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can you water down liquid soap to make it come out of the dispenser?

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Gemzooks Tue 03-Mar-09 13:57:01

we have a kind of flip over soap dispenser in the bathroom (inherited from last inhabitants).. like a glass globe with a tiny nozzle. I finally filled it with some handwash soap, but it won't bloody come out, or does but takes AGES! The soap is normal, thin, handwashing soap, don't think I could buy anything thinner. The nozzle is not blocked as I checked it and even blew through it to make sure.

can anyone think of a solution? the only thing I haven't tried is watering it down and stirring it!

Yeni Tue 03-Mar-09 14:15:10

Yes, my daughter was mucking around with the squirty soap one day and diluted it. After I told her off I discovered the consistency of the soap was much improved. I don't know if it would work with the type of dispenser you describe.

stealthsquiggle Tue 03-Mar-09 14:22:25

You know those foaming handwashes? You can refill those with a 10:1 mixture of water and ordinary handwash.

So yes, to your OP, you can definitely water it down.

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