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Oven cleaning- help!

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MarkStretch Mon 19-Jan-09 10:15:24

I have been advised to use baking soda to clean my oven (am 37 weeks pg so don't want to use lots of chemicals) but I'm confused.

I tried our local hardware store and they didn't have any, I have tried Sainsburys and they only have the little pots for baking. Is this what I need? Or soda crystals?

Or can anyone tell me a better way to clean my oven?

It is filthy blush

Bucharest Mon 19-Jan-09 10:22:50

You need the cleaning aisle, they sell kilo boxes of baking soda/bicarb for cleaning.

It works, but it's a faff. (my oven is repulsive)x

MarkStretch Mon 19-Jan-09 10:26:53

Thank you. I will try the cleaning aisle.

Is there a better way of doing it do you think?

MrsMattie Mon 19-Jan-09 10:29:02

Ooh, my oven is minging at the mo. What do you do with the baking soda, then?

MarkStretch Mon 19-Jan-09 10:48:49

Well apparently you fling it about inside the oven, and then spray it with water, and keep spraying it for a couple of hours and then scrape it all out.

I'm really not sure how well it will work....

Bucharest Mon 19-Jan-09 11:48:17

I think it works even better if you make a paste with vinegar and soda (makes it fizz) That definitely works for unblocking mingy plugholes.....I make my dp clean my oven when me and dd are out of the country, then he can use all the chemicals he wants.....

MadameCastafiore Mon 19-Jan-09 11:53:58

God - you are pregnant - give Ovenu a ring - they come round and do it all for a small fee - they take it all apart and make it brand shiney new!

belgo Mon 19-Jan-09 12:08:27

Do you really need to clean it? Can you not just wipe it down and rely on temperatures of up to 220°C to do the rest?

Am I the only person never to have actually cleaned my oven using an oven cleaner?

leoleosuperstar Mon 19-Jan-09 12:12:49

How much on average do they charge to clean an oven and how much for a hob?
Would prefer to pay someone than bother myself.

MadameCastafiore Mon 19-Jan-09 12:13:58

I have a huge double oven and 6 burner hob - they charge about £80 - and I worked out all the paraphanalia I would need to clean it and my time means it is cheaper to get them to do it once a year.

leoleosuperstar Mon 19-Jan-09 12:15:24

oo thank you.

Geepers Mon 19-Jan-09 12:15:46

I pay ovenu £40-50 to do mine.

I will never again clean an oven for as long as I live. I'd rather replace the oven that subject myself to the torture that is oven cleaning.

I don't have them do the hob, as I clean that every day.

fruitstick Mon 19-Jan-09 12:21:51

If you don't want to pay someone to do it, wet the inside, then throw bicarb or baking soda liberally around the place so it covers the inside.

Leave for a couple of hours and then put some white vinegar in a spray bottle and spray all over the bicarb.

Leave for another couple of hours and then wipe it off.

Having just read that back, maybe £80 is worth it after all grin

millenniumfalcon Mon 19-Jan-09 12:22:22

baking soda work fine - don't have to keep spraying it ime, just leave it on for half an hour or so (while you do the racks). takes me less than an hour to clean my oven (every 6 months blush) with half a tub of baking soda and one of those wire wool scrubbers for the racks. rofl at cheaper to pay £80 (your hourly rate must be waaaaay more than mine madamec grin)

Bucharest Mon 19-Jan-09 12:23:54

Oh, I'm feeling inspired.....I might do mine later today........

BlueCowBackToWondering Mon 19-Jan-09 12:26:17

And for the shelves, Oven clean/ oven pride - whatever the name is! Orange box from Sainsburys or Waitrose - it's fab. Put shelves in ziplock bag with bottle of the liquid and wait - that's all!

Once you have shiny shelves, the rest doesn't look so bad.

fruitstick Mon 19-Jan-09 12:28:45

Oven pride is a wondrous thing but I wouldn't use it when pregnant.

Probably not dangerous but is like chuffing napalm. I spilt some on my arm once (above the rubber gloves) and the burn mark was there for weeks!

MarkStretch Mon 19-Jan-09 12:38:39

Oooo I come back and the oven talk has really taken off!

I debated for ages about paying someone to do it because I cook a lot and it is filthy, but I have no excuse now I am on maternity leave. All I have done today is lay on the sofa, eat toast and watch This Morning.

So baking soda, and spray with white wine vinegar, and scrub with wire wool?

Thanks for your help everyone!

I MAY find the energy to do it today....

fruitstick Mon 19-Jan-09 12:41:34

not white wine vinegar - white vinegar grin.

like this

MarkStretch Mon 19-Jan-09 12:42:26

Oh my god I have just found the Ovenu website. I never knew a thing existed! Now I may have to make a little phonecall..

fruitstick Mon 19-Jan-09 12:42:33

sorry, that didn't work..

It comes in a sarsons bottle and is like malt vinegar but clear.

MarkStretch Mon 19-Jan-09 12:43:46

Ha! Sorry fruitstick, I must be looking forward to my first glass of white wine in a couple of weeks grin

fruitstick Mon 19-Jan-09 13:07:33

me too markstretch (36 weeks) - but so far my nesting hasn't resulted in any desire to clean but an overwhelming need to put pulses and pastas into matching storage jars wink

MarkStretch Mon 19-Jan-09 13:32:50

I managed to make some freezer food the other day and put it into tiny foil containers, labelled them, and then had a lie down and ate some biscuits.

It was quite satifying though.

millenniumfalcon Mon 19-Jan-09 13:38:43

you shouldn't need to scrub with wire wool - i use that to get the black off the shelves - the (vile!) baking soda and gunk mixture will just wipe off.

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