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I'm trying to get the enormous stain out of the middle of the sittingroom carpet. I appear to have angered it.

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BroccoliSpears Tue 02-Dec-08 19:12:03

Dd threw up all over the pale sitting room carpet.

I flooded it.
I soaped it.
I sponged it.
I rinsed it.
I threw bicarbonate of soda all over it. Mistake. It made a paste. I waited for it to dry and hoovered it. It won't hoover up.

Ignoring the bicarb paste highlighting for a moment, the stain itself is about a foot square, dark brown and in the center of the room. I've tried Vanish Carpet Stain Remover Power Foam - no effect.

I think if I could get the stain up, the bicarb halo might wash off with a carpet cleaner.

What to do?

The stain was big, dark and bad enough anyway without a bleachy looking foot wide surround stain.

callmeovercautious Tue 02-Dec-08 19:14:06

You need to hire a carpet cleaner (or borrow a vax type thing).

For the bicarb - leave it over night so it is really dry, then brush it with a scrubbing brush to break it up. Then vacuum.

What had DD been eating? hmm

snigger Tue 02-Dec-08 19:15:18

<<silent, slightly fearful, solidarity against The Stain>>

I think a rug is The Way.

BroccoliSpears Tue 02-Dec-08 19:16:22

Chocolate cake.

I don't think a carpet cleaner will get the stain out - flooding and washing with soap have not made any difference.

I think I need to treat the stain and then hire a carpet cleaner. I don't know what do do with the stain.

SleighGirl Tue 02-Dec-08 19:18:20

We had a carbonora sick stain for years on the carpet bedroom, borrowed a bissell carpet cleaner & it came off!

Similarly with a lily pollen stain on a pale green carpet.

snigger Tue 02-Dec-08 19:18:22

You've prodded it.

There's no way back.

snigger Tue 02-Dec-08 19:18:52

<<dons doomsayer talons and bad wig>>

snigger Tue 02-Dec-08 19:21:09

I actually didn't mean to sound so grim blush

It's just if it doesn't succumb to 1001 around here I turn my face to the wall.

BroccoliSpears Tue 02-Dec-08 19:21:43

Snigger I'm starting to suspect you of being one of The Stain's minions sent as a mole to undermine morale.

snigger Tue 02-Dec-08 19:23:27

<<mild talon-rubbing>>

No no, not I....

Furball Tue 02-Dec-08 19:24:23

don't brush it, you'll make the pile go fluffy. personally I would mop it all up with a) towels and then b) kitchen roll and pop to homebase tomorrow and hire a carpet cleaner, ok it's about £50 - but you could do the whole house and hae brand new looking carpets again.

BroccoliSpears Tue 02-Dec-08 19:27:41

Is time of the essence?

I ask because I was planning to get the whole house professionally done in about 10 days time. We're renting the house out and leaving in a fortnight. I'm hesitant to get it done too soon before we go because, well, I have 2 children under 3 and a big hairy dog. The chances of us managing not to poo / puke / spill / wee etc on it for a whole 2 weeks are small.

TheStain Tue 02-Dec-08 19:28:04

<rages> Bring in the Bissell and feel my WRATH, oh human fool. You think that my magical combination of infant bile and chocolate cake will succumb to your puny devices? Hah!

<strokes snigger's talons>

TheStain Tue 02-Dec-08 19:29:00

"The chances of us managing not to poo / puke / spill / wee etc on it for a whole 2 weeks are small. " Come, come, beautiful offspring. Go forth and multiply.

BroccoliSpears Tue 02-Dec-08 19:29:51

Oh god - my children work for you, don't they.

TheStain Tue 02-Dec-08 19:31:28

I'm like a vampire - giving your child chocolate is the equivalent of inviting me in the door.

snigger Tue 02-Dec-08 19:40:39

That's not me, by the way

<<genuflects to Stain, just in case>>

snigger Tue 02-Dec-08 19:41:16

<<hasty garlic-weaving>>

BroccoliSpears Tue 02-Dec-08 19:43:55

No garlic! Truly, my sitting room smells special enough already.

snigger Tue 02-Dec-08 19:45:40

Oh Master, she defies you....

CharCharGaboriaInExcelsisDeo Tue 02-Dec-08 19:47:32

Oh dear. I have a sick stain tonight too after DD vomited spectacularly after banging her head. It's mostly milk though. I was hoping soap and water would fix it <<crosses fingers>>

OhYouMerryMerryKitten Tue 02-Dec-08 19:52:08

this thread is def putting me off hiring carpet cleaners in the future!

BroccoliSpears Tue 02-Dec-08 19:54:45

Did you previously assume that people only hired carpet cleaners when their carpets were sparkly fresh and clean?!

TheStain Tue 02-Dec-08 19:57:48

Fear not, beloved snigger. I am casting my spells over the large hairy dog as we speak. <laughs at the puny soap and water> Mwah HA HA HA HA!!!!

Join us, merry kitten. Embrace your Inner (and Outer) Stain.

snigger Tue 02-Dec-08 20:01:19

<<I think you definitely angered it>>

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