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Mouldy washing powder dispenser. Solutions?

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bamboostalks Fri 02-Jan-09 18:56:34

My washing machine is always getting mildew and mould in the dispenser and behind it. Why? How do I best clean the hard to reach bits? I do a hot wash now and again and put a cleaner thing through but to no avail. Advice welcome. Thanks.

Bluestocking Fri 02-Jan-09 18:57:46

Pull it out - they always come out - and give it a good scrub under the tap.

unfitmother Fri 02-Jan-09 18:58:33

Put it in the dishwasher when you're doing a cleaning cycle.

bamboostalks Fri 02-Jan-09 19:00:45

I do that already but it is coming back at an alarming rate. Also the inside is black too.

annabelcaramel Fri 02-Jan-09 19:01:36

Yell 'DH, the washing machine is all yucky again' - gets it clean every time for me!!!

scienceteacher Fri 02-Jan-09 19:02:06

Leave it open after a wash so that it can dry out.

bobsyouruncle Fri 02-Jan-09 19:03:23

I use the tablets you put in the drum as I got fed up with my manky dispenser too.

DisastrousNuclearAccident Fri 02-Jan-09 19:04:51

When you clean it you need to try and kill the mould that is already there (on the draw and inside the drawer compartment too). I find that a steam cleaner with a squirty thing on is good for getting in there...alternatively try bleach - but rinse it all thoroughly and do an empty wash before you put any clothes in.

Once you have got it clean and sterilised leave the door and drawer open after every wash...and run a 60/90C wash once in a while to keep it clear.

bamboostalks Fri 02-Jan-09 19:09:24

Thanks everyone, will try the bleach thing.

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