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ToolKit recommendations - for ME

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noiamnot Thu 11-Dec-08 10:51:57

I'm sick of buying cheap screwdrivers and the like and they are basically useless. I want to start building up a collection of good stuff. What do I buy?

Or are there kits going relatively reasonably?

Will these things go on sale after xmas or don't keep my hopes up?

LedodgyChristmasjumper Thu 11-Dec-08 10:57:46

There's a good screw driver in B&Q which has interchangeable heads that are kept in the handle part it also twists to help screw and unscrew. It's good quality and you only ever need the one screwdriver.

LedodgyChristmasjumper Thu 11-Dec-08 10:58:47

here it is

noiamnot Thu 11-Dec-08 11:14:28

looks good! smile

do they stay in holder well?

LedodgyChristmasjumper Thu 11-Dec-08 11:15:44

Yeah they're fine and once slotted into the end are really secure as well.

mistlethrush Thu 11-Dec-08 11:37:21

I've got a bosch hammer action drill. Dh is allowed to use the drill/electric screwdriver, but not the hammer action one.

I must say that I've got a reasonable set of screwdrivers which has both phillips and straight head screwdrivers in so I've got the right size for the job.

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