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Microwave went mad and incinerated fish fingers

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tribpot Mon 16-Feb-09 07:24:14

Pretty much as it says in the title. The microwave is officially kaput, having decided that (in oven mode) '30 mins at 220' translated as 'do that, and then nuke them on full power even though they're on a metal grill'.

Kitchen full of smoke, horrid smell still lingering.

I've searched the archives and microwaving water and bicarb (or a lemon) looks good but the microwave is off permanently now. Any other thoughts?

nannynick Mon 16-Feb-09 08:05:22

If it were me, I'd be inclined to get a new microwave. You've lost your trust in the device, hard for the device to gain that trust back. I know a new one will cost quite a bit... perhaps consider if you need one with Oven mode. May be lower cost to have separate mini oven (around £50) and microwave (about £40).

To try getting rid of smell in the room, try boiling some water - putting it in a bowl and adding lavender oil, or whatever smelly oil you have around - or 1/2 a lemon.

nannyL Mon 16-Feb-09 09:12:03

did u know you can just microwave fishfingers from frzoen

they are perfectky edible and great in a fish finger sandwich

about 2mins on high i think!

guess thats not much help to you now though is it!

poopscoop Mon 16-Feb-09 09:32:32

i would throw it and get a new one if it has a burning smell. It is a warning that all is not well.

I bought a new one in jan for around 40 quid, there are loads on offer at the moment, mine was 50% off. You can get them for even less than that though.

tribpot Mon 16-Feb-09 13:38:26

Thanks all - yes, a new microwave is definitely on the cards, would not turn it on again for love nor money.

Re: fishfingers, these are gluten-free fishies. I would not mess with the recipe as anything could happen!

Will try boiling some water to see if I can get rid of the horrible smell.

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