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Mirrored wardrobes

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Alibobster Mon 23-Feb-09 22:13:19

What's the best thing to use to clean these?

twinsetandpearls Mon 23-Feb-09 22:15:52

newspaper and vinegar?

Prosecco Mon 23-Feb-09 22:16:06

Wash them like windows. I have a squeedgee thing for them , and then I make them sparkle with Windolene.

I should add that I do it about tiwce a year when I can stand the fingerprints no longer blush

Niecie Mon 23-Feb-09 22:16:38

If I were to clean ours, which isn't often I'm afraid, I usually just wipe them over with a duster.

Occasionally I might use window cleaning fluid as well which works. Use a damp cloth and dry with paper towels.

twinsetandpearls Mon 23-Feb-09 22:18:18

Are you a saucy minx Alibobster?

Alibobster Mon 23-Feb-09 22:24:16

Yeah twinsetandpearls once I get the wardrobes sparkling I'll start on the mirrored ceiling wink

twinsetandpearls Mon 23-Feb-09 22:29:15

I did not want to say but had my suspicions.

smerchant Mon 23-Feb-09 22:31:42

I clean them with damp cloth and then dry it with microfibre cloth. Works a treat. No chemicals!

Alibobster Tue 24-Feb-09 20:21:42

smerchant, your method worked a treat, cheers!

smerchant Tue 24-Feb-09 23:45:22

glad to be of help

LuLuBai Wed 25-Feb-09 14:27:28

Vinegar & newspaper once a week. Don't have them anymore. Way too time consuming.

(although there are obvious kinky advantages wink)

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