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Does anyone have a black (composite) sink and live in a hard water area?

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sammysam Tue 13-Jan-09 21:18:02

We were just about to buy one tonight but then the man in the shop stopped us by saying he has one and it always has white limescale stains all over it (but it was quite bad when they moved in). Are we crazy even to consider it? Or is he just really bad at cleaning grin?

blithedance Tue 13-Jan-09 21:53:33

They are bad. I wouldn't choose one. I had a dark blue "granite composite" sink and unless you are totally on top of cleaning it, the limescale does build up and then nothing will shift it. TBH I don't know whether the light coloured stains were a build up of scratches, stains from overenthusiastic bleaching, or limescale, but they did not shift!

I had to buy another sink to fit the same space (blue one cracked under guarantee) and went for white, that does scrub up a bit better but still attracts the limescale, which then gets teastained, and needs bleaching which you're not really supposed to do.

The manufacturers instructions are to wash and dry the sink after every use. Whaaat?

BrianG Fri 05-Jun-09 08:58:43

When my wife and I remodeled the kitchen, we went with galaxy black granite counters and wanted to get a sink that would go with it. We liked the look of the black Pegasus Granite Composite sinks (we got the farmer's sink -- one big bowl). I still think the design is perfect, but the cleaning issue is a serious problem. We unfortunately have very hard water so the white limescale completely covers the bottom and will not come off (tried all sorts of vinegar solutions and even Lime-Away, but no use). We keep it technically "clean" but when it dries, all you see is white in the bottom. We did find a way to make it look like new when we have company over -- clean and dry the sink, then wipe it with a thin coating of mineral oil (they have "food grade" for those that might worry about this). It makes the sink look better than new (beautiful satin sheen that brings out the sparkles in the granite), but it only lasts for a couple days, then the oil comes off and the white shows through again.

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