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Thursday Fly - Errand day - maybe not in this weather

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TheMadHouse Thu 22-Jan-09 08:01:36

Morning all

It is raining cats and dogs in North Yorkshire


pick your babystep

TheMadHouse Thu 22-Jan-09 08:08:46


The big mini decided to wake the house at 5.30am this morning, by shooting is all with his Buzz Lightyear gun hmm, I warmed hom not to wake his brother up - did he listen angry

Thursday is Aldi shopping day for me with mum
Shopping away
Finnish cleaning oven and trays (I out oven pride on last night)
Then back to collect DS1 from preschool
Swimming with DS1
Collect DS2
Whats for dinner
Put ironing away
Washer on
TD on

intravenouscoffee Thu 22-Jan-09 09:05:45

Morning Mad, thanks for the thread. Sorry to hear you've been up for hours. Hope your oven comes up nicely - I first realised I was no longer young when I discovered Oven Pride and excitedly recommended it to all of my friends. Young, cool people do not get excited by oven cleaner I believe. But it's great stuff although clearly contains some form of battery acid to work so well grin

Wolf Sorry to hear your meeting was so stressful. Would it help to tell us about it or are you just trying to forget it ever happened? Hope you're feeling more positive this morning. Doesn't help when the family all moan about dinner either - that always makes me want to scream. Take it easy today.

Right, DD has just gone down for a morning nap shock We had a busy day yesterday including a half hour walk roud the park so think she may have overdone it a touch. Although there's chicken pox doing the rounds here at the moment so I'm not sure if she's coming down with something.

Anyway, morning routine is done. Need to:

Ironing!!! (It is beginning to take over the house)
Post cards
Make shopping list
Start doing some preparation for dinner

BBL once I've made some inroads with the ironing!

galen Thu 22-Jan-09 09:50:19

Mroning all!
mad thanks for thread - sorry bout your early start.
wolf well done on getting through your meeting - you did really well
IV hope your DD is just tired!

A better start to the day here than yesterday
Ds slept till 6.30 - the longest he has EVER slept since he was born LOL shock
I went to bed super early too so feeling more rested today. Mind you Ds does seem to have a cold and is a bit sad...

Morning routine
kids to school
WM run finished, unloaded, clothes drying
our bed stripped, bedding in WM
DW loaded and run

To Do
Make dinner ready for tonight (tuna pasta bake)
unload/reload DW
Bedding out of WM to dry (when finished LOL)
Clean washing away
Come up with idea to entertain DD4 as swim postponed ( due to awful AF!) and raining so walk idea scrapped....hmm baking maybe
Re - make bed
Check through DS1's rucksack and kit list for Scout camp tomorrow - check what last minute items I need to get him at shops tomorrow!

Spose I ought to crack on then!
Have a good morning all grin

swanriver Thu 22-Jan-09 09:58:42

Good morning IVC, and TMH. Your threadtitle made me laugh.

Good morning here so far.
Dcs to school with all attachments
Nice chat with neighbour
Beds with ds2
Dishes in dw
Rugs and doormats shaken
floor swept
Bathrooms cursorily glanced at
Laundry on and sorted into heaps
Catfood zone cleaned
What's for dinner? Pasta Bake of some kind.
Wrote 2 more cards to friends and sent yesterday.

can't face mental turmoil of wardrobe yet again. anyway dp's clothes are prob not mine. He has 59,000 shirts. He is 46 so I suppose that what happens in old age.

Go to work for 3 hours

RubyRioja Thu 22-Jan-09 10:13:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

swanriver Thu 22-Jan-09 10:22:58

That is very helpful that you agree on fundamental finance. Good luck with any leaps.

Ironing system has been found wanting. Trying to iron something professional looking at last min.

swanriver Thu 22-Jan-09 10:36:14

TMH. I've been thinking about the early rising. We have an early riser and always have from babystage. Dh used to make a rule hmmthat he didn't go downstairs and play/breakfast till 7. Now he does sleep till 7 most days.
But he was allowed to come and snuggle up in our bed till then but not allowed to wake his brother or sister EVER. Tbh it was and is still very disruptive being next to a fidget for an hour first thing, but he has got better and sometimes he used to go back to sleep shock in our bed when he was littler. I think we should have got one of those bunny alarm clocks early on, or persuaded him to look at some books quietly
Dh used to love those early mornings though, they used to play together with trains and chat. I think 6.30am was his absolute limit of endurance so you are heroic.

grouchyoscar Thu 22-Jan-09 10:52:57

Morning Everyone

Thanks for the thread TMH

I'm finding it harder to get out of bed in the morning hmm I end up becoming 'Grouchy the Cantankerous porridge maker' while Ed plays the straight man. I need to sort out my creeping insomnia again hmm

So apart from my morning routines, I intend to do very little today.


Oh yeah, it's Swimming day today, better get kits ready

TheMadHouse Thu 22-Jan-09 11:45:56

Back from collecting DS1 and lunch is cooking - Jackets with Cheese and Beans

Thursday is Aldi shopping day for me with mum - Done & Took her to Tesco too
Shopping away - Done
Finnish cleaning oven and trays (I out oven pride on last night)- Done (need to do trays again really)
Then back to collect DS1 from preschool - Done
Lunch - Doing
Swimming with DS1
Collect DS2
Whats for dinner - Pizza (dough to make)
Put ironing away
Washer on
TD on

Galen Well done to DS on letting you sleep.
Swan DH has loads of shirts too, but now I check the cuffs and collars and if they are fading/wearing. I pop in a pile for him to toss (Do this instead of myside of wardrobe)
Ruby Good luck with your decision
Groucy Insomnia is horrid - I am a fellow sufferer (but going through a relativly good patch at the mo, though still on medication)
IVC Hope LO is feeling better

Swan On the early waking - he is not daft, can tell the time and just can not sleep anymore even in our bed (3.9), I think that his pattern is still bad from the broken collar bone. We have moved the bunny clock to DS2's room

grouchyoscar Thu 22-Jan-09 11:50:23

OK, I have


Got swim kits sorted
Brought down the drying clothes
Load TD and run
Take up wet washing
Hang to dry

I'm going to make a batch of crazy chocolate choc chip cookies

scattyspice Thu 22-Jan-09 12:24:31

Hi all.

Yum - crazy choc chip cookies sound lovely smile.

To do:
laundry x2
ds reading
mission (better check)
Phone mum!!!

Wolfcub Thu 22-Jan-09 13:03:59

afternoon all*

send some cookies over this way, they sound good

mad sympathies with the waking toddler, ds was in our bed at 2.30 and neither of us got a good nights sleep after that. I think the little man is coming down with a cold


made bed
s&s bathroom
tidied in kitchen a little
tidied in living room a little
rinsed plates from last night
took ds to nursery

grouchyoscar Thu 22-Jan-09 14:21:34

Cookies are a casualty of my mental smegging oven. It just kept heating up and 1/2 got scorched sad The other 8 look suitably gooey tho

The Lumpy Lane lovely (Rocky road crunch) seems great tho, it's cooking in the fridge atm, at least that won't burn

I've loaded the dishwasher which is humming away nicely Worktops and hob have been cleaned too

swanriver Thu 22-Jan-09 15:02:38

Back from school, feeling refreshed by a bit of quiet usefulness (sticking on labels) The Yr 6 kids are (rather)wild tho' a bit like pingpong really dealing with them. Why do they never bring sharp pencils? Perhaps it's health and safety.

You sound cosy Grouchy.
Hung out washing and preparing for pickup mentally. Deep breath and some lunch.

Walk home long way so that they aren't too hyper
homework for ds1
spelling for dts (haven't touched this for wks)
vp both
tidy playroom whilst they are tellywatching

swanriver Thu 22-Jan-09 16:13:09

A bit of running around in fresh air
Home in one piece despite bad behaviour all round

TELLY NIGHT good. (even if it was telly night last night too)

TheMadHouse Thu 22-Jan-09 16:46:31

We are back from collecting DS2 from mums and swimming

DS1 was great in the pool - there was a schools session on and the instructor sent them to watch him jump in and swim without armbands blush - he and I were ciold in the end as he stayed in over an hour.

DS2 made jellys and a braclette for me at mums, which was lovley.

TD is on
Pizza dough is made

I am going to put the TV on for the boys and get them in their PJ's. They have already had 2 jellys each, so dinner can wait till DH is home.

I am feeling rather pleased, as I have done all my list today.

wendythepositivethinker Thu 22-Jan-09 17:34:40

hiya all

DD isn't well today so had another trying day. She threw up this morning, insisted on eating lunch then threw it up all over me (again). She slept for three hours this afternoon though so managed lots of jigsaws with DS. He is feeling a bit neglected and bored I think, we haven't been out in the afternoon except to grandparents houses, for over two weeks. Not good.

I am feeling still very tired and rather ill as well. had a go at DH last night when I got home from yoga. Kids had been put to bed at 6.30 and he had been on the xbox til I got home at 8.30 - toys everywhere still, kitchen a tip, dirty clothes on the floor in bathroom etc. He hadn't even had any dinner! He looked penitent and washed up but that was about it.

I did the ironing last night! Lots of wet washing now though after vomiting incidents!

My DC watching Night Garden DVD (DS rather bored as he is 4!).

Unlike Mad, I am not feeling pleased as I have not even made a list today! Oh and I have put 1 lb on even though I have had two weeks of healthy eating (decided it was healthy eating and not dieting for my NYResolution but obviously it's not working!)

TheMadHouse Thu 22-Jan-09 17:49:20

Wendy Just remember we need to have the downs, to make the ups so great. Sometimes it is best to have great big contrasts. Chin up and I hope DD is better soon. Bytheway DS2 always thows up on me and then I vomit everywhere blush

I have wrote both the boys a letter incase anything drastic happens when I have my operation, I think that is making me very thankful and reflective at the mo.

I have just polished both the boys shoes

swanriver Thu 22-Jan-09 18:20:44

Wendy, my ds aged 6 and a half is now watching Night Garden totally entralled! His siblings think him a bit odd tho.
He has just scarpered from dinner table oh dear.

scattyspice Thu 22-Jan-09 19:00:33

Hi all. Done everything except ironing. DS and DH on playstation (too much!).

wendy sympathies from me, its really grim when you are poorly, toddlers are poorly and weather is cold. All you can do is try to make it through the day sad.

wendythepositivethinker Thu 22-Jan-09 19:00:43

Thanks Mad for that, been thrown up on again since my last msg! Good thinking about your letter.
House is a bomb site better shake a leg really. DS been a right pain today, he is feeling left out I know and playing up for the attention. He is now in bed, have left DD on the sofa curled up until she throws up again - problem is she keeps insisting on eating as usual!

wendythepositivethinker Thu 22-Jan-09 19:28:37

More vomit here from DD
DH gone out to the governors' meeting
House still a bomb site and lots more washing sad
Oh well got to take the rough with the smooth eh

TheMadHouse Thu 22-Jan-09 19:58:22

Ah Wendy I feel for you I do. Balance is a hard thing to find.

I have just been to Argos to pick up some archieve boxes - I each for a memory box for the boys. I am also going to pop all the phto's in one too.

I am off to watch Masterchef now - so later

wendythepositivethinker Thu 22-Jan-09 20:08:06

Archive boxes sounds good, keep things safe
Off to do some housework and eat chocolate

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