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Ariel Excel - best laundry detergent Which? has ever tested

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nhframe Thu 18-Dec-08 15:29:05

Thought some of you would be interested - I work at Which?, and we've just tested Ariel Excel (the new laundry detergent in a gel format). It claims to give brilliant results at 15 degrees, but as few washing machines can wash at that temperature we tested it at 30 degrees. It performed better than all the other laundry detergents we've tested, even though we usually test at 40 degrees. It washed out stains such as chocolate ice-cream and bolognese sauce easily, and was outstanding on whites and bright colours.

Lots of retailers have been encouraging people to wash clothes at 30 degrees, because it saves energy and money (about £8 - £18 a year for a family) and reduces colour fade. And now it looks like you can get your clothes properly clean too, which is good news! Results for all the laundry detergents we've tested are on our website -

Nicola Frame
Which? magazine

MrsBadger Thu 18-Dec-08 15:30:38


Dropdeadfred Thu 18-Dec-08 15:31:19

i read recently that washing machine manufacturers recommend pwders rather than liquids as liquids cause machines to go mouldy etc
does this gel do that?

MrsBadger Thu 18-Dec-08 15:32:26

but are the gels and liquid types not bad for your washing machine?
what's that site that recommends powder only?
UK White Goods

Dropdeadfred Thu 18-Dec-08 15:33:10

yes mrs badger.thats what i said and though too...i don't use liquids..

nhframe Thu 18-Dec-08 16:36:22

Which?'s laundry detergents guru tells me that liquids are better for your machine as they have a slightly acidic ph level which slows the build up of limescale in your machine.

She also says that mould occurs in your machine if you don't put a hot wash through your machine once a month. Leaving the door open after washing allows the machine to dry and also prevents a mould build up.

Hope that's helpful.

flimflam28 Mon 01-Aug-16 18:58:34

Someone advised using a powder once a month - that way it clears out any gel that might be stuck anywhere???

rabbit123 Mon 01-Aug-16 20:31:10

just use powder instead of liquid - saves you having to buy 2 detergents and keeps your washing machine clean.

Funnily enough, in the latest Which? results, the highest rated liquid/gel only scores 71%, vs. the top rated powder which scored 91%.

PigletJohn Mon 01-Aug-16 21:52:31

Why has this 8-year old zombie thread been revived?

rabbit123 Mon 01-Aug-16 22:33:36

God, I didn't even see it was that old

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