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Defrosting the freezer...

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ilovespinach Sat 31-Jan-09 11:20:49

I need to defrost my freezer....

Ok so I turn it off and tale everything out...guess I need to take out of the fridge as well as it's all in one....

Can you tell me what I do next. I guess the ice will melt and then I have to take it out???? Do you know how long it will take???


LIZS Sat 31-Jan-09 11:24:05

several hours - to speed it up place a bowl of hot water in the bottom and renew often. Newspaper on floor and there may be a drain to open and place a bowl or tray beneath. I wouldn't empty the fridge

geordieminx Sat 31-Jan-09 11:24:14

If you leave it to defrost by itself it will take hours - so best do it overnight, and leave down plenty of bowls/towels.

I (rightly or wrongly) use a hairdryer to speed mine up a bit, and also a plastic (not metal) spatula to chisel the melted ice off.

Good luck - its a ball ache, a messy, cold ball ache at that!

kiltycoldbum Sat 31-Jan-09 11:42:03

ive got all in one fridge freezer, my freezer takes about an hour if that. now i know youll all tell me off wink but i cant be arsed and dont have the strength to pull mine away from the wall, so i empty it, not the fridge, dont switch it off, put a bowl of boiling water in it leave it 10 mins come back with a spatuala and occassionally my rolling pin to whack the hard stuff and i go for it scraping and smashing the ice. Loads of towels down and a bowl to put my "snow" in.

Quick and easy, especially with 2 kids harrassing me.

yes i know, how far wrong can one person go, but it saves a lot of earache smile

bloss Sat 31-Jan-09 12:02:56

Message withdrawn

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