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The new clothes from M&S STINK absolutely vile!

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QS Sat 31-Jan-09 00:10:33

Dhs aunt very kindly raided M&S in the sales, and sent us a large box of clothes for our sons.

The problem is that the clothes STINK! I dont know, but it is a piercing vile chemical stench.

It is reminiscent of some white pellets we used to keep over the drains in India to prevent insects to crawl in.

I have washed the clothes twice now (in normal detergent) and they are still stinking the house out. DH and I have been having coughing fits.

What could it be, and what can I do about it???

Pinkfluffyslippers Sat 31-Jan-09 08:27:30

I had this once with a silk type jumper from M and S - in the end I donated it to Oxfam.
I'd take the clothes back to M and S and get them to sort it out. THey're always v helpful I find. I mean the clothes are unfit for purpose aren't they so they have a responsiblity to sort this out.

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