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Elna Ironing Press (or like) - are they worth having

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dizzydo Sat 17-Jan-09 00:44:54

That's it really Saw one demonstrated in John Lewis recently they of course made it look easy but just wondered if anyone had one and whether they think they are worth the money.

jura Sat 17-Jan-09 01:01:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

dizzydo Sat 17-Jan-09 01:08:36

Thanks Jura is it a pain if you just want to iron one thing

dizzydo Sat 17-Jan-09 01:12:44

oops just re-read your post. You just answered that question Does that mean you still keep an ironing board and iron. That's part of the attraction of a press that it is smaller to store than a bl**dy great ironing board

dizzydo Sat 17-Jan-09 10:28:23


jura Sat 17-Jan-09 21:23:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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