the collar at the pointy end of the ironing board. Iron a bit and gradually work around the torso of the shirt until you get to the button holes/buttons.
Then so the sleeves
Then go ack and to the sholders with the arms hanging down at the pointy bit of the ironing board.

Sorry crap explaination. Half a bottle of wine.

Tortington Sun 31-May-09 00:30:29

your right moondog.

op - what does your husband to thats equivalent to you ironing his work stuff?

Tortington Sun 31-May-09 00:30:30

your right moondog.

op - what does your husband to thats equivalent to you ironing his work stuff?

vixma Sun 31-May-09 00:48:59

I suck too, I blame the irons I use....they must be crap (I hope so). Some people iron loads and get it...I just find when I iron, it is flat until I turn over to iron another part of the clothong then the other side is creased.....I do not enjoy ironing.

jellyshoeswithdiamonds Sun 31-May-09 17:55:33

I've got one of these which is abosolutely brilliant.

A lot of money for an iron but a god send for me as I have a holiday let and like the bedding and towels to look really smart for incoming guests (that was my justification to get one grin)

I do the collar first ironing it flat then the yoke, sleeves, main body and then hang it up.

I don't use fabric conditioner. I wash all DH's shirts together and add starch to the dispenser draw to crisp the shirts up, this makes them easier to iron.

When I line dry shirts I put them straight on hangers ready for ironing. In bad weather I put the shirts on hangers and put them on the airer to dry (I very rarely tumble, cos I shrink stuff).

fruitstick Sun 31-May-09 22:08:59

I've never ironed a shirt for him in his life! He used to do his own until we decided to get someone to do it for us.

I'm on maternity leave at the moment and we are economising. DH thinks we should still pay to have the ironing done but, if I'm honest, I really want a gym membership so I can get some time to myself.

The money is about the same so I was planning to do the ironing in return for the gym membership.

DH does do an awful lot of the cooking/washing up and his fair share of bathtime/Sunday morning shift etc.

Prefect that all makes perfect sense!

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