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Washing up - how do you do it?

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AmIWhatAndWhy Mon 03-Nov-08 20:20:05

Feel free to nominate this for most boring thread of the year.

Personally I rinse things as I take them into the kitchen then wash under a running tap. Pans I leave to soak then a quick wash with a brillo pad. A friend came to stay on saturday and was horrified. He moaned about how much water is wasted. I just can't get my head around a washing up bowl, surely you are never properly cleaning things?

guyFAwkesreQuiem Mon 03-Nov-08 20:21:25

put them all in the dishwasher and switch on........then MN while they're being cleaned for me grin

AmIWhatAndWhy Mon 03-Nov-08 20:23:58

That's not washing up! Pah!

Jas Mon 03-Nov-08 20:26:43

I have a double sink....wash in one, rinse in then second, then drain to dry.

Mutt Mon 03-Nov-08 20:29:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AmIWhatAndWhy Mon 03-Nov-08 21:02:00

Not running the whole time. I wet everything with hot water, scrub, then rinse and wash under a slow flowing cold tap.

bellavita Mon 03-Nov-08 21:10:32

Well we do have a dishwasher, but I do wash the pots sometimes if I cannot be bothered to unload it.

I wash in hot soapy water then rinse everything under the hot tap as I am going along. Sometimes change the water in the bowl, depending on what we have had and how much washing up there is.

MaureenMLove Mon 03-Nov-08 21:13:37

I deligate mainly!grin

However, I did learn the art of washing up as a Brownie, which was only about, ooh, 35 years ago! grin

You start with the glasses in the hot soapy water, followed by cutlery, then plates and finally pots. THAT'S how to do it! Its the Brownie Guide law, you know! grin

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