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Silly question maybe, but do nice net curtains exist? If so, WHERE?

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castille Thu 18-Dec-08 13:08:32

We have a large set of French windows on the front of our house. They open on to the front garden, which means that anyone walking up the front path can see straight into the living room. I like being able to see out, particularly when the children are playing in the garden, but there are many times when I'd like the room to be a bit more private.

However, I have never seen any nets I actually like and that don't block out too much light.

Any ideas?

sinclair Thu 18-Dec-08 20:33:50

Assuming you don't want to have the option to put them up and down - I recommend a plain (ungathered) voile panel on a plastic covered wire (which unclips either end - as nets are usually on - means you can remove them and wash easily). I make them up made to measure for half or full windows. You can get very nice deisgner voiles if you are fussy, perfectly acceptable linen and linen cotton mix available in John Lewis.

I am a curtain maker by the way in case you hadn't guessed! It's not complicated if you have a sewing machine, or get a local curtain maker to quote.

randomxmas Thu 18-Dec-08 20:34:46

ikea have a good selection

Blu Thu 18-Dec-08 21:11:07

I would second voile - or I had soe long ones from IKEA that were unbleached linen with quite an open weave, so semi-opaque.

Jic Thu 18-Dec-08 23:51:21

Turkish net curtains are the best IMHO- loads of lovely designs and they do them made to measure and come and fit them so no hassle if you're not handy with putting them up! Depends where you are though, you can't find them everywhere.

MrsGokWan Thu 18-Dec-08 23:56:18

Another vote for the Ikea voiles.

I have a 3 huge windows that open on to the front and side of the house and they are brilliant. One is cream, one is a fantastic orange and the 3rd is a gorgeous purple.

Ebay is quite a good source if you don't have one near you.

castille Fri 19-Dec-08 10:25:55

Ah, an Ikea has just opened near us so I'll go and investigate. I like the idea of plain linen, or plain anything as long as it's not synthetic, I hate the look and feel of polyester.

Never heard of Turkish nets, I doubt they are available here (N France)...

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