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Weekend Fly Thread-Family Time

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EHM Sat 28-Feb-09 07:50:44

Morning ALL

I couldn't sleep last night. kept thinking about TMH.

Off to have cuppa. Be back later to check if any news on TMH


EHM Sat 28-Feb-09 08:10:33

TMH I agree with wolfs comments.Morphine, Nice Nurses, comfortable bed.
wolf I always like the sound of your meals. they sound so yummy.
wendyhope you had a n early night & ds ok?
galenhope cold clears quickly.
ruby like it boob watchsmile
tort £1 a tooth sounds reasonable.hope you area ll well?
grouchy I am gobsmacked at £10 from Tooth Fairy. I realise that their travels expenses may have increased since I got 10p. Come on Tooth Fairy you are at it! didn't you hear about the credit crunch!grin
dylsmum well done dd for eating all her veg, even if she doesn't think she didsmileHOw are the CP?
scatty you've got to hand it to the little fella for tryingsmile
bythepower I ma sure the tooth Fairy will take plastic. Given that she has increased her rate to £10 a tooth.
herb thanks for the reminder I NEED to clean car inside out.
castella Hello
swan you are very brave tackling the garden. OUr decking is covered in leaves & I really don't want to clean itblush
EV, bianca*,*Saga.[SMILE]

Off to check MadamPeePeePearDrop hasn't done a widdle on the couch

dylsmum1998 Sat 28-Feb-09 08:55:33

morning EHM
hope there no widdle on the couch

the pox are increasing at massive rates, i stopped counting at 100 sad she has them all over her face in her hair- everywhere poor thing.
she said i dont like chicken spots mummy phone nursery and tell them to tell hermione i don't like chicken spots she can have them back now......

bless her

i am going to sort out my menu plan for the next week and get an asda delivery this week, save taking her out. she keeps bumping in to things which knocks the spots and hurts her.

galen Sat 28-Feb-09 09:29:13

Morning all
Still thinking of mad Hope you had a peaceful night, thinking of you - will be checking in for news.

EHM thanks for thread
dyls porr DD.sad bless her. Hope they dont hang round to long.

Well had a bit of a lie ion today - which was lovely, but of course got up to chaos!Why is it when I get up I rush round doing all that needs to be done, when DH gets up with them he sits on sofa ignoring everything that needs to be done, so that when I get up later I still have to rush round to get everything done - except now its worse cause theyve all been up an hour and added to the chaos....grrr...
Right sorry little moan over...

Going to get back on track today I hope.Ds is much better. My cold still lingering but not too bad now.

Off to cinema in a bit to see Madagascar 2 (cheap deal again - so chuffed I discovered these LOL)
Then will do a bit of blitzing this PM.
Was hoping for fresh air for all but its raining sad I sooo need some nice weather so I can lock let them all in the garden!

Right better dash.
Hope all and Little ones are well.
wendy how is DD's finger by the way? (sorry if I missed an update blush)

Wolfcub Sat 28-Feb-09 10:13:49

Morning all
Mad I hope you had a peaceful night and are comfortable this morning

Dyls poor dd I suggest going to chemist to buy box of bicarb and bath her in it if she gets itchy it really helps.

Ehm I hope madam didn't wee on the sofa I love your name for her btw

I have done loads this am but will be back to post later when I cab get on the laptop it's too hard to type on this thing

Have a lovely day all

Mr Mad when you see your gorgeous wife can you give her a very very gentle hug from all her flysisters

wendyredredrobin Sat 28-Feb-09 10:18:48

galen finger is healing but still has the big lump of skin on it which is the overhealing thing. I have to put hydrocortisone on it every night and redress it, but it doesn't seem to be going down to me. Back on Monday to dressings clinic at the hospital. I had a lie in also grin
Wolf grin at your baking cupboard! I am currently trying to eat up everything in the fridge/store cupboard without buying much more other than essentials! MIL gets Good Food will have a look, thank you
dyls poor DD have you got some of that Eurax or whatever it's called for the itchiness?
EHM hope potty training going well

Spent ages on the phone to estate agents already today, they hadn't given us the HIP pack for the house we're buying so we had to chase it up to send to solicitor, then when we received it (70 pages via email! and we're supposed to print it out grr!) it isn't filled in by the vendor. so that has to wait until Monday now as the person in the estate agents handling our sale isn't in weekends. GRRRR The whole world is incompetent! The solicitor is waiting on us filling in forms and sending the HIP until they can proceed.

Rant over. Not sure what we're up to today. DS slept all night and woke up very hot at 6 am but is ok with calpol. Let DD sleep in til 9 am (as I was asleep blush and DH just left her) Weather very dull here too, Galen it's irritating.

I am showered but not dressed or breakfasted so better get on really!

Desperate for news of Mad hope DH comes on soon. Off to check her Facebook.

wendyredredrobin Sat 28-Feb-09 10:19:41

x post Wolf hope you have a productive day!

dylsmum1998 Sat 28-Feb-09 11:00:04

have been fairly productive this morning,
menu planned for the week
ordered asda shop online
strip dc beds
load washer
sorted dry washing

have given dd some piriton (well prescription equivalent!) and smothered her in calamne, seems to have stopped the itching for now.
wolf will keep in mind the bicarb for if this stops working
wendy what is eurax? i've not heard of that one

dc are off playing ds is trying to explain what gravity is to dd grin. glad he is understanding what he is doing at school, but not sure dd is quite ready for a physics lesson of that depth grin

grandad is coming soon to take ds off for the afternoon so he can get out for a bit

Jas Sat 28-Feb-09 11:05:32

Also checking in for new n Mad

No time for hellos, sorry, but I am FLYingsmile


RubyRioja Sat 28-Feb-09 11:25:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

wendyredredrobin Sat 28-Feb-09 11:40:07

Eurax info here

wendyredredrobin Sat 28-Feb-09 11:53:13

off for family day at local English heritage property

dylsmum1998 Sat 28-Feb-09 12:15:43

thanks will try the bicarb bath for dd.
ruby any advice welcome, my ds had chicken pox a few year ago but he only had a max of ten spots and was completely unphazed by them. so not sure what to do with poor itchy dd sad
have read through the eurax advice- thanks for link wendy it says not with chicken pox so will go with bacrab baths, calamine and anti-histamine and hopefully that will work.

hope tmh is ok, anyone had news yet??

wendy enjoy your day out

RubyRioja Sat 28-Feb-09 12:16:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

dylsmum1998 Sat 28-Feb-09 12:19:18

ruby don't feel guilty, they may have changed instructions as someone over on health has suggested eurax as well for her itchy scalp.
have just put calamine lotion in her hair as she has very long thick hair and can feel the pox in there- she looks like she has grey streaks grin

dylsmum1998 Sat 28-Feb-09 12:23:47

just had a look on the net docs site, and it is the eurax hyracortisone cream that says you can't use with chicken pox, the eurax lotion doesnt say you can't so perhaps there are different types and you used a diff. one ruby?

RubyRioja Sat 28-Feb-09 12:25:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

dylsmum1998 Sat 28-Feb-09 12:36:20

i was just wondering if that might be happening to her, have just put more calamine on her and my hands feel really dry after doind it.
angry i asked the chemist yesterday morning before she got this bad for advise and she said calamine and piriton is best. hmm will try the bicarb and go to a diff chemist of that doesn't help i think.

ruby you're fairly local to me aren't you?- dd3 may get it soon, there lots of cases in dd's day nursery at the mo and my friend's lo goes to school nusery in diff town and there lots of cases there too so you may have spotty dd v. soon!

grouchyoscar Sat 28-Feb-09 12:37:32

Hello all

Many thoughts going mad's way

Wolf bless ickle cub smile
RR Love the Bill Oddie style watch grin
Wendy Grr for you. I think it's why we never plan to move
EMH loving Ellie's new handle smile
Hello to Dyls and Scatty, Herb Saga greyskull Bianca* Jas Tort and *Galen

Welcome Castella

I am feeling very odd, wobbly and feak and weeble hmm I've had a recurring headache for a few days and I think something is comming to up and get me. So I've gone to bed. DH is going to footy, Ed to MIL's so I won't bust a gut doing housework today.


Take down damp washing
Load TD and run
Empty WM and sort for drying
Clean out the cat cellar
Reline with sawdust and litter
Soiled litter to grey bin
Off to FPC blush
Aldi snoop (DH very giddy about the bargains)
Home and back to bed blush

In the clean out of the cellar I have discovered a leak coming in from outside shock. Looks like the supply pipe from the main is leaking again. DH will contact tthe insurance company on Monday. Drip drip drip

See you later

grouchyoscar Sat 28-Feb-09 13:04:55

Awh, I'm fed up

There's tons of stuff I wasn't to do, there's tons of stuff that needs doing and I feel blee hmm

I wanted to sort out the compost bin today and plant some seeds but....


RubyRioja Sat 28-Feb-09 13:10:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

dylsmum1998 Sat 28-Feb-09 13:17:32

grouchy try and shut your eyes to the jobs- agree with Ruby its better to try and rest and head off something if poss.
have you a good book you could sit with and get so engrossed in you don't realise the time pass??

scattyspice Sat 28-Feb-09 13:50:20

Hi all!

Hope mad has been ok last night and is as comfortable as possible and not dwelling too much <hugs> (sorry, that hug just slipped out smile).

EHM Hope too many wees haven't slipped out today smile.
* dyl* Poor DD. CP sucks! We used calamine cream too (but still itchy sad. The 1st couple of days are the worst.
galen Your dh is just like mine LOL. Hope you enjoy Madagascar2.
wolf have a productive day smile.
wendy angry at estate agent/seller house buying is a frustrating business eh?
jas ruby happy flying smile.
go take it easy.

Well today is CHILDFREE! (until teatime) as dh has taken dc to mils grin.

tax car
buy bits
file p/w
put stuff in car
dust and de-cobweb bedroom
download audiobooks for dc

To do:
make routine cards for dc
hoover BR
clean br windows
cull toys - shed
Avon order


RubyRioja Sat 28-Feb-09 15:09:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

wendyredredrobin Sat 28-Feb-09 15:12:43

dyls I posted the wrong link that was a different sort of Eurax. I bought some in readiness for chicken pox last week and it says use with chicken pox on the box. Sorry for posting wrong link! this looks like what I bought

Hi all
We are home as DS suddenly came over all tired and ill again. Left DD there with Grandma and Grandad to come home later. He is asleep on the sofa again.

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