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Aaaaggggghhhhh! Cream carpet disaster.....

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naughtystep Mon 15-Dec-08 18:50:35


DS was prancing around in my new black suede boots (don't ask) and then decided to have a roll around on the floor.

Just discovered black suede marks all over my cream wool carpet.

Will I have to get the whole room cleaned? Will it come out? If I've used any water on the carpet before it always seems to leave a mark and take the colour out slightly.

Anyone know of a dry carpet cleaner?

candyy Mon 15-Dec-08 19:54:59

1001 is really good. I've used it to get tomato ketchup, orange juice and mud out of our beige carpet, and it's never faded the carpet.

candyy Mon 15-Dec-08 19:55:25

p.s. forgot to say, it's not dry though, more foamy.

TheVirginGoober Mon 15-Dec-08 19:56:20

I 2nd 1001. Tis very kind to carpet/uphostry whilst shifting most stains.

naughtystep Mon 15-Dec-08 19:58:17


Might try and tiny bit and see what happens.

In the meantime, will hide boots....

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