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Soap nuts

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CandleQueen Fri 16-Jan-09 21:31:19

What are they?
Are they any good?
Where do you get them from?
Are they pricey?

TIA! grin

ohappydays Fri 16-Jan-09 21:50:25

try the ethical living section. they will have lots of ideas. Im very interested - I use ecover but fancy trying them

Helium Sat 17-Jan-09 10:05:39

You can get free samples - google them on the net. I did this and wasnt impressed I'm afraid - I really wanted to like them!!

They look a bit like large Malteesers a bit gone off! You put them in the washing machine inside a stocking.

I found that it didnt seem to clean a reasonably lightly soiled load of washing (childresn clothes). Plus there was either NO smell or an odd sort of smell to them (could have been the real unmasked smell of my washing machine though!).

You can re-use them and I did a couple of times but they jsut didnt work for me - I ended up freecycling them!

Good luck - sorry if this is a bit of a downer!!

littleducks Sat 17-Jan-09 10:10:25

i agree that they were ineffective, probably fine for clean adults but didnt remove any stains/marks on childrens clothes and stuff greyed quickly desopite fiercly separating colours and whites

VampiresWalkin Sat 17-Jan-09 10:46:16

<whispers> You can buy em from bumfluff

CarGirl Sat 17-Jan-09 10:50:58

I love them but I live in a hardwater area (and soap nuts soften the water) but what I do is use a small amount of bio powder as well on my whites & pink/reds but not on my dark wash. I also treat stains on clothes before washing.

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