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its the weekend FLY-no mission!!

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dylsmum1998 Sat 13-Dec-08 07:35:32

morning all

dylsmum1998 Sat 13-Dec-08 07:41:36

well we're off to London today, going to meet my mum there then go to winter wonderland at hyde park, the giant tree in Trafalger Square and the lights down Regent Street, if we have time to fit it all in.

dd has not slept well last night, kept crying out in her sleep, yet she wasn't awake- very strange.
she's woken up snotty and with a nasty cough. so as long as she is ok we should have a good day. think its just a cold, she hasnt had much of an appetite since weds either although not that unusual for her as she has a bit of a love hate relationship with food always has, she eats well for 2-3 days then can't be bothered and just picks at things for the next week. don't know where she gets it from as both me and her dad have big appetites grin

Simply Sat 13-Dec-08 08:35:38

Thanks for the thread dyslsmum1998.

Hello to all from an irregular poster some of you know! smile I hope you're all okay. I've been working and decluttering away. I'm way behind with my Christmas preparation but hope to catch up with things this w/e.

Right. I've been up for 2 hours but have had to sit quietly to avoid disturbing others. (For anyone who is jealous, I only have teenagers and adults living here. My early mornings with little children are long gone!) I think I can get showered and dressed now. It is 8.30 after all.

I hope everyone has a good day!

wendycarolsinger Sat 13-Dec-08 08:48:36

Hello all
Yesterday passed me by on Fly although I did have quite a good day. Went up to local town with my Mum and DD, got her hair cut and had a cuppa in the volunteer cafe in the Town Hall - it was lovely. Then spent all afternoon making wintery pictures then Xmas sponge painting to make wrapping paper with DC. Really nice. Plus I sorted out another 10 boxes out the garage! grin

It helped that I felt a bit better yesterday. I was in bed at 10.30 on Thursday night.

Now today, I feel terrible, sore throat awful and eyes gunky again. Last night I went to bed at 12.30. hmm think i can do the maths.
It's all your fault Mad wink as I decided to read a book for 'me' time and couldn't stop reading it as it was fab. grin

Taking Dc to their music class Xmas party this morning. Tomorrow me and DH having the day off as my parents are taking the children on a steam train to see Santa. Got to shopping unfortunately but it'll be nice to have a bit of time.

To do
Get dressed and showered shock
Put boxes back in garage
make pizza dough and tomato sauce
make pudding too (PIL for tea)

wendycarolsinger Sat 13-Dec-08 08:51:35

Mad sorry about your heating - is all the world incompetent?

AndaGrouchyBahHumbugtoyou Sat 13-Dec-08 09:45:45

Cheers for the thread Dyls*

the album....ok....It's 'Heaven Up Here' by Echo and the Bunnymen blush

I've worked out why they suggested it as I bought a CD on an indie label from Liverpool, very tenuous TBH as there is no other connection between the two other than they both come from the same town hmm

Got up at 7 this morning (why?), tidied up from last night, cleaned out the deep fryer, mopped the porch (cos I dropped a pint of milk shock) mopped the kitchen and loaded and run the DW

Got lots to do, better pace myself as me and DH are out tonight.

Might bbl, see you

<<Grouchy stumps off to get her trenchcoat and brood>>

EHM Sat 13-Dec-08 09:57:13

Everybody a big HEllo! My post are very infrequent at moment. So I may ramble when I am here but feel better once I've written it downblush

dylsmum have fab time in London
TMHshock & angry for you.
AnneofAvon hope you & dd2 are ok after your fall. It really shakes you up doesn't it?
luda left you a message on FB but forgot to add on fly threadblush Thank you for your parcel it arrived Thursday very much appreciated & very much unexpected.Hope you are ok.
tort how are you?
grouchy Hello
simply HELLO!
wendyGlad you enjoed the book
Bewilderhope you got suitably drunk & had a good date nightwink
biancahope work is very christmassy today
We are both full of snot againsad Had terrible night with Ellie on Thursday she had high temp, sick, then shivering & her feet where blue & cold. I was here on my own dh has been away with work a lot this week. I take my hat of to you ladies who do everything on your own with out help from dh/dp's.

I have o more presents to buy or wrap, or cards to sent yipieee!.x.x.x

AndaGrouchyBahHumbugtoyou Sat 13-Dec-08 11:13:40

Lost my mojo sad

I was making good progress and I dropped the fryer putting it in the cupboard shock Oil ^everywhere on the mopped floor. It cut my finger too, right on the 1st joint so it's dripping AB- a plenty.

The mop etc is full of cooking oil so I'll wash it and everything can be done tomorrow.

Ow ow bugger <<sulk>>

ludaslovinallthelights Sat 13-Dec-08 11:20:05

Good Morning smile

EHM Oh, I'm glad it made it safe and sound. Thank you for the card too smile
I have just replied on Facebook...should have read this first because I've asked you questions you have answered on here, so sorry about that!
Poor Ellie I hope she is feeling better today sad Its a horrible time of year for bugs.
DS still has swollen glands and very inflamed tonsils and the girls both have snots too.
You seem all ready for christmas...we are getting there too, I'm more organised than last year anyway!

simply HELLLOOOOOO!! smile smile Glad to hear you are well and still FLYing! I am very envy at your quiet house full of sleeping people! How is everything going?

Well I had better get on.
I'm feeling much better now, just a bit tender here and there but mostly feeling fine. I have a fair bit of catching up on housework to do today, I've already put a HUGE amount of washing away that has accumulated all week!

Oh....glad christmas plays went well...we went to watch DD1 last night. It was a brilliant play! It was called "Santa's Midlife Crisis" and even though it was mostly in Welsh, it was very entertaining anyway. DD1 was very good at her Grease Lightning dance!


RubyRioja Sat 13-Dec-08 11:35:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RubyRioja Sat 13-Dec-08 11:35:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AndaGrouchyBahHumbugtoyou Sat 13-Dec-08 11:39:31

Thanks Ruby I covered it in sawdust and swept it up then i covered the area in newspaper Soaked that away, mopped and newspaper again. It's clear and not slippy now but I will not wear crocs as slippers anymore grin Tres slippy!

RubyRioja Sat 13-Dec-08 11:41:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

dylsmum1998 Sat 13-Dec-08 18:01:55

evening all,
go gad you cleared it up ok very good idea re sawdust
Ruby enjoy your christmas do
luda and ehm hope the snot leaves your houses soon
Wendy hope your feeling better
simply envy at your quiet house

we had a nice day in London despite it not stopping raining all day. we didnt get to see Santa at Hyde park in the end as the wind laast night destoyed the area where he sits and they didnt get it mended in time.
we did have a wander about and look at the christmas lights down a coupleof the high street areas which the children enjoyed. although i think i am gonna have to start taking dd's buggy when we go to London as ,y shoulders are now killing me from having her in the sling all day.

ludaslovinallthelights Sat 13-Dec-08 18:11:20


Grouchy oooooh bummer! I hope you are not so sore now. Its a nightmare when you spill loads of something, especially oil!
I dropped a whole tub of drinking chocolate the other week and it went everywhere! I hoovered most of it up but it covered the whole kitchen in brown dust!

Dyls the lights sound great!

Rubes well done you on the child minding front...hope your xmas do goes well smile

Bewilderbeast Sat 13-Dec-08 21:22:19

Evening all

grouchy nothing wrong with the bunnymen, no need to blush. I am impressed at your oil clearing skills though. You should go and work for greenpeace.

dyls hope you had a great day in London.

ehm simply wendy ruby hello

luda I hope you fell less tender soon, take it easy

made bed
been to collect engagement ring from cleaning - it's nice to have it back
done a little xmas shopping
got granny a very good birthday prezzie, a tula bag half price
did the supermarket shop

Off up to sunny Sunderland tomorrow to see the in-laws

Have a good night all

wendycarolsinger Sat 13-Dec-08 21:52:29

Hello all

Had an ok day although I had a complete rage earlier with DH. Had his parents round for tea, made pizza and we all put our toppings on. Instructed DH on cooking, went to play with DC. Of course when i came back pizza burnt on bottom, he had put on bottom shelf of pizza. I went ballistic blush. It's not the bloody pizza, it's this stupid rented house we live in, costs us an absolute fortune, and we still only have a cooker with ONE oven shelf in it! I made two trays of mince pies today, one of jam tarts and a cake, each one item had to go in separately because there's only one shelf ... I am so sick of it. And I know it's a small thing, but it's like the last straw thing.

Then later I mentioned how we needed washing powder and DH said oh no, the cost of it, like he always is going on about the cost of everything, and I just started crying and couldn't stop. I am fed up of worrying about the money of everything with tis huge rent in a house we hate ...

Can you tell I'm on a downer. Just catching up with Strictly results now. DC with my parents tomorrow, so will try for a rest.

Hugs all thanks for listening as always

TheGarishlyTwinkleyMadHouse Sat 13-Dec-08 21:59:47

wendy You have my sympathy - we wopuldnt have bought again so qui9ckly apart from I HATED RENTING with a vengance. It can be so strange when you are not used to it and also if the landlords are pants.

Just popping in really, as me and the boys have been out all day, been to see aunty in newcastle, called at costo, Ikea and also Eldon Gardens. DH has pained my bedroom and ensuite. it looks fantastic. It is green, lovley smile

SO I have hoovered and cleaned it all and he is currently in the shower.

Only two rooms left to do now. DS2 - we have the paint and then the office/spare room/junk room

Back in the morning

wendycarolsinger Sat 13-Dec-08 22:43:52

Thank you Mad for your words of comfort. Your house sounds really nice envy!
I think it's the amount we pay which rankles with me, when i am a SAHM and meant to be enjoying this time, all I do is worry about money, freeze with cold and hate my cooker!
Oops shouldn't mention freezing with cold to you blush

TheGarishlyTwinkleyMadHouse Sun 14-Dec-08 07:33:00

Wendy Dont worry - it is really hard - are you going to be looking in the new year?

I heart this house - it was just going to be temporary till we built ours, but we love it so much, that we have put off building a while. We bought the cheapest and smallest on the estate, but it is perfect for the four of us.

I am so proud of DH for doing the decorating on his own. We will be doing DS2's room next.

TD has been on and me and the boys are letting DH have a lie in.

Not sure what the plans are for today, apart from ironing etc

Simply Sun 14-Dec-08 08:24:23

Hello to all and a big wave back to everyone who knows me!

I woke up early today despite it being Sunday. I really need to write my Christmas cards so I'm going to do that now. It's another quiet house here as both ds and dd are away for the w/e (teenagers, eh!)

wendycarolsinger I had a small oven and found it hard to get used to until we put a bigger one in. I can sympathise.

EHM I hope you and Ellie feel much better soon.

I'll crack on and will come back to say I've made some progress later on in the day. If I don't give myself some sort of deadline, I'll procrastinate!

ludaslovinallthelights Sun 14-Dec-08 10:12:47

Morning Simply

Hello all,

wendy I sympathise with you completely sad We rent too. We have completely missed the buying boat.
I like the house but we have restrictions that really bug me. I want a kitten for DD1 but the landlord won't let us. I'd also like to re-carpet but whats the point in that, its not our house sad We have re-decorated the living room but we did it as cheaply as we could so we didn't waste money on walls we are going to leave behind one day!
Money really gets me down too. We are always scraping around to make ends meet. ALL our appliances have broken....the T/D went last week, W/M went months ago, Fridge-Freezer is on the blink and I have to smack it every morning to get it to work, TV has very tempremental volume control (VERY annoying when half way through the X Factor it decides to have no volume angry)
Then to top it all our shed of a car needs some TLC, DH has spent a small fortune this week on a new battery/plugs/wipers etc.etc.

Nightmare! (and now I've started to rant so I'll go and calm down with a hot least the kettle is working!)

AndaGrouchyBahHumbugtoyou Sun 14-Dec-08 12:34:54

Happy Sunday everyone

TheGarishlyTwinkleyMadHouse Sun 14-Dec-08 15:50:55

Oh I have just iced two more christmas cakes and am sat here drinking pimms No 3 winter cup - yum grin

I am going to go and iron next with another glass full shock

AndaGrouchyBahHumbugtoyou Sun 14-Dec-08 16:26:00

Seems I have been re-aquainted with my pesky mojo and I have caught up with everything from yesterday, completed today's chores and the bedtime routines. I can just chill out totally, which is nice grin

Quite proud of myself grin Also got DH another Xmas pressy so that's him sorted. grin

Suppose I should frame myself and find something to do

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