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Carpet protection for under your dining table....

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Likeasow Thu 19-Mar-09 13:04:06

Does anyone have any ideas? we are in a flat so no flooring only carpet - our dining table is on the carpet and we have 3 small children! Currently have 3 of those clear plastic runners underneath but they curl up, get bits caught between them and generally get on my nerves angry cannot find a solution by googling. Large square of lino? would curl up too? someone somewhere must have an answer?

Likeasow Thu 19-Mar-09 20:42:04

oh do help....please....bumping hopefully....

paranoidmother Thu 19-Mar-09 20:51:45


We have a large play mat from Ikea as our dining room doubles for living room at the moment.

The mat has roads on it for the kids to play on and we have it under the table for meal times and out of the table for normal time and the table folded away.
this one

Hope this helps and if the Mat continues to move, stick it down with carpet gripy stuff.

Likeasow Fri 20-Mar-09 19:35:26

Thats a nice idea - I like that mat. thanks for that. smile

Plong Mon 01-Jun-09 21:42:27

the best *carpet protection* we've found for this purpose is self-adhesive carpet protection rolls. You can use it whenever you liek and when it is soiled, just peel it up and dispose. grin

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