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Is it possible to get a toaster that doesn't deposit crumbs all over the top with every use?

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memoo Sun 03-May-09 12:46:24

Trivial but its driving me mad! I tend to have bought quite cheap toasters so wonder if this has anyhting to do with it.

If I buy a more expensive one is it less likely to do this??

gardeningmum05 Sun 03-May-09 12:50:15

no,they are all crap at that sad

memoo Sun 03-May-09 12:54:30

mines about to be chukced in the bin!!!!

SunglassesPolarBear Sun 03-May-09 13:01:03

Mine is a Russell Hobbs one, quite expensive I think (was a wedding present) and haemmorages crumbs everywhere it goes despite me cleaning the crumb tray and banging it upside down over the sink regularly. Thank you for starting this thread, because I keep meaning to!
My mum claims this doesn't happen to her, but I think her toaster just knows its place and wouldn't dare - if I borrowed it it would start.

BeehiveBaby Sun 03-May-09 13:03:31

I keep my toaster in an eye level cupboard so the crumbs never get a chance to settle. My mum and grandmother are really judgey about toasters on display, no idea why!

SunglassesPolarBear Sun 03-May-09 13:10:17

How very odd! Maybe they just get sick of the crumbs, I am continually wiping them up. Probably slatternly to admit this, but I wouldn't if they were in a cupboard!

choccyp1g Tue 22-Sep-09 10:16:37

I'm reviving this thread, because my toaster has just packed up with a bang. Does anyone know a toaster that has a proper crumb tray such that ALL the crumbs can be extracted. I don't see the point of the teensy trays that they mostly have.
Or failing that can anyone recommend a toaster? I can't decide whether to go for cheapest possible, and assume it'll last a year at most, or go for a fancy one. My last one was a Russel Hobbs, and has lasted 9 years, but it has always annoyed me that you can't get all the crumbs out, and crusts got stuck in the bottom.

Mmmmcoffee Wed 23-Sep-09 14:25:33

I bought a cheap melamine tray in a pound shop. My toaster lives on it, all the time. I gave up trying to get the crumbs out of it til I worked in a cafe, they used to unplug the toasters and carefully pour a bit of water into the bottom, let it sit 10 mins then swish it around and pour it out - by the morning it was dry and it must have been safe, they never blew up!

mathanxiety Thu 24-Sep-09 05:12:18

I put a piece of tin foil under mine cos I was afraid anything else would melt. I moulded it into the shape of a tray grin. Why are toaster crumbs so sticky?

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