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Weekend Fly. Twas on a Saturday Morning That I Beheld My Darling, Finishing the Washing O

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swanriver Sat 10-Jan-09 09:10:26

misty here, and very cold.

TheNewYearNewMadHouse Sat 10-Jan-09 10:00:27

Morning - thanks for the thread Swan

Tis cold here and the wind is biting

I have had a lie in and feel a bit better, but still somewhat stressed.

DH needs to go and get his tires sorted, he had a blow out on the way home last night - more money

Swan Late nights dont work for us at all, they end up being all ratty and still get up early anyway.

Washer is on
TD is on - I fear it would freze if I hung it out

scattyspice Sat 10-Jan-09 10:13:45

Morning Mad ana Swan. We had a similar bedtime to you swan angry. My lovely sister has just phoned and offered to come and babysit when its my birthday, I daren't tell her what bedtime is like blush.

Tis freezing here too.

To do
buy presents

swanriver Sat 10-Jan-09 10:18:50

More screaming heebyjeebies, on way out to music. Everyone better tempered after that I think..
Sheets folded and put away
BedRoom rescue upstairs completed last night
Lunch sorted

Hope party goes well, Scatty, you are not giving it I hope?

galen Sat 10-Jan-09 11:15:30

Morning all. Had lie in till 8am this morning, lovely, but morning routine gone to pot LOL hmm
House a mess, Ds stressing me out by refusing aLL bottles in the day, but wanting to stay up and feed ALL night aaarrgggh
V cold here. Loads of homework still to plough through. seem to have ridiculously long to do list.
DS1 has friend round this afternoon so chaos may descend....oh well.
Off for cuppa.

grouchyoscar Sat 10-Jan-09 11:16:05

Morning all

Shhhh....I have a stinking red wine and bourbon induced hangover blush I doubt much FLYing will be achieved today hmm

But I

Got up with Ed
Tidied up the front room
Brought down drying washing
Load TD and run
Hang up wet stuff
Make the beds
Load WM and run
Empty TD, reload and run again

Ed has Legoised the front room so I suppose I could tidy it up

DH and I are out tonight, my best friend is having a UK leaving party as she sets off for a new life in Adelaide on the 15th. I'll miss her so much but...It's what she and DH want to do so good luck to them.

must get some rest blush

TheNewYearNewMadHouse Sat 10-Jan-09 12:06:16

Afternoon all

DH needed Two tires, so we are brasic for the rest of the month - and I was hoping to get PJ's and stuff for hospital - nevermind

I have lunch on - Jackets with cheese and beans and the boys are colouring.

I have stripped my bed and am ashing it - I think I will do the boys beds now as we are not really going very far this afternoon.

Wiggles at the cinema tomorrow though grin

intravenouscoffee Sat 10-Jan-09 12:22:31

Hi all. Just plodding on here although managed to wash the kitchen windows at long last so feeling positive about that.

Mad Our tyre went on our way to holiday and we also needed two new ones. It's soooo annoying and not something that I really factored into our budgeting.

Cold here too but already been out as DD gets v fed up if we're in all morning. Another of our local highstreet shops is closing sad

TheNewYearNewMadHouse Sat 10-Jan-09 13:04:46

DS2 is napping
DH is doing work
I am going to pop out
DS1 has diareaha - pants

galen Sat 10-Jan-09 13:33:49

grouchy hope hangover clears for tonight LOL
NYNMH sorry to hear about the tyres, we too are broke !

Not much done here. Feeling bleugh - again
Ds1 has friend round
DS 2 naping
DD's 1 and 2 missing and suspiciously quiet
DD's 3 and 4 being allowed to watch Charlie and Lola DVD
And DH cleaning up lunch, having told me to sit down - bless!

So have managed to order books for kids with Christmas pressie amazon voucher. Also ordered myself the MN book of the month in hopes of getting back into reading!

Kids all fed - L&P soup and bread yum
Poped to shop for a few bits, also got a timer LOL

Still to do big pile of washing to put away. Washing out of WM to dry....
S&S upstairs b'room
some tidying - supposedly decluttering bedroom at some point!
Well chaos descending again - bum

wendythepositivethinker Sat 10-Jan-09 14:27:08

Hello all
Galen Can't believe how well you are doing - keep it up! Have you used the timer yet lol? I always forget but when I do I remember how good it is to use one. Doesn't 15 minutes go quickly!

Grouchy Hope you're feeling ok and enjoy the night out - that will be emotional! My best friend moved to New Zealand 2 years ago and I still really miss her. Last month I spent £27 on the phone to her! Yikes. Think I need to options for international calling!

Madhouse Sorry to hear you were stressed about the op yesterday, hope you're chilling today, if you can with DS with diahorrea! Hope you don't all get it. Have you seen Primark have quite nice pyjamas very cheap (if you do Primark, I know not everyone does)

Coffee I need to wash my kitchen windows too, I hate it when you have to lean over the worktops to get to them

Swan I have found late nights don't work for us either, just makes everyone bad tempered. My two are super tired at the minute, don't know if it's just going back to pre-school for DS but he is currently asleep on the sofa - never done this before ever.

Scatty hello hope the party was good

BBL it took so long to say hello!

AnneOfAvonlea Sat 10-Jan-09 14:51:28

Hello all. Having nice day.

Mad - have sent you fb message as I have a Q.

Hope you are all relaxing.

wendythepositivethinker Sat 10-Jan-09 15:07:55

Been to Clarks and got new shoes for DS - 9.20 am got to the shop when it opened at 9 and it was shut - got no real explanation either! Anyway got shoes in the sale which was great. DD's hadn't grown and I resisted cute boots in the sale.

Went to Poundstretcher and got a cheapo plastic basket to put at the bottom of the stairs, sick of 'stuff' collecting there to go upstairs. Will see if it works and if it does will get more aesthetically pleasing one! Also got a new bread knife for 29p reduced from £3.99!

Did yoga at the gym. Couldn't find car keys at the end. Oops, they were in the ignition. Silly me. Am very ditsy this week. Think the long term late nights are having an effect on my memory, concentration and mood. Am going to make a real effort this week. Managed 11 pm last night, earliest I've managed for months.

Went to the library, by myself for once, so managed some books for me! Got a book about learning to knit. MIL is a knitting whizz so not sure whether to ask her. She's a bit overbearing, iykwim. Would like to do it at my own pace. And also got one of the Rachel books - thanks for the advice about it, there's some good stuff in but lots of meat too so good to get from library.

Dyed my hair last night. Supposed to be mid brown - well it's VERY dark, more like black! Oh well at least no grey! hmm I'll get used to it and can do it again in a couple of months, it's only hair!

DS still asleep on sofa, DD looking at animal book on my knee DH ironing. Off to MIL for tea later.

Have missed you all this week!

grouchyoscar Sat 10-Jan-09 15:12:41

Hello again

Wendy...Good thing about e-mails is, they are free! It will be sad but happy too IYKWIM

Hangover has just about passed (phew) and I have been doing a bit of FLYing, mostly sorting out the various stages of laundry. I'll catch up tomorrow promise!

DH at the football, hope he's not too cold, concrete is very unforgiving in the winter. I'm doing Ed duties and he's busy making a wii Me of yours truly

scattyspice Sat 10-Jan-09 15:37:42

Hi again.

Grouchy - sympathy for the hangover, but a night out does you goog smile

Wendy - I learned to knit with a book from the library last year,its very relaxing, but I can only do 1 stich and haven't actually made anything yet lol.

galen - How frustrating re the baby!

bought presents
1/2 homework
dragged DC outside for a walk (brr)

To do
wrap presents
room rescue
forgotten thank you card blush.

swanriver Sat 10-Jan-09 16:40:47

Last night in my decluttering of master bedroom found lots of wool, material and couldn't decide whether to chuck. I think I will make a deadline (say April) to actually use all this haberdashery and fit in creative crafts. If I still can't find time to knit and sew by then, I think I will just have to accept it is not going to happen - rather than keeping it for another 8 years sad. I CAN knit, [nothing with cabling needle of course that is only for experts) but tend to get tension wrong (completely wrong) which tends to affect look of finished garment. Made dd an gnome's hat 3 years ago which was big enough for me in the end.

We are at swimming pool again. Lessons later. Got time wrong, as very eager to get out of house. smile

Afternoon has been good, though children wanted attention non-stop. Spontaneously took out violins and played recognisable notes. Good. Then dd made a haunted house in sittingroom and festoonned with black tights, ds2 demanded train track, ds1 wanted to catalogue all the dvds alphabetically. Now I've left rather grumpy dd with dh as I think she is overtired.

Dh is really getting fed up with my incessant (virtual)housekeeping, and keeps saying I just want you to do something you ENJOY. This is proving a difficult aspect of our married life, invisible housekeeping, but possibly something all men yearn for.

RubyRioja Sat 10-Jan-09 17:13:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

galen Sat 10-Jan-09 18:45:51

Well bad afternoon here.
Ds 2 really grumpy AGAIN- refusing bottles still sad
DD 4 doing her usual limpit routine (I really need to hug you all afternoon mommy) incredibly cute and heartwarming, but also kind of wearing 24/7 KWIM? hmm
DD 3 arguing and fighting with anyone she could find ( obviously has used up all her patience and negotiating skills on her first 2 mornings of big school!)hmm
DD 2 looking a bit lost amid the chaos and really in need of a bit of mommy time
DD 1 in strange sulky mood
And Dh escaped to park to fly toy plane with DS 1 and his friend

So totally no flying (well only of the toy plane kind LOL). House totally a tip. Still loads of homework to do...

But children all fed nutritious meal, fighting more or less stopped, peace descending.
Early bed times all round
Hoping to wake up re energised and with fresh enthusiasm tomorrow for some serious catch up flying!wink

galen Sat 10-Jan-09 18:48:04

Ruby now chanting to myself
" I don't want a refund, I don't want a refund....." not sure I'm convincing myself though LOL

swanriver Sat 10-Jan-09 19:25:09

Dh has done some of dd's homework with her - clever man.
All set for bedtime now.
Everything calm after swim.

New car Ruby - does it have any good extras?

Tomorrow is rest day, Galen. PS. Have you tried posting on the feeding thread about ds2? I sort of remember my ds1 wouldn't touch milk at a year and just eating lots of milky foods instead like yog, cheese and ricepudding, whereas dd went on and on drinking it (still does) and ds2 drank till he was 2 and then gave up and ate enormous quantities of cheese instead. Good luck with the night feeds.

scattyspice Sat 10-Jan-09 19:34:52

swan - totally agree with the invisible housework thing. Dh just says 'what are you doing?' in utter disbelief if I do anything! His answer is to just leave it! (who for, the maid?) I think its a guilt thing hmm.

Galen - my dd has been a bit clingy today too.

Ruby - envy the new car. Definately tow the kids along in a trailer!

wrap presents
wash up and shine sink
de junk play room (well top layer of rubbish anywaylol)

To do
muster the patience for dc bedtime routine.

galen Sat 10-Jan-09 19:36:56

swan Oh rest day that sounds good! We have church in the morning anyway Yes will get back into FLYing on mon.
Have posted on the feeding forum - not got far yet - MN is quite scarey at times , come back to hang out here as it seems safer LOL

Wolfcub Sat 10-Jan-09 20:03:01

evening all
New bed and alarm gave me the best nights sleeep I've had in months - an expensive solution but none the less effective

Bed made
Washing up done
Two trips to the tip
Made lunch
Went to lido for household stuff
Got ds to sleep after some resistance and was then stuck under him for two hours but at least I got to read my book
Did more washing up
Made tea
Tidied away some of the kitchen things
Did desk day bits and bobs and tidied kitchen post hot spot into a clear desk tray I got from lidl which doesn't look too bad in the kitchen
Finished menu plan for the month and lists of additional shopping I need

Wolfcub Sat 10-Jan-09 20:29:30

grouchy and wendy try skype for talking to your overseas friends a colleague of mine says it's saved her loads

swanriver Sat 10-Jan-09 23:02:53

Managed to read my book this evening too grin

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