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I don't believe it. Three week old ceramic hob chipped at the edge. Is there any way to repair it?

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mawbroon Mon 08-Dec-08 16:00:29

I am kicking myself for not taking out the accidental cover when I bought it, and even more kicking myself for not having accidental cover on my contents insurance (we were super skint when we renewed). And WTF possessed me to buy a ceramic hob without an edge bit on it???

The chip is just at the edge with a tiny crack about an inch long.

I am thinking along the lines that if they can repair chipped car windscreens, then surely a ceramic hob isn't much different?

Anybody know?

mawbroon Mon 08-Dec-08 16:27:21

Nobody? sad


I really could cry. After years of having an old battered kitchen, everything was finally looking bonny and then the cupboard door broke and knocked a jug onto the hob when DH opened it.

It's not his fault....


mawbroon Mon 08-Dec-08 17:36:01

And none of you care..... sadwink

DingALongCow Mon 08-Dec-08 18:24:48

I hate to say it but I dont think they can fix it. is my default place to go for these sort of answers (have a clumsy DH grin) and they seem to think that replacement is the only way to go judging by similar questions like the one below.

If its not on the heat ring you might be able to leave it as is without damaging the hob further. We managed to chip ours on the edge in our last rental flat and did similar research and couldnt find a way to fix it (or the two deep scratches we put on the surface by moving a pot from ring to ring). In the end our letting company told us to ignore it and keep using it, as its a common problem-it just didnt look as nice and shiny as it did before.

GentleOtter Mon 08-Dec-08 18:29:58

Is it under warranty, maw?

There is a ceramic adhersive out there info it is now a case of trying to find the right one.
Dry your tears lass.

DingALongCow Mon 08-Dec-08 18:32:35

Someone posted this on another forum, worth following up maybe?

"The ceramic top should definately be covered under the guarantee especially if its only 3 months old, there could have been a flaw in the ceramic.

I've done extensive tests on the products to British Standards which includes dropping weights onto them and even pouring cold water on to the ceramic top after 4 pans have been boiling away happily for 2 hours, and not once did a top break.

I'd certainly fight for a replacement top or even the whole hob, because they have to prove you have misused the hob which is damn near impossible (unless there is a foot print on it of course)

Good luck"

mawbroon Mon 08-Dec-08 21:50:37

Thanks for all your suggestions.

I haven't really decided what to do about it yet. It is nowhere near the heat rings, so I will probably just carry on using it and it will be chipped for the next 20 years!!

Or I might come up with a bright idea tomorrow when I am not so annoyed....

daddysj Wed 10-Nov-10 17:17:33

Did you have a bright idea? I have cracked mine at the corner. I dropped a bottle of calpol on it. It's 10 years old. It looks like i'll have to replace the glass top, but I was wondering if anyone had tried glass sealant ( 1092/0/0/0/914819/heat-resistant-glass-seal.html) it doesn't need to look pretty as we will probably replace the kitchen in the next year or two.

HoldenCaufield Sat 22-Apr-17 12:39:13

I know this is an old thread but guess some people may still stumble upon it.

Best fix I found was to fill chip with some black Milliput putty (less than a fiver on e-bay) then gloss over it was some gloss black porc-a-fix (about a tenner on amazon).

Hope that helps!

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