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Wide-bottomed port decanters - how to clean

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dippica Tue 13-Jan-09 22:14:42

Come on MN help me out...

Decanter discovered with Christmas 07 gone-bad port in. Chucked port, soaked in detergent for ages, shaken vigourously.

Still got stains on the bottom, would brush or scrub off easily, but I can't get to them. Got an old fashioned bottle brush, but can't bend it round enough to scrub properly.

Any tips??? (barring refilling with newer port, to hide stains blush)

fryalot Tue 13-Jan-09 22:15:36

you could try bicarb, that works for coffee and tea pot stains.

Wheelybug Tue 13-Jan-09 22:16:20

Salt crystals and vinegar swished around.

liath Tue 13-Jan-09 22:16:29

Lakeland sell these amazing teeny ball-bearing type things and you swirl them round the decanter in a bit of water and they properly clean it.

Coro Tue 13-Jan-09 22:17:11

Lakeland do silver ball thingy's that clean the inside of things like that. They're magic.

bronze Tue 13-Jan-09 22:18:21

rice in warm water (uncooked of course)

ILoveBrucie Tue 13-Jan-09 22:18:22

Same as Wheelybug - and it works smile

LadyOfWaffle Tue 13-Jan-09 22:19:16

I do rice and vinegar, swish it around.

charlotteolivia Tue 13-Jan-09 22:19:37

vinegar and bicarb. add the bicarb second though, because it foams quite quickly

FromGirders Tue 13-Jan-09 22:20:37

I do rice in with wrm water and washing up liquid. give it a really good shake, comes out sparkly.

liath Tue 13-Jan-09 22:22:54

Bloody hell, I fork out for Lakeland ball-bearings (which get used once every 5 years) and now I find out bloody rice does the same job!! Gah!!

JackBauer Tue 13-Jan-09 22:23:37

I use rice, but rinse it with water first and don;t add anymore, small squirt of washing up liquid and job done.
If you dont fancy wasting rice though you can use crushed eggshells too.

dippica Tue 13-Jan-09 22:28:09

You see that's what I love about MN - I'd just nipped off to look at another thread, then checked back in - and a whole pile of suggestions.

Thanks all - will give the cheapskate suggestions a try tomorrow.

ninedragons Tue 13-Jan-09 22:31:37

Denture cleaning tablets. Fill with water and drop one or two in.

Long, long ago in hazy student days, that's what we used to clean our bongs. Port decanters, bongs, same thing really!

Alibear1 Wed 14-Jan-09 14:12:50

Lakeland magic balls - real name for them honest

travellingwilbury Wed 14-Jan-09 14:14:38

An ice cube swished around in the bottom should also work grin

Talica Fri 27-Jan-17 09:53:31

I do rice and vinegar

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