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Tuesday FLY - Come Fly with me, come fly lets fly away....

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TheMadHouse Tue 24-Feb-09 08:21:21

Morning all



TheMadHouse Tue 24-Feb-09 08:25:22

I had a broken nights sleep again - worry I guess

DH started culling his wardrobe last night, he has dropped a trouser size, so loads of stuff to go and also he is a propper horder.

I want him to do his drawers tonight. He actually has more storage space than me shock

DS1 to Preschool
DS2 to toddlers, after visit to Opticians grin He has pulled the curly leg bit off and they keep slipping off grin

Then back for lunch

Then both the boys are going to the creche together at 1pm (This is a first)

jas We will do the summer - garden - no pants methos too I think

EHM Tue 24-Feb-09 08:51:23

Morning ALL*

its only natural to worry. You are going to be fine. MY plan was to wait until summer for Toilet Training but Ellie asked a few times to go to toilet & managed a couple of wees. SInce we visited my sister at the beginning of the month nephew has been toilet trained since december. I am sure you remember TMH the incident at Softplayblush Hope boys have fun in the crechesmile
wendyFANTASTIC news when do you move?
JAS Ellie is 2.9 I've started now so I can't stop.

Must dash taking ellie to preschool, then off for another swim.back to do ironing & bits & bobs.
Morning routine done.

swanriver Tue 24-Feb-09 09:38:40

TMH, is there any who has been through the operation that you can talk to? A support network? It's dfclt sometimes talking to nearest and dearest, because one doesn't want to make them worried, put even more stress on them.
Had a bad (mental)evening yesterday, (although my life is easy really) but all well by bedtime, dh was lovely, could see my afternoon of jolly fun had not agreed with me, wrote Ds1's Haiku with him (???)cleared whole kitchen and sent me to bed with my book.
Now need to go for a walk
pot up some plants
read my book
make my bed.

Lookd round bedroom aka yest mission - "what does not belong in your bedroom" Entire set of emergency vehicles, a giant lion, xylophone, box full of gardening cuttings, a derelict recordplayer, and numerous high school musical shakeythings.

HerbWoman Tue 24-Feb-09 10:38:00

Hi all

So many welcomes yesterday - you are a lovely lot smile

TMH When is your op? Hope there aren't too many more sleepless nights before you can relax again.

Well, didn't meal-plan, but shopped anyway, and I didn't clean out the fridge first so am off to do that now. Haven't done much yet today (am shattered).

The plan is...
Clear fridge
Shopping away
Shine sink
Hang washing
Put 2nd load on
Vac bedroom
Dust bedroom
Do some reading.

swanriver it amazes me too how the things that don't belong in my bedroom weren't put there by me (or dh) either. Yesterday there was a chest full of treasure. Unfortunately only about 2inches long sadwink

Right, off to do something...

swanriver Tue 24-Feb-09 10:40:58

not the dreaded playmobil dubloons I hope...

HerbWoman Tue 24-Feb-09 10:59:30

Those are exactly the ones grin. But at least they were in the chest and not all over the floor. This time.

EHM Tue 24-Feb-09 11:03:20

Morning Swan & herb

Been for my swim, off to start ironing.

Wolfcub Tue 24-Feb-09 11:03:32

morning all

will be back to read yesterday and today's threads later.
hope all have a good morning

EHM Tue 24-Feb-09 11:51:58

Morning wolf

ironing done & lunch eaten.
just off to make a cuppa before I have to leave to pick up ellie.

TheMadHouse Tue 24-Feb-09 12:11:46

Operations on Friday, Swan I have talked to people who have had the operation and my Aunty and Cousin have also had it too - so I do know what I am getting into. I just have a fear thing going on.

We are back from Toddlers
Need to back to opticians tomorrow
Lunch has been had by all
DS2 should be napping, but is banging instead
Tumble dryer is on

I need to leave at 12.45 to get the boys to the creche, hopefully I am then going for a coffee and do the ironing before collecting them.

I also need to get eggs for pancakes tonight

ByThePowerOfGreyskull Tue 24-Feb-09 12:17:59

shock I went to our local playgroup this morning to see if DS2 could start going and they suggested we stayed, he had a really lovely time smile so it looks like in the coming weeks I may get 2 hours to myself on a Tuesday <yippeee>

DS1 has decided he doesn't want packed lunches any more so we are having another go at school dinners today

I tentatively feel like things are starting to come together a bit, and yet even typing that has made my blood start pumping too fast I can't quite imagine or cope with the idea of things being a bit easier blush

So anyway
Morning TMH EHM SWAN HERB & Wolf

with regards to potty training, DS2 was ready before Christmas and I wasn't blush so he wore his nappies backwards for a while so he couldn't take them off. I am going to try to wait until the summer holidays, he is 2 years 5 months at the moment - I am not in a rush.

Swan, I usually wake up to some trains and soft toys being shoved into the bed next to me so that DS2 can snuggle me and his favorite toys at the same time - it is quite comical to see it all piled up grin

back later ladies

sagacious Tue 24-Feb-09 12:28:42

I typed a long post and lost it !

mad I hope you are talking about potty training (mind boggled initially at thought of you running round the garden with no pants on

ds was over 3 (probably nearer 3.5) by the time he was sorted (and then it was instant .. i'd tried to sort it at 18 months and failed dismally (pfb reading too many parenting manuals)

I have until 3pm (school run) to sort out this pit of a house

Nothing can stop me (apart from sloth)

TheMadHouse Tue 24-Feb-09 12:33:51

Greysckull Dont panic, you need to learn to accept that good things are allowed to happen to you as well as bad grin I think it is fab that you can have 2 hours in total peace.

Sag Yes toilet training. I would blind people if I walked about with no pants on. I do wonder why people get so competative about it. I think DS2 feels the loo is an inconvienance. He much prefers me to do it all for him. I think he likes me telling him he has a peachy delectable bum - but then so would DH wink typical fella me thinks.

I am having a cuppa and a rest and letting DS1 have some Mario Kart on the wii

HerbWoman Tue 24-Feb-09 12:35:05

Morning Wolf and EHM

Well, bedroom looking good now (apart from the stuff I've dumped on the bed anyway, but that's not much - 3 bits I don't know what to do with). (Oh, and some mending. I hate mending.)

Might venture into DD's room later, if I'm brave.

Off for lunch now, then reading.

We'll be doing pancakes tomorrow as DD very busy after school this evening. Tuesdays the worst day - everything comes at once.

HerbWoman Tue 24-Feb-09 12:41:53

Took too long writing that post (keep popping off to do something else) so

Morning Sag and Greyskull

swanriver Tue 24-Feb-09 13:01:18

Greyskull - school dinners have changed my life. But they do very good ones, and ds eats things he would never eat at home like leek pie and cooked carrots. Rathre too much custard tho' for his physique.

Feeling better after a walk as usual.
Have s &s bathrooms, hoovered upstairs, attempted 15 sort of m.bed.
Shopped for next few days, and menuplanned ditto.
Bought some more primroses grin in fancycolours and ruffles from Morrisons. A clothes substitute.

Now book
make some bread
15 mins paperwork
more laundry
in reverse order

Wolfcub Tue 24-Feb-09 13:04:21

afternoon all
welcome herbwoman I missed you all yesterday evening but I was feeling like crap and couldn't be bothered with the laptopshock

ruby I think she is pinky/white ish and I'm sure she'll love it.
ehm well done on the potty training, ds was looking interested a few weeks back but refuses to sit on the potty without his pants on so I'm backing off for now.
mad try to get some quiet time during the day (like watching ben10 with ds) when you can recharge your batteries a bit.


bed made
living room and kitchen quick tidy
ds taken to granny's (my dad is being a total arse at the moment another reason I wasn't in the mood to MN last night)

scattyspice Tue 24-Feb-09 13:04:34

Hi all.

Just a quick one as frantic at work.

DD was 3.9 when potty trained and still has accidents most evenings!

Wendy - great news about the house. Fingers crossed.

Greyskull - I bet those 2 hrs make all the difference!

To do
bedroom stuff
make pancakes (flippineck)
gym club
water plant
sort finances


wendyredredrobin Tue 24-Feb-09 14:05:41

Hello flyfriends
Just a few minutes, really must go and wash up breakfast and lunch things! Have just spent an hour shock clearing out my kitchen window ledge, full of papers, receipts, bits and bobs which have no home etc etc. All filed away or put away now or recycled.
Need to take the dc to buy birthday gifts for DH's sister and brother in law whose birthdays within 2 days of each other. Don't want to just want an afternoon in the house! DS playing really nicely on his own, DD asleep. He has asked me several times to play dino top trumps. perhaps I ought to do that instead of the washing up lol.
BBL smile
Herb nice to see you again today!

swanriver Tue 24-Feb-09 15:18:34

mopped floors
hoovered and properly tidied m. bedroom
more putting away and laundry

Now to school. Ds1 is doing gaelic football(not sure what it is really) little ones park for hour until pickup.

hope to do plants later and paperwork.
and pancakes oh dear. lol flippin Scatty only just got the joke. Feeling very slow today.

Hope present buying a success Wendy or did Dinotrumps triumph?

sagacious Tue 24-Feb-09 15:50:46

done list

Hoovered dining room
Hoovered stairs
Hoovered upstairs
Cleared away breakfast/lunch
Stripped bedding
3 loads washing
Culled books hiding in wardrobe
Moved bed/ottoman (had rearranged bedroom on a whim a few weeks ago and it just didn't look right)
Replied to ds/dd's party invites
Sorted ds's p.e kit
Rearranged sainsburys delivery

DS wants to tidy his bedroom shock so I've said I'll help him (he also wants to rearrange his furniture .. must be catching !)

RubyRioja Tue 24-Feb-09 16:32:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

wendyredredrobin Tue 24-Feb-09 17:02:03

grin dog's birthday party!
top trumps triumphed here and said SIL came over so not managed presents. DC made cards for her husband though and we have sorted out they just want cash from us so just need wrap up presents from DC. Tomorrow perhaps!
Managed to make new bun recipe (with custard powder! from Good Food this month. very odd) and tidy up a bit but house has been wrecked again.
We have too many toys.
Mad keep forgetting to ask, how long you in hosp for and will you have internet access?! We will so miss you on here.

TheMadHouse Tue 24-Feb-09 17:23:06

Just got back from the GP's with DS2. He has a nasty ulcer in his mouth as well as teething sad poor wee mite

Wendy No e-mail access unless I pay through the nose for it, but DH will do a post. I will miss you guys too. Did you get my e-mail?

Panckae batter is made, just waiting for DH to arrive

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