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Tuesday Fly - Fly me to the moon

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TheMadHouse Tue 27-Jan-09 07:53:51

Morning all



Forgot to run DW or WM last night before bed, well I actually fell asleep on the sofa, so DH sent me up and then the phone went as he was doing it, SO that is my first job this morning.

TheMadHouse Tue 27-Jan-09 09:10:30

OK I am back

Washer is on
DW is on
Breakfast Potes washed and away
Beds all made
S&S bathrooms and loos

To Do

DS1 from preschool
DS2 to nap - please
Empty DW
TD on
Whats for dinner

Chicken Curry Rec

3 cm Chopped Ginger
2 chillis (deseeded and chopped)
2 cloves of garlich - chopped
half teaspoon ground tumeric
half teaspoon chilli powder
2 red onions (finley chopped)
5 toms chopped (or tinned, which I use for ease)
chicken (whatever cut)
1 tea spoon Garam masala

Heat some oil, add onions and cook till golden, then add, chilli, garlic, ginger, tumeric and chilli powder and stir well.

Add chicken and cook gently for 5 mins, then add tomoato, season. Make sure chicken is covered with liquid (if not add some water or stock),cover then bring to boil then turn down to a simmer. Cooking time depends on chicken cut.

Before serving sprinkle with Garam Masala.

You can also do this in a slow cooker. Bung all in and leave grin

bella29 Tue 27-Jan-09 09:23:42

Morning all! Thanks for the thread, TMH and the recipe, which is making me hungry even at this hour!

Got to catch up with a bit of housework today, as well as other work.
Coffee first, though smile

Have a good day, everyone wink

Wolfcub Tue 27-Jan-09 09:55:10

morning all*

thanks for the thread and recipe, I shall give that a go.

bed made
dw unloaded reloaded and on
washing folded
living room tidied
toys picked up in bedroom
bathroom s&s
ds taken to granny's

Jas Tue 27-Jan-09 10:22:19

Thanks for the thread and the welcome back TMH.

So far today I have locked myself out when leaving the house for the school run, and dp has just rung to tell me the gear box in his van is dead....

things can only get better from here really.

I need to work upstairs today as the mess causes huge rows between dp and me, and I think the best solution is to try and keep tidier (He seems to prefer tidy over clean) to bring a better atmosphere to the house.

galen Tue 27-Jan-09 10:29:23

Morning all
mad thanks for thread , glad you've caught up with yourself!
jas what a start to the day - but youre right it can only get better!

So Dh is at home ill today so not sure how much I'll get done.
Mind you he is playing fuzzy felts with DD4 now so not too bad!

Have done:
morning routine
Dinner in slow cooker
Kids to school
quick shop
finished 3 week menu plan and placed tesco order

To Do:
Mop floors
Clean washing away
Change DD's beds

not sure what else.....
Right must dash - DH resigened to sofa and I'm needed on fuzzy felt duty!

Jas Tue 27-Jan-09 11:00:15

It isn't getting better.

\Dp has managed to take us £2.90 over our overdraft limit today without telling me. The only way I can avoid £25 is charges is to go to the post office and pay in the £3, so we are going back out. I may get started on the housework later....

TheMadHouse Tue 27-Jan-09 11:30:39

Jas Sympathies. I had one of those days last week, everything that could go wrong did - DH siad I should have locked myself up all day sad

Back from paygroup/preschool
Dinner is warming

DS1 wants to make buscuits, so hopefully DS2 will oblige and sleep a little bit.

BiancaCastafiore Tue 27-Jan-09 11:41:01

Hello Just dropping by in an attempt to keep in touch. No FLYing really here today as I have dd at home and am not feeling v bright myself either.

Thanks for the thread TMH The recipe looks good.

Jas poor you! Surely that'll be your lot for the day (week?!) and you'll have good fortune on your side from now on

Enjoy the fuzzzy felt Gallen (how many dcs do you have? I think I missed that info anyone keeps up with more than 2 leaves me in awe - I'm really struggling with homework etc with my 2 atm)

Things are tricky here atm but the house is keeping tidy and I've been really good at some proper sorting out lately <proud>

I was reassured to read Greyskull say she had a nice weekend away with her dh and remembered why they're together...maybe that's what dh and I need...we def need a reminder as to why to bother

Supermarket delievery due any minute so I need to go and clean out the fridge. Back later x

Jas Tue 27-Jan-09 12:03:43

I'm back. It wasn't dp. It seems that my bank take 4 days to process things and it was an old credit I didn't know about.

It is all sorted and there is no one I can reasonably get cross with.

I'm going to take ds upstairs and see if I can put things away quicker than ds can get them outgrin

ByThePowerOfGreyskull Tue 27-Jan-09 12:04:12

Morning all

Thanks for thread TMH sounds like you needed the rest smile Chicken curry recipe looks fab - can I pinch it?? Enjoy making the biscuits

Hi wolf & Bella*

ooh day doesn't sound good so far.. hope it gets better for you smile

Galen here's hoping DH sounds well enough to keep the kids entertained so you can get things done smile

Bianca hope you are feeling better soon, having the night away really did DH and I the world of good. Hope Supermarket delivery is on time smile

Have been out this morning having coffee at a friends house - my house looks like a bomb site so going to try to get a wriggle on.
DH is away and wont be home till we are all in bed so I have the evening to get things done as well.

Back later ladies. smile

TheMadHouse Tue 27-Jan-09 12:34:47

Afternoon all

Bainca Sorry you are not feeling tip tip.

I still have snotty boys and DS1 is quite iritable.

I got all the stuff out to bake and he went off on one, so I am letting him have 5 mins and will try again.

Perhaps I will will iron, then try again

scattyspice Tue 27-Jan-09 12:35:20

Hi all.

PC trouble at home, so just posting from work.

Thanks for the advice re DD. I'm going for buggy then wheelbarrow LOL.
Mad - I'm not on facebook (not enough comp time sad). Thanks for inviting me on the northern meet up, sadly I don't think I can make it this time sad. Would love to meet you all though.

DS starting gym club (if he'll let me leave him hmm)
Buy bread and milk.

Tortoise Tue 27-Jan-09 12:53:15

Afternoon all.
Bianca Hope you and DD feel better soon.
TMH Recipe looks good.
jas Oh that doesn't sound like a good start to the day. Glad you sorted the bank out though.
Galen Hope DH is better soon. Glad he was up to playing with DD4 for a

Well, tommorow i am meant to be having my gall bladder out. Please all keep fingers crossed that they don't cancel again. It has been a nightmare having to arrange everything again!

Trying not to think about it too much at the moment, but am feeling quite nervous.

House is tidyish. Sure i could do more but lacking the energy right now!

TD is on though. Need to dry any wet washing today.

Jas Tue 27-Jan-09 13:03:23

Good luck for tomorrow tortoisesmile

I've made tonights I really do need to get something done upstairs.

ByThePowerOfGreyskull Tue 27-Jan-09 13:09:05

tort Hope all goes well tomorrow. smile

Wolfcub Tue 27-Jan-09 13:35:42

jas hope your day gets better soon
bianca hope you and mini feel better soon
galen i hope dp feels better soon and doesn't get under the feet too much
tort fingers crossed for you

swanriver Tue 27-Jan-09 14:56:33

Computer signal out of order. But now it's back, unfortunately or I might just have squeezed in ironing grin.

All best wishes, Tortoise for operation.

This morning I hve achved a lot hurrah and luckily did not lock myself out (which I have done several times over last few years due to not putting keys back on HOOK) and had to climb over neighbours' fence etc etc so sympathise Jas.

Casserole in oven and treacle scones nearly finished.

Now realise living room is a BIG problem, books dust etc tho' superficially clean and tidy and I need
to start with a ladder. and then move furniture. Will wait till have five hours clear.
I have sorted my binliner of cassettes tho. Records next

Bianca, wish I could get away too, feel like the children are a golden net confusing us, but binding us together too. Diff to remember what it is like just us.

Off to school now.

TheMadHouse Tue 27-Jan-09 15:04:05

Afternonn all

I have to agree about alone time - it just never happens, infact it is over 3 years since we had any us time (DS1 was born 3.10 years ago). I am going to ask my mother to have the boys before I go into hospital so we can have a meal out and one last night together.

I have a bit of a headache - well a lot of one (have resorted to tablets), so will be taking it easy this PM, infact DS1 is plonked in front of PC - I did the ironing and tidied around him.

Still to do

Put ironing away
Dinner - Ham, chips and egg (ham in slow cooker)
Evening routine

Tort I am sure everything will be fine - take care and try to get a little rest

TheMadHouse Tue 27-Jan-09 15:39:46

Girls can you help me with this

swanriver Tue 27-Jan-09 17:04:01

Will your husband be able to visit you without them sometimes? Or will it be difficult to find cover?
I remember ds1 in hospital playing with the large Thomas trains (plastic and very chunky not brio size) when he visited at 2 years.
I suppose anything that was a special treat to play with like a dinosaur mountain or a garage. chunky but not too many little bits.
Lovely story books with flaps? 2 hospital bears to look after?

TheMadHouse Tue 27-Jan-09 17:19:27

Swan He will occasionally come and see me without them, but they can be a handfull to look after together. My Mum has arthristis and MIL has Lupus and has already siad they can not manage the two of them together. I guess the fact that they are so close in age (15 months) can make it harder.

Plus I guess that I will miss them both terribly. DS2 is a cuddler and will be fine I hope.

They are bathed
Dinner is on
Clothes are out for tomorrow
Ironing is away

So we are on track

swanriver Tue 27-Jan-09 17:39:22

My mother has a bad leg and a bit of arthritis and definitely could not manage even one two year old when I was in hospital so I do understand.

Tortoise Tue 27-Jan-09 17:49:44

Thanks for good wishes. smile DS's have gone to their Dads now. Just DD's here. Taking them to a friends at 7.30am tomorrow. Then she is giving me a lift in to hospital.
Will try and text Bianca when i am home. smile

EustaciaVye Tue 27-Jan-09 17:53:20

Tort - I'm sure all will go well. Think of it as an opportunity to get some peace. Do you have a book?

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