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Anyone got a Scooba?

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SparklyTinselBella Fri 12-Dec-08 10:47:35

Opinions/experiences please, for one very satisfied (and lazy!) Roomba owner.

Thanking you...wink

akhemSaidSanta Fri 12-Dec-08 10:53:36

I have and I love him sooo much!!

SparklyTinselBella Fri 12-Dec-08 10:57:52

Oooh - tell me more please, akhem!!!!

akhemSaidSanta Fri 12-Dec-08 11:07:18

well, he gets the floor cleaner than I ever have before, he gets on with it without complaining and all in all I have to say, he's been a very positive addition to the household.

I'd heartily recommend him without a moment's hesitation. I use the recommended chlorox cleaning product, which seems a bit like flash but I've not had the guts to try using anything else in him yet. He's a year old this month too

SparklyTinselBella Fri 12-Dec-08 11:29:30

You were supposed to tell me they are awful so I wouldn't want one !hmm

What kind of floors do you use him on?

SparklyTinselBella Sat 13-Dec-08 14:10:24


akhemSaidSanta Mon 15-Dec-08 10:56:59

oops sorry forgot about this

my floors are some kind of fancy textured vinyl.. forgot what it's called but it's safety stuff apparently

get one!!! he's lovely, seriously. He even does the edges pretty well although corners are a bit of a struggle for him

SparklyTinselBella Mon 15-Dec-08 11:17:13

Thank you, akhem!

You have persuaded me but I will have to hold off until 2009, methinks.

I am also busy converting people on the Roomba thread - we should be on commission, don't you think? wink

akhemSaidSanta Fri 19-Dec-08 04:02:36


I wish you and scooba many years of happiness together

Piglett Sun 12-Jul-09 16:52:05

Resurecting this thread to ask whether the scooba will cope with my slate kitchen floor which is very uneven?

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