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How many times do your los wear their pjs?

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BibiJesus Wed 10-Dec-08 15:59:49

Having just read the pending pile thread, I wondered how many times your LOs wear their pjs before they are "dirty"?

DTs are grubby little mites and crawl around so their sleepsuits/pjs get worn just once, but dd who is 4 is much cleaner and less of a floor-roller so she wears her 2, sometimes 3 nights before they are dirty/a bit stinky.

Is this a slatternly way to live? Should they have clean pjs every night? Surely not...

BibiJesus Wed 10-Dec-08 16:00:17

If everyone comes on here now and tells me I'm a domestic slut I will have to leave MN forever in shame...

cmotdibbler Wed 10-Dec-08 16:01:05

DS (who has a night nappy) wears his twice, or once depending on what was for breakfast

Rookietherednosedreindeer Wed 10-Dec-08 16:02:43

Oh dear, lean in closely, looks around to see if anyone listening, DS wears his pyjamas until he gets weetabix on them, or his nappy leaks. Sometimes this is 2 nights, sometimes it is ( hangs head in shame) a week. Until just now I thought it was perfectly acceptable, but I am willing to learn how I am failing in yet another aspect of parenting sad

givethedogachristmaspudd Wed 10-Dec-08 16:03:15

Message withdrawn

TheGarishlyTwinkleyMadHouse Wed 10-Dec-08 16:03:21

DS2 who is really messy tends to wear once, DS1 who is 3.9 2 nights.

McDreamy Wed 10-Dec-08 16:03:36

Twice if they look reasonably clean in the morning!

RhinestoneReindeerHerder Wed 10-Dec-08 16:04:09

DS is 2.5 and a fairly a messy sort, but still wears pjs for about 2-3 nights (sometimes with a bit of weetabix down the front). It's more eco-friendly don't you know? wink

ilovetochatupsanta Wed 10-Dec-08 16:05:57

once but she has her breakfast in them in the morning so they get dirty.
she only wears all her clothes once except cardigans/jackets.

PuppyMonkeyNuts Wed 10-Dec-08 16:06:03

The weetabix factor also plays a large part with DD2. Our current record is four days. grin

BibiJesus Wed 10-Dec-08 16:07:30

<<peers in round door>> So it's okay? Phew! You know when something seems perfectly normal to yo until someone else mentions they do it another way then you doubt yourself ... one of those moments. grin

ladylush Wed 10-Dec-08 16:08:24


BibiJesus Wed 10-Dec-08 16:08:29

Current record? Do I smell a competition?

Am going to hunt out dd's best stain-hiding pjs and see if I can beat 4 days

BibiJesus Wed 10-Dec-08 16:09:13

She only wears clothes once unless she does manage to keep a pair of jeans clean, but that's quite, quite rare.

SachaF Wed 10-Dec-08 16:14:06

I'm with Rookie, if I can get a week out of them
Bath before he goes in them, usually in clothes for brekky, (and 2 bibs), it's not like they get dirty. Vest is changed 24hourly tho.
I bet give the dog doesn't wash the sheets as often as others wash the pjs - you're all making too much washing! Think of the environment!

BlueCowNowIsLowing Wed 10-Dec-08 16:16:00

bibi- mine exactly the same as yours (except now 7yo also wears for more than one night)

saving the environment has to take second place to porridge stained pj's.

Oh, just realised that dc3 doesn't actually have pj's, just too short leggings from last year and grotty stained tshirts etc. Even more of a slattern??!

givethedogachristmaspudd Wed 10-Dec-08 16:17:06

Message withdrawn

Coldtits Wed 10-Dec-08 16:18:32

Until they are dirty or smell. I sniff and check them daily.

ninjinglebells Wed 10-Dec-08 16:22:25

until she's going to stay at her grans and i realise that they're ALL smelly and stained - I bet I win the slattern stakes.

dd2 (11 weeks) has worn the same outfit for 2 days and nights in a row (it's too cold to change if not necessary), is that bad?

BellaKissedSanta Wed 10-Dec-08 16:27:50

DC probably average about 3 nights each, but ds will, if left unsupervised, throw his into washing basket each morning with gay abndin, at least until I fish them out, hoping they haven't met up with the wet flannels.

Coldtits - is that, you Colditz?
If so, am loving your festive name wink

BellaKissedSanta Wed 10-Dec-08 16:29:35

DD recently wore (at her insistence) same outfit for 3 days running which was fine until our new neighbours came to introduce themselves, and appeared transfixed by assorted stains on dd's sleeves - let's just say jam was the nicest one shock

WhereTheWildThingsWere Wed 10-Dec-08 16:31:08

Until they are no longer clean, could be an hour, could be a fortnight, though I admit the latter is unlikely.

Geepers Wed 10-Dec-08 16:41:24

Once. We use everything only once in this house. Clothes, towels, tea-towels are washed after every use.

Rookietherednosedreindeer Wed 10-Dec-08 16:43:38

Seriously Geepers, you wash EVERYTHING after it has been worn once. How many loads of washing do you have each week ?

MrsMattie Wed 10-Dec-08 16:44:26

Once mostly, occasionally twice if DS doesn't spread his breakfast all over them.

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