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Monday Fly - Home Bleuring day

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TheMadHouse Mon 03-Nov-08 08:42:35



We are in the entrance, Porch and dining room this week.

babysteps for all the newbies

I will be back in a mo with zone lists et al

intravenouscoffee Mon 03-Nov-08 08:47:38

Morning all. Got back from holidays over the weekend and feeling very motivated to do some Flying. Need to do some food shopping today as the cupboard is bare! Hope all are well and hello to any newbies smile

TheMadHouse Mon 03-Nov-08 08:49:50

Zone 1 - Entrance and Dining Room - this is for all week + missions

Clean Cobwebs
Dust Front Door
Clean mirror and pictures
Dust Furniture
Sort Coats and Shoes
wash door mat
Sweep putside
Clean outside lamp
Wipe light switches
Wipe walls and touch up paint if required
Wipe skirting boards
Take paperwork upstairs
Clear baskets

Dining Room

Clean Cobwebs
Clean french Windows
Clean Sideboards
Tidy Drawers
Clear and polish dinning table
Sort CD shelf
Wipe down all doors
Clean light switches
detailed Hoover
Mop Floor
Wipe picture frames and glass
Leather clean chairs
Clean trip traps
Sort Art and crafts unit
Wipe skirting boards

TheMadHouse Mon 03-Nov-08 08:53:03

Wendy I am using up whatever lotions and potions I have for my knees, not found a great one yet, but have loads so will keep working on it.

IVC Hope you had a good holiday welcome back

In addition to my zone list I have the following to do

Make bread
Mum and Toddlers
DS1 to Preschool
Home bleuring
Whats for dinner
RIng doctors re rash on neck
Clean out skip car
change handbag to waterproof one

I also need to ring nad see why we have not had a call from the boiler peoople - it is pants waking up in a really cold house.

FiveDollarShake Mon 03-Nov-08 09:07:18

Morning Everyone smile

Im having one of those days so far. Very up and down at the moment.

Thanks Madhouse for the thread, links and fab zone cleaning lists!
I havent a dining room so thats less for me to do already. May actually be able to complete the entrance list as its the one area of the house thats clutter free! We dont actually use the front door, we always use the back one and come in through the ulility ( its very muddy around here!)

To Do-

Home blessing
Tidy and clean DS's room

If I get these things done I'll add to my list!

Oh forgot to say I've changed my name wink

ludaloo Mon 03-Nov-08 09:58:20

Morning all smile

Welcome back IVC

Ooooh noooo not another name change...although I really like the name smile

MAD your cleaning list is brilliant...I may have to poach bits of it if thats ok.

Well all the kids are at school/nursery...its lovely to have them all back!! I feel like I have had all 3 at home for weeks and weeks what with illnesses and holidays!

I had better go and get some of the house tidied while I have the chance.


RubyRioja Mon 03-Nov-08 10:05:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Shannaratiger Mon 03-Nov-08 10:18:55

Morning all

TMH Thanks for the thread and the list.
IV hope you had a good holiday.
FDS please a clue to your previous name, I'm rubbish at working them out. Think it might be time for me to have a name change, trying to think of a good one.
Hi luda

DD is back at school and I am feeling quite motivated this morning as well.
Monring routine
Clothes in the T/D and nearly dry, have to remember to keep checking it or they sit in their for ages.
Main job for today is general tidying up. Everything seems to be in the wrong place, mostly in our bedroom. hmm
I know the mission is the hallway but ours is tiny so will clean it all later in the week.

To do:
Keep tidying
Fold and put washing away.
Ironing hmm I keep putting it on my list but it never gets done blush
Put ds's old cot into the shed, dp had a whole week off and never got round to taking it to the dump and I'm p*ed off with falling over it by my side of the bed.

This week clean all doors and light switches they always gets missed off and they are all filthy.

Tomorrow have neurologist about epilepsy medicine.
Wednesday dp has day off.
Thursday toddlers am. waiting for heatring check pm.
Friday waitng in am for the radiator to be installed. Waited in last week but they accidentaly gave my radiator to someone else. angry
therefore have plenty of waitng around time to get lots of FLYing done.
Anyway enough prattling, need to get cleaning.

Have a good day everyone

FiveDollarShake Mon 03-Nov-08 10:19:27

Hi...Ive only been flying for a couple of months and Ive just Come Back after being away for a week or so.

RubyRioja Mon 03-Nov-08 10:20:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Shannaratiger Mon 03-Nov-08 11:24:03

Back again
Have cleaned 8 door sides (4 doors) only another 10 to go. My arms are feeling abit tired so I've put DS down for a nap and am havign a cuppa and a flapjack.
I'm off for a visit to FB and then back to clean the bathroom and kitchen floor, much easier when ds isn't trying to help.

EHM Mon 03-Nov-08 11:30:06

quick hi to *all8 will read/catch up when I return from picking up ellie from preschool.
Love the name by the way fivedollarshake one of my fav films that comes

ludaloo Mon 03-Nov-08 12:22:07

I'm totally loving Girls Aloud's new song....can't stop singing it!

(Even my dh likes it!)

ludaloo Mon 03-Nov-08 12:23:17

....I'm wishing I could get into one of those fab dresses too! envy

scattyspice Mon 03-Nov-08 12:30:07

Hi all.

Back at work after 1/2 term sad.

House bleugh
change sheets
go for a run shock!


tigger32 Mon 03-Nov-08 12:45:50

Hello all

Sorry I've not been around I've been trying my hardest to get the house ready for bil and sil who arrive today!
Anyway it looks fab (well as fab as it can)
all clean and tidy
just got a bit more ironing to do which i'll do when ds2 has his nap.
ludaloo I love their new song too, I also love (tigger whispers) the new Boyzone song blush
Will be back on more later in week after visitors have left, hope you all have a great week! smile

TheMadHouse Mon 03-Nov-08 13:37:34

Taking 5 mins for a cuppa and a catch up

Zone 1 - Entrance and Dining Room - this is for all week + missions

Clean Cobwebs - Done
Dust Front Door - Done
Clean mirror and pictures - Done
Dust Furniture - Done
Sort Coats and Shoes
wash door mat - Doing
Sweep putside
Clean outside lamp
Wipe light switches - Done
Wipe walls and touch up paint if required
Wipe skirting boards - Done
Take paperwork upstairs
Clear baskets - Done

Dining Room

Clean Cobwebs - Done
Clean french Windows - Done
Clean Sideboards - Done
Tidy Drawers - did 2 weeks ago
Clear and polish dinning table - Done
Sort CD shelf
Wipe down all doors - Done
Clean light switches - Done
detailed Hoover
Mop Floor
Wipe picture frames and glass - Done
Leather clean chairs
Clean trip traps
Sort Art and crafts unit - Done
Wipe skirting boards - Done

I have also

been to toddlers
Changed a photo over
Fed the mads
DS1 to Preschool
TD on

So quite a good afternoon so far. Will have a catch up and then crack on.

AnneOfAvonlea Mon 03-Nov-08 13:50:51

Afternoon all.

Hallway -
Clean radiator - DONE
Clean shelf in hallway - DONE
Clear stairs
Clean cupboard door - DONE
Clean windows and doors - DONE
Dust skirting boards
Straighten coat rack - DONE

Downstairs Loo
Clean Loo & sink - DONE
Clean window sill - DONE
Clean window and door - DONE
Clean skirting boards - DONE

Dining room
Clean window sills - DONE
Water plants - DONE
Clean dining table - DONE
Clean windows and doors
Clean skirting boards

Wipe banisters, door handles and light fixutures.
Dust cobwebs
Hoover stairs and landing
Mop floors
Wipe handprints off walls.
Understairs cupboard. - DONE

Clean front door
Clean window sills
Prune bushes in entrance - not needed
sweep porch and beat mat.

wendylanguage Mon 03-Nov-08 13:51:28

OMG you lot manage to fit a lot into your days. I have been for a walk with DD and my mum to feed the ducks and kick leaves. We called off at the toyshop to buy DS's birthday present from DD (of course, she didn't care about that, just wanted to play with the toys!).
Picked DS from nursery school and then back in the car to drive my mum home.
Made lunch and ate it (and too much birthday cake blush.
have washed three loads of washing and put some on the washing line
Now DD is in bed and DS playing happily I should be doing something!

So, i'm learning off you lot:

To do

Vacuum the glitter up from the party yesterday!
Finish the washing
Make the dinner
Wash up
tidy the kitchen
tidy the toys up

My sink is shiny though smile

TheMadHouse Mon 03-Nov-08 14:45:44

Not much left for the rest of the week

Sort Coats and Shoes
Sweep putside
Clean outside lamp
Take paperwork upstairs

Dining Room

Sort CD shelf
Leather clean chairs

Also need to:

Whats for dinner
Clean out skip car
change handbag to waterproof one

I have done the home bleuring too

Now off to collect DS1 and take the library books back.

intravenouscoffee Mon 03-Nov-08 15:15:53

Back for an update. So far I have:

Swept porch
Washed porch window and front door
Tidied coats
Tidied understairs cupboard
Sorted filing

Wendy If you're just starting out DON'T try and match what the regulars (like TMH) get done in a morning. I tried this for a while and it all went wrong. The whole idea of Flylady is to start small and work up and I'm determined to stick with Fly this time so am trying to be restrained and only do a bit at a time. My microwave is a health hazard, as is my fridge but I'm deliberately leaving them until kitchen week so I don't start trying to claen the whole house in an afernoon!

FiveDollarShake Mon 03-Nov-08 15:36:59

Afternoon everyone

Havent done any of the zone clean yet but have all week smile.

Has taken me nearly 3 hours to declutter, clean and tidy DS's room. I have a full binliner full of crap to put in the bin! He's only 3 and he's already a hoarder and hates to get rid of anything. I resorted to throwing things in the binbag when his back was turned grin.

I am so impressed with how organised you are Madhouse! Everything I do takes ages as DS wants to help. If I just get on and do things myself he inevitably ends up sat in front of Cbeebies and then I feel guilty sad.

Need to do home blessing.

Will do an hour of ironing tonight.

scattyspice Mon 03-Nov-08 16:14:42

Hi all.

Wendy and FDS - dont try and keep up with Mad, she is a Flylady extrodinaire!! When my DCs were toddlers I was lucky if I got the washing up done LOL!

Today I have a stinky headache (back to work hmm) so housework can wait. I am going to collapse with DCs in front of telly smile.

BB tomorrow.

AnneOfAvonlea Mon 03-Nov-08 16:50:23

FDS - You'll feel more guilt from ignoring DC than from having washing up in the sink. Take it slowly. Flylady helps you break things down into small chunks. It is only now DD2 is nearly 2 that I feel like I'm getting back on top of things.

TheMadHouse Mon 03-Nov-08 17:28:43

Babysteps helped me so much, my house was completly out of control. Decluttering is the first step and this took me at least a month to do the main things you could see and I am still doing the bits that are hidden now grin

I make my two help, but it wasnt always like this. I have a cloth for each of them and give them an area to dust or wipe - he he he

I also give them a feather duster and let them lose while I do the real thing. DS1 (3.7) gets a star for his chart when he helps.

Also my lists have come from babystepping too.

Also I do most of my jobs when DS1 is at Preschool and when DS2 is napping (after lunch), come January when DS1 moves to mornings and DS drops his nap completly I will be stuffed grin

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