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New towels, do I really have to wash them first?????????????

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watsthestory Thu 19-Feb-09 09:05:50

Message withdrawn

Yeni Thu 19-Feb-09 09:25:32

Yes, if you don't wash them they won't dry you and you'll just end up wet and covered in fluff.

MadameCastafiore Thu 19-Feb-09 09:26:21

Yes wash them but do not use fabric conditioner - it reduces absorbancy.

Also tumble dry them as this will make them nice and fluffy and soft.

Tommy Thu 19-Feb-09 09:28:29

I would use them straight away TBH. I do enough laundry without adding clean stuff grin

dweezle Thu 19-Feb-09 09:29:07

Yup - we run a B&B and I bought new towels late last year - washed them four times before using, they've been washed many times since, and they are still discarding fluff - and these are v expensive egyptian cotton. And the bits get all over the floor so I have to hoover properly grin

blowninonabreeze Thu 19-Feb-09 09:29:36

If you don't you'll regret it when you're covered in fluff (experience talking!) grin

purpleduck Thu 19-Feb-09 09:39:37

yes - wash them first

watsthestory Thu 19-Feb-09 11:50:53

Message withdrawn

watsthestory Thu 19-Feb-09 12:02:08

Message withdrawn

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