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Weekend Fly - Family Fun Time

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Wolfcub Sat 31-Jan-09 07:49:22

baby step of your choice

Wolfcub Sat 31-Jan-09 07:54:09

morning all

never managed to get back to sleep and despite being awake for 2 and a half hours last night ds was still up at 6.30 so I've given up and brought him downstairs. Have done a quick bit of tidying and am having a coffee before I give ds breakfast

Wolfcub Sat 31-Jan-09 08:10:46

grouch you might be able to help over here

swanriver Sat 31-Jan-09 08:56:04

Getting children dressed to go out to activities. Dd is so happy to go to ballet again!
Ds2 is still asleep. He woke in night.

Defrosted lasagne sauce overnight, and will make one on my return from music.

Off to find my glasses.

Wolfcub Sat 31-Jan-09 09:14:34

just doing internet banking, re-arranging loan to try and reduce monthly payments. given ds his breakfast and sent him to wake up dp

ShannaraTiger Sat 31-Jan-09 09:18:36

Morning all

Wolfcub thanks for the thread, hope you and ds manage to have a sleep later.
swanriver glad dd is happy to go back to ballett again.
I've woken up with virtualy no voice. Ds does not like it and keeps asking me what's wrong, shouting in a whisper doesn't have the same effect either. We were all up at 5:30 as well so not a good start to the weekend. Unfortunately Dp agreed on Monday to work today before the start of a very bad week at wor, 11 hour days. Tomorrow is my niece's 2nd birthday party at a soft play area in London which is a 2 hour drive from here, don't want to let them and the kids down by saying we can't make it so hopefully I will feel better by tomorrow.
W/m just finished
Washing up, will dry and shine sink when get off here grin
To do:
Dry up and shine sink
Washing into t/d
Have a nap
Town to buy birthday presents and various cards.
Boots to stock up on cold medicines - never run out of the kids only ours hmm

Hope everyone has a good morning
DS has just gone down for a nap grin

RubyRioja Sat 31-Jan-09 09:22:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

scattyspice Sat 31-Jan-09 09:54:21


Wendy - Poor dd (and you). I hope it goes smoothly today. What a shame about missing Strickly sad. Take it easy on yourself.

Wolf - That sounds like a very early start. DD has been coming into our bed at a similar time several times this week (poor dh has been sleeping in his sleeping bag on the sofa to make room for her). Its totally draining though.

Shanna - You don't sound well. The party topmorrow sounds exhausting! I wouldn't expect anyone to make a 4hr round trip to a soft play party even if you were in tip top health! Cancel if you don't feel well.

Ruby - good luck!

Swan - have a nice day, Dh home tonight?

Dh is working today and tomorrow sad. We are off to soft play soon (will try and book dds party). Then ds needs to do some reading and I need to do some ironing.


scattyspice Sat 31-Jan-09 09:57:07

DD is playing with some of my cast off make up. She is in Heaven! She has several layers of lipstick topped off with silver eyeshaddow all round her mouth grin!

galen Sat 31-Jan-09 10:37:30

Morning all!
wolf thanks for thread, sorry bout lack of sleep
Wendy just read about your DD - how awful , bless her. Hope she got some sleep last night,and hope all goes smoothly today. Oh and bummer about strictly.

Bit of a lack of Mn time yesterday! DD needed a lot of attention - making up for her day on the sofa the day before I think! We did go swimming in the end which was great.
Also had some problems with DS1 at school. He is a very untypical 10 yr old boy (loves singing and drama, scouts and fencing , not so into footbal, very intelligent, sensible and hard working etc..) and was getting bullied by another boy and called very unpleasent names so have been trying to sort that out too... bit draining...Want him not to feel he has to "conform" need him to feel good about who HE is and the things he loves, but it can be hard etc...
So a Bit behind on the flying though but never mind!
Did manage to fix DD 3and4's curtain though (needed to sew header tape back on where DD had pulled it off tugging on curtain!)
And have washed lounge curtains today shock was a bit risky but didn't want to pay for dry cleaning and they seem Ok and not to have shrunk!
Have also mopped kitchen and hall floors - hall was pointless though cause DH now out loading car with stuff for tip/recycling and various DC are running in and out all over not yet dried floor in muddy shoes...grrr...
So have one more curtain to wash, regular washing to do, tea to sort, clean washing away....
Right must go sort dinner
may BBL!

ByThePowerOfGreyskull Sat 31-Jan-09 11:05:08

morning ladies,

haven't been a very good flyer this week.
going to make up for it next week, chin up - get on with it.. smile

Wendy - hope all goes well today and that you all got some sleep.

Wolf -thanks for thread - hope you manage to get some rest today to make up for your bad nihgt.

Galen - I haven't washed our curtains yet but do put the sofa covers through the machine I hold m,y breath each time and they are always ok.

Shannara - are you well enough to go? - I can understand you not wanting to disappoint the children but you have to look after yourself as well.

RUBY & Scatty - Hope you both have a good day

My sis has just left, we are going into town for Dim Sum with friends and then to the local council scrapstore.

When i get back i HAVE TO DO MY TAX RETURN!!!
if you see me around later please nag me to do it.

See you later ladies. smile

swanriver Sat 31-Jan-09 12:31:52

Back from activities in one piece although feel slightly mangled.
GALEN what is your secret for getting kids to work as team when going out, picking up etc (and not all running in different directions?)Is it girls or just input?
Shannara you are kind aunt - and it will a special day with all the bouncing 2 year olds grin
Wolf you sound super-directed.
Galen (again)my lovely eldest son sounds a bit like yours (except not that hardworking)..he gets picked on sometimes and is not quite streetwise enough to talk his way out situations, or perhaps says silly things to compensate for feeling left out.

Now they are having a treasure hunt and scattering little pieces of cheese and twiglets round the house. Definitely don't want dh tocome home until I've tidied up..

Lasagne now.

Wolfcub Sat 31-Jan-09 17:39:57

evening All

weekly home blessing horror
cleaned bathroom
ovenmated oven but ran out so its only half clean
cleaned outside of oven, adjoining cupboards and baseboards
cleaned kettle, breadmaker, toaster and slow cooker
cleaned fronts of wm and dw
cleaned kitchen surfaces and hob
stripped sheets off beds nd washed
ran dw
breadmaker on
emptied wm, refilled and run
dry washing folded and put away
chicken casserole made for lunch with friend
took ds to park with friend

grouchyoscar Sat 31-Jan-09 17:40:49

Evening ALL

Just got back from a family day out in the big city. 1st time we've been in as a family for years. I thought there was a credit crunch/resession on but, not on show here. Copious consumerism at every turn TBH. Got a bit down as I'm still a window shopper and not a shopper but... There was nothing worth getting really. Anyway, we went to a museum and had an evening meal in the end.

Bit shattered now but very grin as I suggested we go out and despite a slow creaping Boris. I made it. At 8 am it had been put off till another day so, well done me <<preen>>

Oh, FLY wise I have


Made bed


Laters ladies

Wolfcub Sat 31-Jan-09 17:46:18

waves to grouchy bloody freezing here innit?

TheMadHouse Sat 31-Jan-09 17:52:32

Evening all

We have had a lovley fanily day. The boys were given £10 each from FIL last night and DS1 wanted to buy Backyardigans books, so we took a trip out, had lunch and DS2 fell asleep - well it was 9.30pm last night before we got him to stay in bed angry

We had a fantastic time in the book shop and he spent DS2's money aswell, but all the books live in the same place and they will share anyway. I was so happy over his love of books - it was one of the things I really wanted the boys to love.

We then went to a local museum and park and let them have a good run round until fingers were blue!!!

Home for a shared dinner and now they are watching wipeout with DH.

I hope wendys DD is OK I have been thinking about her.

grouchyoscar Sat 31-Jan-09 17:53:14

Yep, don't think it's helping with Boris sadly. I've scuffed my fave pair of DM shoes on the steps of the art gallery this aft sad

Hiding under the duvet in flannel jimjams watching 'what Darwin didn't know] on the Iplayer. Getting warmer smile

ByThePowerOfGreyskull Sat 31-Jan-09 18:38:14

GO - Good for you for kicking boris' bum and having a good day out. Sounds like you and TMH have both had lovely time this weekend.

Wolf wow a very productive day - can you pass some of your energy this way

Swan a cheese and twiglet treasure hunt sounds like my kind of fun.. both my favorite foods grin where do you live? - Can I come?!?!?!

Have been out for noodles with another family to celebrate chinese new year. and came back via the scrapstore spent £3 and got LOADS of stuff.

still haven't done tax return going to do it once the kids are in bed.

so now

I would like to write an open letter to Boris.

Dear Boris

Please will you bugger off and leave our friend alone. Your presence was not requested not is it enjoyed, please keep your dignity and walk away quietly before we have to duff you up.

Your understanding in this matter is appreciated.

Flylady Greyskull.

wendythepositivethinker Sat 31-Jan-09 19:18:26

Hello all!
Just whizzing in, just back from hospital. DD is fine, she slept all night til 6 am when she had to be woken to eat (fast from 6.30). she got a bed ok and had the op at 2.15, general anaesthetic, they glued her finger back on including the nail, and put stitches in. She was back eating and drinking within two hours, and is now eating pasta and cheese (the one thing she kept asking for, bless her!)
DS is at Grandad's whilst MIL, mum, SIL, CousinIL, AuntIL and now random friend of MIL are at Strictly. Things we sacrifice for our children hey (I'm only moaning, I couldn't care as long as she's fine grin)
THANK YOU everyone for all your thoughts today. I second the letter to Boris btw and well done Grouchy on having a fab day out despite Boris!!
Oh and I would also like Grouchy's recipe for white vinegar spray again please
See you later smile

RubyRioja Sat 31-Jan-09 19:19:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Wolfcub Sat 31-Jan-09 19:23:32

wendy glad dd is doing ok
grouchy I am coveting the flannel jammies - where did you get them?
mad I will try and post the rest of those recipes you wanted tomorrow
greyskull I'm not sure it's energy, more running on empty, for some reason the more sleep deprived I am the more productive I seem to be, at least for a couple of days until I crash and burn
waves to ruby swan and scatty and anyone I missed

grouchyoscar Sat 31-Jan-09 19:33:06

Thanks for the letter Greyskull it has made me smile a lot

OK, The Grouchy clean all spray is

I part distilled vinegar
4 parts water
Juice of 2 lemons

and that's it. I'm going to try adding a few drops of eucalyptus oil this time so I will report back

Grouchy scouring paste

4 parts Bicarb of soda
1 part washing soda crystals

Apply with a damp cloth and elbow grease (It's good for shining non stainless steel sinks and cast iron baths)

Grouchy's plughole and drain cleaner

1/2 cup bicarb
2 cups vinegar (doesn't have to be distilled, I use the 13p a bottle stuff)

Put bicarb in plughole. Pour over vinegar. Have fun watching the reaction

Who needs Lever Brothers?

grouchyoscar Sat 31-Jan-09 19:36:59

Wolf My Jammies...I got these from Lidl for £7 blush. I have a weakness for mens' PJs and my faves are big old style ones I got from the local Scope shop

Wolfcub Sat 31-Jan-09 19:46:46

Must look harder at the clothes next time I got to Lidl, I like grandad jammies and sometimes steal dp's - I got him a really grandaddy pair from H&M and he got a great pair of flannel check ones from M&S, very snuggly.

DS appears to have developed an interest in his potty, totally out of the blue. I don't know whether to push this new found interest or just leave him to it. I asked him whether he wanted some big boy knickers (he thinks of nappies as pants) and he was quite enthusiastic.

I am going to try your scouring paste grouchy as I have run out of barkeepers friend.

TheMadHouse Sat 31-Jan-09 19:50:56

I have had to come downstairs as DS2 is acting up again.

He just wont stay in bed. He has already woke DS1 twice - I have resorted to tying his door shut and am letting him cry. Why is this happening all of a sudden sad

Wendy Gad DD is OK

Sorry must go check on him back later

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