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Where can I get cheap upholstery fabric?

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BoffinMum Sat 21-Mar-09 09:20:55

I am in Cambridge, and I am wondering if there is anywhere people could recommend to get upholstery fabric at wholesale prices, so I can recover my sofas?

Lancelottie Sat 21-Mar-09 10:15:46

Sawston Fabric Warehouse? (Not tried it myself, though)

BoffinMum Sat 21-Mar-09 17:28:03

I actually googled that but it said it was temporarily closed while they moved ... shame as it would have been great.

ThePellyandMe Sat 21-Mar-09 17:50:11

Dunelm. I think there's one in Huntingdon. There used to be anyway.

BoffinMum Sat 21-Mar-09 17:50:32

Sounds promising.

Dior Sat 21-Mar-09 17:50:47

Yes, Dunelm is fab.

Shelley3 Thu 14-May-09 09:28:40


I bought all my fabric on eBay, if you do a Google for "Price Immaterial" it gives you a link to the guy.

Stock is a bit limited, he is continually sold out. But we managed to buy £3000 worth of Designers Guild upholstery fabric for about £200.

I live near St. Neots - can anyone recommend an upholsterer?

freya11 Sun 19-Jul-09 23:46:37

I recovered my sofa for £30 with fabric from the discount website oliosh. It's fab but any designer stuff sells out almost immediately.

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