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Childproofing Electric Socket Area??

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extremelychocolateymilkroll Sat 03-Jan-09 11:10:26

Is there a cage or something like that to stop my dd from going near plugs? I've got the plastic things for when the socket is not in use but how do you keep your lo away when something is plugged in or do I just accept that I can't use half the sockets in our flat? TIA

BlueBumedFly Sat 03-Jan-09 17:16:31

Oh I soooooo wish there was an answer. Apart from no, no, no No Noooooo or in fact NO!!!

My DD was and still can be fascinated by plugs, she is now 20 months but will home in on one given half the chance. With all the Xmas lights it has been a nightmare as she was wanted to be the one to turn them on all of the time.

I have just found this which looks pretty good though you do have to make your walls good later I guess? I would have invested if I had found it when she was younger I think. html

Good luck!

MrsBadger Sat 03-Jan-09 17:32:34

put furniture in front of them

BlueBumedFly Sat 03-Jan-09 17:37:48

... there would just not be enough furniture in the world with my mini minx...

extremelychocolateymilkroll Fri 09-Jan-09 12:32:47

Thanks bluebumedfly. We have got a couple of these so our fridge is no longer being turned off. Unfortunately couldn't fit it to the other plug as a piece of wood on the wall was too close to it.

bunsen Sat 10-Jan-09 20:23:53

Yes all furniture is strategically placed in front of pug sockets which is a real pain when you want to have a change around, becomes like a game of chess! Also cables, how do you stop them biting them? I have bought cable tidies to go round the fridge and freezer but it's still an issue with all the others. I have no idea why he thinks to do it, he obviously wants to see me grey haired and skeletal.

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