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Choosing new carpets - any tips?

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Podrick Sat 13-Dec-08 17:17:45

We have the same carpets from when we moved in 12 years ago - and they weren't new then!

Next year we would like to replace some of them...2 reception rooms and dd's bedroom. rooms are around 12ft by 14ft.

Does anyone have any advice about what sort of carpet to get/ how much to pay/ who to buy from / how you get both reception rooms done at the same time because where can all the furniture move to etc?!!!

We are still planning on staying here for a while if that helps, and our dd is 9 years old.

BlueCowNowIsLowingAndDCAwake Sat 13-Dec-08 17:37:08

just got new ones. We spent ages choosing a beautiful natural cream colour - then at the last minute reality struck and we went for one that is very mottled (like porridge!) as it doesn't show anything! Best move we made.

Quattrocento Sat 13-Dec-08 17:41:19

The best thing I ever did was remove all carpets downstairs. Cleaning is easy and lovely, people can tramp in with muddy feet and I don't have to get precious about it ...

Helium Sat 13-Dec-08 20:25:33

So what do you have instead of carpets? Floor baords or laminate? Would love to do this - but have concrete floors - ug.

Quattrocento Sat 13-Dec-08 23:05:42

Kitchen and dining room and utility all slate, wood everywhere else. We had to have it fitted and it was a bit more expensive than carpetm but it is so so much easier to keep up ...

BlueCowNowIsLowingAndDCAwake Sat 13-Dec-08 23:23:22

we have (original) floor boards in living room and hall. Was horribly noisy until stairs were carpeted with oatmeal (!) now a dream

Podrick Sun 14-Dec-08 10:36:09

Oatmeal sounds good....hard floors are not for me due to lack of insulation and noise.

EarthwormFrittataBugEnchilada Mon 15-Dec-08 14:32:11

Well, I got 100% wool carpet throughout, thinking it was better because more natural and would wear better than a mix, but now I wish I'd got an 80% wool 20% nylon mix as this is what my neighbour got and it has worn a lot better than ours.

Would second a mottled colour too. I'm regretting that one also!

nhframe Thu 18-Dec-08 15:10:27

We've got a free report on how to choose and buy carpets at

Nicola Frame
Which? magazine

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