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Monday Fly - Half term with the chilldren

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TheMadHouse Mon 16-Feb-09 08:45:53

Morning all


Zone this week is the main Bathroom

Clear any cobwebs
Clean all tiles
Wash mat math
Polish taps
Clean blinds
Wash windows
Clean all mirrors
Clean inside and outside of bath
Clean outside of toilet
Soak inside of toilet
Tidy drawers
Hot wash all towels
Throw away empty bottles
Clean sink inc pedestal
Sort Kids Toys
Wash Floor
Wash hairbrush
Empty and wash out bin
Clear and wash any shelves
descale shower head

ByThePowerOfGreyskull Mon 16-Feb-09 09:00:00

Morning ladies,

thanks for thread TMH
thankfully the bathroom is the one area that is always good in the greyskull house <phew>

got to get ourselves dressed and out this morning as I have a friends coming over for a tea party this afternoon and I forgot to buy her gift when I was in town on Saturday.

DS1 is having a friend over from 11am till 6pm

need to do home blessing before ladies arrive at 3pm but will wait until DS1 has his friend to play with other wise it will be quite hard.

DH is in Sheffield for the day so we overslept a little as he left at 6am

back later smile

RubyRioja Mon 16-Feb-09 09:02:07

Hi all
been out of ciruculation over weekend with weddings and the like.

Planning a v quiet day as the dcs are shattered. Have banned telly too - they think it is child abuse grin

TheMadHouse Mon 16-Feb-09 09:11:31

Oh we are having a PJ day. Still all not dressed and chilling.

Fly will be taking a backseat this week.

One thing I do need to do though is clear out under my bed for the new one arriving Thursday and then plan to take it down first thing in the morning!!

sagacious Mon 16-Feb-09 09:25:24

Still ill
MIL having kids this afternoon

They have been lovely hardly ANY squabbles, the wii has been a godsend

Had loads planned for this week sad

Teaparty sounds nice power*
hope wedding was good
mad envy we've got a teeny double, were going to upgrade but have decided its too much money on a nonessential (dh's words)

Oh well have had a cup of tea and a penguin (chocolate not bird) so its not all bad.

ByThePowerOfGreyskull Mon 16-Feb-09 09:27:20

hope y'all have a lovely PJ day..

need to get a move on - have been faffing working out growth percentiles for the boys..
why do I do it to myself?

going going gone. smile

dylsmum1998 Mon 16-Feb-09 09:27:58

morning all. have got up and discovered that my boiler is not working right.
so am stuck waiting for a 24hour call out for engineer.
its only the water pressure that has dropped judging by the error code and manual so hopefully wont take long to sort.

have done a quick tidy round, cleaned behind the wash machine.
as i'm stuck home and dc are in nursery i am going to do some serious cleaning today.

i want to clean behind:
wash machine done
tidy out kitchen cupboards

also want to wash floors but will wait til after boiler man has trampled all over them hmm

clean bathroom

will see how long this takes.

ruby and mad enjoy your quiet days

ByThePowerOfGreyskull Mon 16-Feb-09 09:28:28

x posts - Hi Saggy..

dylsmum1998 Mon 16-Feb-09 09:29:21

x posts hi saga

Jas Mon 16-Feb-09 09:31:08

Bathroom is a god one for me, too.

Out fr the day visiting friends. WILL TRY AND POP IN this evening

grouchyoscar Mon 16-Feb-09 10:20:57

Hello everyone

Bathroom is fairly good for me. It's small and quiet easy to do. Plus it gets S&Sed everyday

Oh morning!

I've facebooked TMH Wendy and wolf about the meet up on Saturday

Ed is playing with his dad. So far I have

Up and showered
S&S bathroom
Dressed to lace up trainers
Down with laundry
Strip the bed
Load WM and run
Sort out ironing pile (it's huge sad)
Phone round and do household admin
Sort bottles for recycling collection


Empty DW
Put away and start the refill
The mountain of ironing hmm
Vac front room
Dust mantle
Clean a display cabinet (did the other one yesterday)
Remake the bed
General potterring
Ed annoying (or get him to do some school work)

The cabinet yesterday ended up just daft really. One shelf has

A cookie monster cookie jar
An original Buzz Lightyear
Bert and Ernie bookends
The pixar cars of Toy Story, Monsters inc and Bugs Life

and that's forgetting the Peanuts charaters on another

Maybe we should grow up you know

Better get on TTFN

RubyRioja Mon 16-Feb-09 10:22:10

Have just acquired two more children - goodbye quiet day!

Wolfcub Mon 16-Feb-09 10:29:22

grouchy am off to London this aft probably no FB access until Tues night/Wednesday.

Am still content to pick you and Ed up. Will catch up with the FB message when I get back.

Hello all keep your fingers crossed for me tomorrow please - work promotion exam eek. Hopefully I'll be back on later but that depends on whether there is WiFi access on the train (if there is I'll try and get on FB too to check *grouchy's message)

EustaciaVye Mon 16-Feb-09 10:33:30

Morning all. Been to Drs this morning. Back now and have playdate lunch lined up.

Ruby - dont forget to let me know how much £ you want for cheque so I can post it.

Have a nice day all.

RubyRioja Mon 16-Feb-09 10:43:23

sorry EV - all packaged up, just have not yet managed to get to post office!

TheMadHouse Mon 16-Feb-09 11:04:36

We have all got dressed grin

Made star charts with the boys
Made new train track
washer on

NEED to visit the opticians again - DS2 has bitten off the nose pads grin

dylsmum1998 Mon 16-Feb-09 11:22:00

quick pop in.

wolf good luck for tomorrow
grin @ TMH ds's unusual appetite for breakfast

have done:
clean behind all kitchen appliances
cleaned all windows
nets in wash machine

still left
kitchen cupboards

ByThePowerOfGreyskull Mon 16-Feb-09 12:56:29

afternoon ladies,

been to town,
bought birthday gifts,
bought stuff for birthday tea,
picked up DS1's friend,
fed them lunch.

Am going to put DS2 to bed in a minute then blitz the downstairs.

may not be back until boys are in bed.
Hope you all have a good afternoon. smile

EustaciaVye Mon 16-Feb-09 14:44:19

Ruby - No problem. Just dont want you to think I've forgotten

Successful playdate. House now mess so plan to tidy and try and talk DD2 into having a nap hmm

grouchyoscar Mon 16-Feb-09 15:05:39

Ruby I have inerited someone else's DC too [shock

I have
Emptied DW
Put away
Made 70 spicy meatballs
Made lunch
Tidied away
Cleaned hob
Loaded DW and run
Emptied WM and sorted for drying
Load WM and run

I will crack on with the ironing now hmm

wendyredredrobin Mon 16-Feb-09 16:04:33

grin 70 spicy meatballs grouchy
Hello all

Got three hours sleep last night. Was just on the way to bed at 10 when DH turned the laptop on ... and discovered a new house for sale on Rightmove. i know that sounds silly but I am SO desperate to move I know all the houses in our little town which are for sale off by heart, so a new one is very exciting.
It is just over the road from here and my mind got in a whirl about it, I couldn't stop thinking about it. I get like that sometimes - I obsess about something for about 24 hours and it all gets out of proportion.
Had 3 hours sleep this afternoon - DH on hols this week. Not a good start to a few days off for DH. DC are very very irritable and irritating atm - squabbling, shouting etc. Think they're prob bored. Since DD had her finger accident and we can't get the finger wet etc we haven't done anything much really. No painting, play dough, swimming etc and not really any visits out either. Managed library this morning and tried to arranged a viewing to see house but vendors were out.

Ho hum life's never simple.

TheMadHouse Mon 16-Feb-09 16:18:32

Hello all

Been back to the opticians again shock - new legs and nose bridge things.

Been for coffee at friends

Have made a chilli-con-=carni for dinner (boys first time, so made it mild)

I currently have DS2 asking for sweets and telling me "I said the magic word mummy" and then when I said no "I also said may I".

Wendy I obsess too, although having rented I do truly understand where you are coming from. Once we had offered on this house, I used to drive past every day to look at it and watch it progressing (new build).

wendyredredrobin Mon 16-Feb-09 16:33:40

Good to know it's not just me Mad. have just facebooked northern belles.

wendyredredrobin Mon 16-Feb-09 16:35:29

Mad what do you think?
house for sale

TheMadHouse Mon 16-Feb-09 16:58:25

hmm Kitchen would drive me insane, but easy enough to pain it change the doors. I would say it had potential.

Need the bedroom sizes really to compair. Conservatory thing is a waste of time at tha
t size, however, ours is 3.5 meters by 4meters and cost £8k ish and we live in it during the day. Al the boys toys are in it.

Dinning room looks a good size. Kitchen looks as though you could get a small table in it.

Bathroom - nice to have a seperate shower unit, I found tiles a slippy nightmare with children and we now have bumpy laminate grin

Lounge is nice nad plain, therefore easy to change with cushions etc.

I would also say there would be room for negotiation in this marketplace too, espeically as you are in a great position.

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