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oh dear....................I may be have a talent of good cleaning (according to DD1[hmm]), but my cupboards leave a lot to be desired........

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psychohohohoho Mon 15-Dec-08 21:51:39

the girls wanted to bake, so did.

they used a 'new' pack of flour at the back of the cupboard.............verything tastes odd......

they checked the sell=by date on the flour.....

sept 2005...blush

PoinsettiasScareMe Mon 15-Dec-08 22:32:43


Did it have little weevils in it???

I am crap at cleaning, but my flour is in date <smug>

psychohohohoho Mon 15-Dec-08 23:29:41

there were black thingys in it<boak>

<<very ashamed psycho>>

whomovedmychocolate Mon 15-Dec-08 23:31:27

Ah don't worry about it - at least you weren't throwing away a third of your food (just hoarding it!) I sniff things rather than follow best before dates.

psychohohohoho Mon 15-Dec-08 23:37:53

well, that is true!

I think it is more a lack of roatating when I buy new........

I am stunned how long that bag appears to have been there tho!

let me tell you......when it is three years out of date, it does NOT taste good!!! DH says it is gassy.....

I could not taste a difference wondering now just how used to dairy-free stuff I am becominghmmsad......(they did them dairy free for me<bless>).

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