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Mum's Office Diary or Organised Mum's Lifebook?

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fruitstick Wed 10-Dec-08 18:21:23

Which one which one which one? (sighs and thinks longingly back to her 2005 Smythson's one with the miniature pencil!)

starbear Thu 11-Dec-08 10:55:18

Oh! I love the days of my small Samuel Pepys diaries. When I only had to put in my shifts in code and fun social events.sad I have a-day-to-a-page filofax with a zip. Each page has the time down the side, very important for me. It means I don't have to re write contacts and important details. I also put a 'to do list' for work and home per week and rip them out when I finish. I can also keep business cards in it and rip bits out of magazines and put in the pockets. I also put envelopes to post in the outside pocket to post. I holds my parker pen too and stops people pinching it. It looks better at work too.

leoleomakingalist Sun 14-Dec-08 11:08:13

I have been a OM devotee for a few years.
I have just ordered a mums office diary yesterday as mu OM diary has had an accident.
I will let you know - although I have ordered the smaller size.

Fizzylemonade Tue 16-Dec-08 14:02:40

I love OM lifebook but then I do love stickers for easy reference grin

I keep mine in the kitchen so it doesn't need to be small enough to go into my bag.

I like the tabs so I can flick back to stuff and I like the column down the side allowing me to write in what i need to do this week.

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