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How do I get the staps on DS's highchair brilliant white again?

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Sycamoretree Mon 15-Dec-08 20:32:43

We've graduated to a trip trap and I want to sell the monstrosity cosatto thingamy we have. How can I get the white woven synthetic straps as white as possible for sale? Two washes with vanish have not made much of a dint...

Soda Crystals???

rubyslippersisappearinginpanto Mon 15-Dec-08 20:33:12

neat bleach being careful not to let it bleach the plastic seat blush

ChirpyGrinch Mon 15-Dec-08 20:56:07

Put a tupperware tub on the seat, fill with hot water and washing powder (actually, maybe fill it first...) and put the straps in it, give a little scrub over. Leave to soak overnight, then put new water in, scrub with brush and rinse next day.
Works a charm, even on banana stained straps!

andyrobo237 Mon 15-Dec-08 21:04:54

Yes, I have done that on my booster seat and it worked a dream - boiling hot water and soap powder worked in a few hours. Good luck!

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