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Which hoover shall I buy?

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eltham Tue 16-Dec-08 17:30:55

any recommendations..prefer bagged to non-bagged

SammyC Tue 16-Dec-08 17:34:11

I used to have a dyson now have a Henry and really pleased with it, not too pricey either.

Andthentherewerethree Tue 16-Dec-08 17:34:44

Henry! had countless dysons and bisl (or however its spelt) and the henry has outlasted them all and still going strong.

HeadFairy Tue 16-Dec-08 17:34:46

I love my Henry too, really gets rid of cat hairs!

luvlydECMOrations Tue 16-Dec-08 17:36:07

We have the cat and dog version and its great.

jellyhead Tue 16-Dec-08 17:36:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

annemarie30 Tue 16-Dec-08 17:37:46

henry..the only hoover i've had that picks up all the cats fur.

southeastastra Tue 16-Dec-08 17:39:04

i have a freespace cyclonic nanospace (whatever that is) haven't opened it yet but it was half price in currys grin

ooh and it's clear red and shiny

ToysAreLikeDogs Tue 16-Dec-08 17:40:15

I have a vorverk Mine must be ten years old, v expensive to buy new. It's a super vacuum cleaner, German so engineering is superb.


MadameCheese Tue 16-Dec-08 17:40:17

what kind of hoover, washing machine, dishwasher? Sorry (pedant) grin

snoringnightmare Tue 16-Dec-08 17:40:22

Miele although never had a Henry but they do seem to get raved about. Had numerous Dysons but they weren't that great. Miele all the way from now on.

snoringnightmare Tue 16-Dec-08 17:41:44

MadameCheese, behave. I had the same thought. grin

castlesintheair Tue 16-Dec-08 17:42:54

I have the first one of these NVP It is amazing.

SleighGirl Tue 16-Dec-08 17:43:18

miele are great, I've just bought a limited edition special offer one today "red Pearl" for £170 which include a 5 year guarantee, you could probably get it cheaper on line but I wanted one there & then & to support local inde shops.

MadameCheese Tue 16-Dec-08 17:50:01

If it's any help, I've got a vax and it's knackered!

nhframe Thu 18-Dec-08 15:05:43

Miele cylinder vacs are the most reliable, according to 13,000 of our members, closely followed by Henrys.

Nicola Frame
Which? magazine

chocolatemummy Thu 18-Dec-08 15:08:06

miele mouse is excellent, so powerful its moves the carpet lol but also had a henry for years and that great too

PippiCalzelunghe Thu 18-Dec-08 15:09:01


PippiCalzelunghe Thu 18-Dec-08 15:11:02

nothing to do with hoovers but since you mentioned miele I just wanted to say that I sooo wanted a miele integrated dishwasher with cutlery tray when our broked but too expensive sad.

eltham Fri 19-Dec-08 18:34:00

Is Henry very heavy to carry upstairs? Do they all come red with a silly face? Had a Miele dog and cat one but really not that impressed.

iMum Fri 19-Dec-08 18:34:39


DoubleBluff Fri 19-Dec-08 18:35:41

i HATE my Henry. Very heavy and bangs into everything.
My paintwork is wrecked

ilovelovemydog Fri 19-Dec-08 18:38:06

Am thinking of getting non bagless - have a Dyson, but everytime I change the cylinder, dust goes everywhere - not good for DD and her asthma...


poshwellies Fri 19-Dec-08 18:40:01

agree with iMum,I use a Sebo for cleaning-they are pretty damn good.

blondieminx Sat 20-Dec-08 23:50:25

I have a SEBO too, they do a pet hair version which is great! We have 2 tabby cats whose mission in life is to cover every surface in our house with their fur! hmm

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