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Help ... foundation spilt on carpet ...

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Millie1 Wed 04-Mar-09 20:17:30

I can't get it out - any suggestions please? A long streak across the bathroom carpet (bad morning angry ..1001 doesn't work. Any ideas appreciated! TIA

Furball Thu 05-Mar-09 07:24:20

make up remover?

Or a teeny bit of washing powder dissolved in water and 'massaged' in, don't rub or you will change the pile texture. blot dry with kitchen paper

or - chuck the carpet out and get lino grin

psychomum5 Thu 05-Mar-09 07:27:57

I have never yet found anything that gets foundation out of clothing (thanks to girls getting it on to school blouseshmm), nor mascara out of carpet, so will be interested to see if anyone else has managed it.

tis a real PITA

nickschick Thu 05-Mar-09 07:41:43

I havent tried it but would makeup remover do it???-maybe the wipes??

savoycabbage Thu 05-Mar-09 07:45:51

This is my dh's mixture for removing red wine from the carpet. It really works.

You mix vanish powder and washing up liquid an warm water to make a paste. Put it on the stain only. Leave it for a bit, maybe 20 minutes but keep an eye on it as it is quite powerful! Remove it with water and a damp cloth.

I don't know if it works on foundation but my dh got this off the internet one night after he spilt some red wine on the carpet when I was in bed. It worked so well that te next day he chucked some more wine on the carpet to show me.

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