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Landlady's inspection tomorrow - lots of motivation and tips needed!

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totalmisfit Sat 14-Feb-09 08:58:21

So i'm sitting here in my dressing gown at 8.53. DH has taken dd off to do some shopping so that i can make a start on the huge clear up/ clean up operation that needs to take place before 9.30 tomorrow when She Who Must Be Obeyed turns up.

And i know i need to make a's mainly mess/ clutter with a good helping of dirt and chaos thrown in. House is fairly big with two big-ish bathrooms and an outbuilding along with alll the usual stuff. It's just so daunting, i'm almost afraid to get started. Not that i don't spend most of my life cleaning, but i know it's such a big/thorough job that's needed it's gonna take up most of the day and put me in an awful mood...

any hints or tips greatly appreciated.

MrsSeanBean Sat 14-Feb-09 09:11:27

Bundle up as much as you can and put in a cupboard. Do you have any boxes, or carrier bags (the large 'bag for life' kind)? They are good for temporary storage of various items.

Then I would say clean bathroom, kitchen surfaces. Then dust any obviously dusty areas. Then vacuuum last of all. I wouldnb;t worry too much about the outbuilding, they are meant for clutter, no? The most important thing is just to dibe in and get started, I sympathise as I hate doing it, but once you get started it won't feel so mammoth a task. Probably a couple of hours max, honestly.

Don't get too stressed, I imagine landlady will expect property to be lived in. She will be relieved it's not totally trashed and you haven't painted half a wall bright mauve and then just stopped (my parents' experience six months ago!)

Don't forget to put your feet up with a cuppa and admire all your hard work while DD still out. Good luck ;)

MrsSeanBean Sat 14-Feb-09 09:12:25

sorry, awful spelling, vacuum, dive...

lucysmam Sat 14-Feb-09 09:48:29

I start in the bathroom & work my way through each room individually when a huge clean is needed, putting clutter in bags as I go to sort later. Have a break every half hour as well, that way you can admire your handiwork in peace

Geepers Sat 14-Feb-09 09:55:01

how bad can it be? hmm

clean kitchen and bathroom, throw out rubbish, hoover floors.

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