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cleaning gunk from washing machine powder dispenser?

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webchick Sat 03-Jan-09 11:16:53

I've just had a look at mine and trief to clean it out as much as possible with an old tooth brush and hot water. It' now a bit cleaner but still some stubborn marks (in a hard water area of thats of any info).

Would vinegar or bicarb of soda help?

Also, the actual bit of the machine it slots into is just as bad........went with that with a knife and torch! Then vacuumed it up inside.

My machine is a few years old but not that old, feel like I've neglected it badly!


whoingodsnameami Sat 03-Jan-09 11:21:55

Sugarsoap might work.

bellavita Sat 03-Jan-09 11:30:04

I cleaned mine out yesterday - wasn't too bad actually, just soaked it in hot water and give it a good scrub. The scummy bits I scraped off with a small spoon handle.

chloemegjess Sat 03-Jan-09 14:02:21

I tried doing mine the other day, the fabric conditioner was bad enough to clean that I have stopped using it. Even after soaking all day and scrubbing several times I didn't manage to get it clean and gave up. Sorry that isn't much help!

If you have a dishwasher you could try that?

ranting Sat 03-Jan-09 14:09:27

I pop mine in the dishwasher one every couple of weeks, I am very lazy and can't be arsed with scrubbing mouldy old bits of conditioner off it, so I bung it in the dw so I don't have to.

NumberFour Sat 03-Jan-09 19:59:24

good idea to use the DW. my soap dispenser gets mouldy!! bloody awful. used a toothbrush etc, but still could not get into all the tiny bits.

TheRestOfTheDay Tue 26-Jul-16 21:18:47

i know this is a zombie thread but got to post in case it helps anyone - found this as we have exact same problem, dark grey gunk around seal which didn't smell in itself but general bad smell in drum. was getting worse, so many times there'd be marks all over laundry. had cleaned all around seal many times and tried 90 degree biological washes kept filter clean but could still see loads of gunk beneath drum. what has worked is a tip found online: *put 1 dishwasher tablet in drawer, 1 dishwasher tablet in drum and run a wash at 90 or highest temp* so chuffed gunk has completely cleared, smell has gone, don't seem to need as much detergent (was using more and more each load before) grin hope this helps

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