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HELP!! Why does my ''Earth Fault Trip'' keep tripping?

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GreenGables Sat 03-Jan-09 11:21:12

I've turned off all of the usual culprits, but I am getting a bit concerned now. Usually when it is something like the iron or Christmas lights, the socket circuit trips...

Flightattendant7 Sat 03-Jan-09 11:22:16

Could it be the cooker?

GreenGables Sat 03-Jan-09 11:31:22

no, the cooker is gas. ...just googling it, I wonder what makes the earth fault trip..??

cikecaka Sat 03-Jan-09 11:31:57

My kettle did this before, had to replace it in the end

GreenGables Sat 03-Jan-09 11:37:12

Oh dear me - this all looks rather too complicated! Does anyone know of any DIY websites that explain things simply, for a novice?

purepurple Sat 03-Jan-09 11:53:31

don't mess with electrics, get someone in OR unplug everything in your house and plug them back in one by one to see which appliance it is.

GreenGables Sat 03-Jan-09 11:59:07

Don't worry, I am not about to pull my tool kit out grin
It looks like it is the iron, but I didn't think Irons are earthed so should it be tripping the earth fault?

purepurple Sat 03-Jan-09 12:04:49

anything plugged in can trip off your electrics, has the iron got a fuse in the plug, is it the right type, is the cord frayed? buy a new iron if you are not sure

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