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What will remove baby poo stains from clothes?

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RoskvaTheRedNosedReindeer Sun 14-Dec-08 10:47:15

Ds is ebf and does explosive bright yellow poo, which tends to escape from his nappies sad

Vanish doesn't do the trick (in fact, in I think that annoying ad should be banned - it DOESN'T remove all stains)

Stain Devils don't do the trick

Please help me avoid spending a fortune on products that don't do the job!

jeee Sun 14-Dec-08 10:48:52

Leave washing on the line outside for a few days - sun bleaches it - works even in miserable midwinter

MadamAnt Sun 14-Dec-08 10:48:58

Sunlight is astonishingly effective. Hang on the line for a day or two (even if it;s raining). Or you can even leave the offending item on a window sill.

PavlovtheRedNosedReindeer Sun 14-Dec-08 10:50:14

I agree - the sun removes all stains apart from banana. NOTHING removes banana grin

Rosa Sun 14-Dec-08 11:16:08

I have a hard soap here called Marsiglia - ( Italy) It is fab , just rub into the stain and then bung in washing machine . It has been round for years and I swear by it. It took the huge newborn poo stain out of my white duvet cover ( thanks dh for that memorable bed change at midnight !)

reindeercantdancethetango Sun 14-Dec-08 11:17:06

agree with sun - works well on cloth nappies anyway

Anna8888 Sun 14-Dec-08 11:21:31

Soak it in bio powder for 24-48 hours before washing.

ohreindeerwhatamessysleigh Sun 14-Dec-08 14:27:05

prewash with biotex

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